Thursday, June 6, 2013

I'm 12 now. PART 1,000,000

I really want to just get my kid journal up because I think its hilarious to remember life being so simple but feeling like it was such serious stuff. It gets pretty intense here, so be ready. I bet you just can't believe I got over not getting a ferret and you are probably going crazy to see if I've made progress on my Wheat Thins addiction. We'll see, my friends.

Also, I will update you on my present day life soon. Here is a tiny bit.
This morning I was procrastinating going to work because I wanted to hang out with Lucas. I ate breakfast and still didn't want to go so I made a breakfast smoothie and had a 2nd breakfast. Lucas said, "Another breakfast?"
I said "Yes" and shake dripped onto my baby belly.
He shook his head and said, "You're just a Gluttonous King!"
When he got home from work this afternoon he was teasing me and I said, "I am the King and you will not tease me! You have been demoted to Jester. You are no longer my Queen!"
He said, "I'm not a Queen."
I said, "If I'm the King then you are the Queen. But not anymore, you are the Jester. Now dance."
 He didn't dance. He's bad at all his jobs in the palace.


"Date: June 29, 1999 Today I woke up and did chores. then I went to the pool and saw Jontue J. there. For some reason I wanted to be near him or for him to scratch my back. I don't even think he's cute! (when I say HIM I mean Jontue's older brother James) Then I went to Erica's house and went through her sprinklers. Then I went to Erin L.'s farewell. (Oh yeah I also got my hair cut) <3 Amber H."

"Date: June 30, 1999
Today was quite the day! When I woke up there was no Job list!!! I went downstairs and heard steven talking on the phone. He was planning to go to Discovery Zone. Mom took Me, Steve, Steve's friend Brint, Emily, & Eli to DZ. It was a Blast. When I got home I jumped on teh tramp and then went to Pie Night and worked on some Beehive stuff. Slept in Mom's Bed! <3 Amber"

"Date: July. 1, 1999
Today I woke up at 12:00 (Noon) and right away went to Aunt Ellen's house to babysit. I babysat from 12:00 to 5:30 and when I got home we went to go get fireworks. Then I came home and hung out then went to bed. <3 Amber"

Right Now I'm in the car going to Idaho! Were going for a family reunion on a lake and were camping. I forgot to write on the 4th of July. So I will tell you about it. Oh Oh. here comes Mom I'll write about it later <3 Amber"

"Date: 11/26/99
Holy Cow!! I havn't written in here for a long time. I guess I was gonna tell you about my family renunion but I can't remember. I do remember that we went cliff jumping adn Rachel H went off the highest rock the first time she ever jumped. I was too scared to go at the top so I went at the middle, and I had jumped in my life before that. Now, about resently. Yesterday was thanksgiving and it was at our house. Now I'm excited for Christmas and !!2000!! New Years! But wait I need to back up. In the Summer we went to the pool almost everyday. Of coarse Now it's closed so we don't go there. I started my first year in Middle School this year and at first I hated it because I had no friends and so much homeowrk, which was a big change because last year I had no homework at all. (actually for the past 2 years, 5th and 6th grade) So the home work thing made it worse. Also I was getting really low grades and I hate dislike my Science teacher. My language Arts teacher looks like she should be on my favorite show (friends) She just has that wierd look that makes her look like she must be famous. Now I'm doing better but I have a D+ in Science. (it should be a C but I was 2 points away from that.)
In October of coarse, Halloween. I went trick or treating even though it was a Sunday. She, Mom, couldn't find anything wrong with letting us go so we went. (she's cool for that. (not only that)) I didn't get as much candy as last year but I still got a lot. Now it's November and Thanksgiving is over. But on the bright side I'm getting suspended!
That most likely sounds really wierd but it is good instead of bad because I wasn't doing anything wrong. I just forgot to get my shots. I'm so excited because my almost best friend Morgan V is also getting suspended on the same day! Today I went skiing and totally sucked I fell down like every 5 seconds and now my butt is bruesed. But oh well. It was fun. I wish I would have snowboarded with Jason but I wouldv'e had ato rent a snowboard and that would cost $50.00!!! I didn't have enogh for that. On my last run I got a stomach ache and a head ache and had trouble finishing the run. Then Kristen, Jason, and Greg wanted to go down 1 more time so I took off my skiis layed down and fell asleep when they got back Jason woke me up and we went home. Now I'm writing this in bed but I'm laying on my side 'cause my butt hurts. About 3 1/2 weeks ago this boy who I've liked scinse 1st grade asked me out. I was sooo excited so I said yes. but sadly, (not really) I'm gonna dump him because all he ever did was say 'hi' so I'm saying goodbye to almost my lifelong dream. Ok back to Christmas. All I want (or mainly) is a baby cat (kitten) but I know I won't get one so I'm asking for a cat, a labtop, a CTR ring, and scriptures. If you didn't notice I canged the way I did my A's <3 Amber
sorry it was so long"

