Tuesday, June 8, 2010

30 weeks!

I actually reached this HUGE (literally) point in this pregnancy on Friday, but have been struggling to get a picture that shows my belly because for some reason I am always wearing black when I think of it. I have not purchased any maternity shirts and there are few non-black things that still fit around this gigantic midsection of mine. So I will post a few pictures that kinda show how enormous I am.

We had a Dr. appointment last week. My belly is measuring slightly bigger than average, and I am now gaining the right amount of weight. Our little girl is breach which means that her head is up in my ribs which is why the have been hurting SO bad for SO long. I can't say I blame her though, who wants to hang around upside down all the time? I'd say she is starting out her existance with her head "up" and thats a good sign! ;)

Shout out to my cousin Michelle! (I still cant find your blog. So you should comment here so I can find it.)

So I am struggling to find things that are about anything to blog about because our life revolves around Lucas being in class and us working at the hotel. So if you are wondering what we are doing ever here is is...

If I am at work I am either checking people in or checking them out. If I am sitting its to give my now swelling ankles as rest...if I am standing its to give my ribs a break. (This blog is so exciting I can hardly stand it)
If I am not at work I am probably sleeping at home.

Lucas is either at school, doing homework, or folding and washing piles and piles of laundry at work.

I crave change so much right now. I wish I wasnt a change addict. I know there is a baby coming in like 9.5 WEEKS so I have a huge change coming, but I still have the urge to color my hair, cut it off, paint our room, change our furniture, move away, or take a random vacation. I need changes in my life.


I'm going to think of something new to talk about for the next blog. So be ready! Its going to get crazy!

Also, our baby is due on Friday the 13th. That is neat.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beauty sleep?

I can't seem to wake up. In the past week I have gone to bed three times before 8 pm and slept all night. A couple nights ago I slept from 8pm to 9 am, a few nights before that I fell asleep at 7pm and slept until 6:45am (and only got up because I had to go to work), then last night I fell asleep at 6:00pm and only got up a few times to use the restroom/brush my teeth/eat food and I slept until 9:30am today.

It feels AMAZING!!! This baby is draining me! I feel tired just about all the time! Yesterday after 8 hours at work I somehow thought I would be able to go for a hike. Lucas and I packed a lunch, and went to "R mountain" (Its a pretty little hike here in rexburg) I had to take about 10 rests in the maybe mile that we hiked up. It is so weird to be so exhausted and un-fit feeling. My body was okay and could have gone forever it seemed, but breathing was hard and of course... I just felt tired. It was beautiful though, and it was amazing to get some exercise and be out in the sun. Lucas is adorable and was very careful not to let me slip and fall on the way down.

We got home and put on 30 rock to watch for a while and I zonked out on the couch at about 6 pm. I woke up and moved to the bed and then got up this morning when Lucas was getting ready for school.

All this sleep is NOT beauty sleep. I am terrifying this morning. When I sleep my face swells up and I wake up with asian eyes and a samoan nose. I need a beauty shower.

I also need to change my diaper, Lucas says.

Diaper? What the sick!

Not really, he means my pony tail. One day he was looking at me and my once bouncy ponytail was sagging underneath. Like it lost its will to be held up and just creates a sag under the pony. Lucas said "Girls' saggy ponytails remind me of a saggy diaper. You need to change your diaper head" hahaha where does he come up with this stuff?!

I can see it...