Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Well I fail at keeping up a blog, an online journal, a facebook, uploading pictures, a myspace, emails, and doing my job. I'll try and get better :)

It seems Lucas and I jump at every opportunity to get out of Rexburg. We dont hate it here, but we are both obsessed (and rightly so) with our families. Over Memorial day weekend we went back to Colorado and surprised our families that we were there. We stayed the weekend and just hung out with our families. It was amazing. A couple weeks later we drove down to Salt Lake for Lucas' grandpa's 80th birthday party. He was adorable. I talked to him a lot and he told me the story of his life, and said he approved of Lucas' choice of a wife. Thank you, Grandpa, I'll let him know. :) We also got to meet our new nephew, Ewan, that weekend. He is adorable! Brian and Gunilla already have two girls, so its cute to see them with a boy. Their children are beautiful, and Lucas is honestly nervous we will not spawn as good looking of offspring. spawn. hah.

They next trip was the first weekend Lucas and I spent apart. As many of you know my Mom was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She is getting a double mastectomy today, and in a Month or so she will likely start chemotherapy. The news came as a shock, and is my worst fear coming true. If anyone can beat cancer, its my Mom. I think if anything, even just knowing what is coming has brought the family much closer. (check out the family website at My mom will be posting updates on treatments and how things are going. So Jason called me Friday and asked if Lucas and I would go home to Colorado with them and be with Mom for the weekend before her surgery and treatments start. I knew I had to go, but we had already planned on going to Salt Lake for Ewans baby blessing. We decided that Lucas would go to the blessing, and I would go home. It was also 4th of July weekend, so we would be watching fireworks alone. It was worth it to support our families.

The drive to Salt Lake was good, we left an hour after Jason called and asked us to come. We stayed the night in Salt Lake at Jason and MaShays apartment and early in the morning we got up and drove to Colorado. It is so good to spend more time with my brothers and their wives. I love my family. I missed Lucas already, and knew a weekend apart would be tough.

Got to Colorado and hugged the heck out of my Mom and Dad. I went on a walk with Mom and talked to her about things. Cancer is something that is so daunting. Its never what you expect to happen to you or your loved ones. Send a prayer our way.

Sarahs boyfriend, Nathan, was in town so it was nice to spend some time with him and get to know him a little. I approve of him. He is really funny, and understands Sarah. Plus Sarah really likes him, thats right, Sarah. My sister. Amazing. We watched fireworks and the highlights were. 1-watching fireworks. It never gets old. 2-being surrounded with my family, wathing how my Dad cares for my Mom. 3-Hanging out with my cousin Aaron and his wife Kathy (they are expecting a baby- SO JEALOUS) and 4- My cousin meghan threw an entire box of NERDS at my face getting half the box in my mouth. Delicious and hilarious.

I shared Sarahs room with her, and went to bed before her that night. When she went to bed finally I was really out of it. Then there was crazy rain that woke me up and I noticed her next to me. I thought she was a Japanese boy. I held my phone up to her face and then pressed myself against the wall. What is a Japanese boy doing in Sarahs bed?! AH! I checked again. Nope, its just Sarah. And I went back to bed.

In the morning we went to church, and then drove to Salt Lake. Lucas came down with the Flu and was sick all day Sunday. I was sad I wasn't around to take care of him. He was glad I wasn't around to see it or catch it. We got to Utah and I ran inside and hugged Lucas. I missed him. He's so great.

So Lucas and I drove home to Rexburg and got home at 1 am on Monday. Got up and got back to normal life. Yesterday after work we went and played disc golf. It was SO FUN. I creamed Lucas and felt pretty good about that. But its only because he let me use the good frisbee, and he used the ones that are hard to throw. It was really fun, Lucas and I are going to go get me some girl clubs so he can teach me to really golf I'm excited.

Also. I am so baby/puppy hungry its crazy. If only things were free. ah well.