"Date: 11/27/99

It is realy early but I'll write anyway. Aunt Patty just called and there picking me up to babysit soon. I dont want to but I need the money and I hate to say 'no'. I want to go for 1 reason which is to see their new house. They'll be here soon so I have to go get ready. I'll write later. Maybe today. <3 Amber

Okay it's the same day as <-------------- Patty just called again and I dont have to babysit anymore. YES!! but that also means less money. Eli keeps trying to get this while I'm writing so I have to go. No, I dont. He stopped. I want to have a interesting journal but it must not be interest sciense nothing fun is happening. My butt still hurts a lot!! Now I do have to go. <3 Amber"

"Date: 11/28/99
I guess I'll finish writing about yesterday. After I found out I wasn't babysitting Morgan called and we went to Blockbuster Video and I used my gift card and ought the movie She's All That then we went to the Star Mart gas station and bought candy. We went home and watched the movie then Morgan had to elave and Steven, Me, Sarah, Emily, Eli and my mom decorated the tree. Jason and Dad were upstairs watching a movie. Today I slept in went to church then ate dinner and went to bed."

Yes! Today steven got up and went to school and I got to sleep in. Today I'm gonna get a shot because I've been suspended untill I get a shot. What does this mean? 2 thing NO SCHOOL 4 NO REASON and a bad thing, I get a shot but along with a shot comes a shake so there is a bad and good. I'l write after I get the shot and tell about it. Sarah and Emily get to start school late today because Ellen is taking them to school because my mom doens't have a car. They are gonna be 1 1/2 hours late. I'm not sure what happened about Vinnie. His friend was upposed to break up with him for me but I dont know if he did I'll just have to wait. About the shot. It turns out that I'm gonna get it at 4:00 But that means that I have to go back to school tommorow I went to Walmart."

The shot was fine and I did end up getting it so I have been going to school. (darn) It hasn't been that bad. I've been getting work done and been doing pretty well. Today in Language Arts we started reading A CHRISTMAS CAROL and so far it is really good and I'm thinking about reading that for my outside reading book assignment. Today I went to young women's and made sugar coockies that tasted really good! Then when I came home it was only us girls home and Emily was watchign a movie so mom figured it was time for THE PUEBERTY TALK I have dredded that for so long but I think I might start so I guess It was a good time. It wasn't too bad just gross and hearing the same stuff I heard at school or at certain times when it was right. Sarah hated it and mom said she will get a more detailed talk about it later. I hate to say it but I want boobs but I have cimi started getting ONE, I'm so nervous that I will have uneaven boobs in the future. Well dad just got home and I'm supposed to be asleap so I have to go <3"

"Date:12/16/99 (BAD DAY)
At school I feel so unpopular and ugly. A boy on my bus, Jeff, always calls me funnylooking and people are always making fun of me. Steven makes fun of me right in front of me to my friends and it just makes me want to cry. Also SARAH IS PRETTIER THAN ME. I dont ever admit I think that. Also I think she is cooler than me. Morgan even says that. I'm having a bad day can you tell. At dinner I had milk come out my nose because I was laughing because of Jason AAND I GOT IN TROUBLE. Dad is way--------> overprotective. one day I was going to meet Morgan at the top of the street and my dad drove me that was so embarrasing. Dad needs to lighten up. <3 Amber Man it feels so good to let that out)
We just watched Joseph Smith Movie. Same Day. I guess dad is all right"


Sarah said...

Thanks for sharimg...this totally took me back to that time in my life- going out, almost best friends, overprotective parents, boobs! I need to go find my old journals now!

Brandilyn said...

"I'm saying goodbye to my almost lifelong dream" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that must have been so hard for you!