Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just a happy vent. And good news!

When Lucas and I started dating he always had either General Conference talks or Mat Kearney playing in his Jeep. I had never heard of Mat Kearney before that and so now he comes on the radio and, of course, I am back in the Jeep first starting to fall in love with Lucas.

Well I was just sitting here and clicked on my itunes and put on Mat Kearney and of course got to thinking about my husband. Here are my thoughts.

I am amazed that I can deserve someone as wonderful as Lucas. He has everything I ever dreamed my husband would have and more. I miss him after not seeing him for just a few minutes. I wouldn't say it is just a newlywed obsession, I just genuinely LIKE him. I love his laugh, and his sense of humor and the way he looks at me the same when I'm angry, happy, ugly, pretty, silly, or a tad annoying. He just looks at me and loves me. I look up to him. He is the only person I have ever met who never ever forgets to keep trying. His testimony shows as clearly as the shirt on his back, and I feel SAFE with him. I'm so insanely in love.

(Dont worry, this Mat Kearney playlist is only on song 2.)

This Saturday will be our 1 year anniversary. ALREADY! I can't believe it. If I didn't know we were married for eternity I would be sad about it. To think that a year can go by so quickly means that the few lifetime years we have together is such a limitation. To get anything short of forever with him would be not enough.

I'm sorry to so publicly proclaim how much I love my husband, and you dont have to continue reading if you don't want to. I just sometimes get so overwhelmed with feeling blessed to have him in my life. I have just layed next to him in bed, and just started crying because of him. Because I never thought it was possible to be this completely Happy!

Being married is the most wonderful and amazing blessing in the world. Having found the exact right man at the exact right time is even better. And you want to know what adds to my luck? I'm having a baby with this man! And most likely many more after this one! Will my kids understand how blessed they are to have Lucas as a Dad? I will remind them often, though I know Lucas has a way of showing love by just BEING. He's wonderful.

Speaking of wonderful, we got some fantastic news today. We are going to be having a darling little GIRL!!!!!!
(picture from under her, there is definately no boy part between those cute baby legs.)

Her cute little hand :)

Can't wait to meet her! We're already so in love with her :) 20 weeks to go!

Friday, March 26, 2010


I officially love craigslist. Last night I put our foosball table up for sale. It took 5 hours and the table was gone and the money was magically in my hand. 5 hours? It was a rush.

However I must be more careful next time. Lucas went to work and I decided to post the foosball table up, figured 75 dollars was a good deal (we paid 50...business mind) and waited. about 3 hours later I had an email asking if he could buy it for 65 and come get it tonight. So I call him a while later, here is how I almost got myself killed.

Me: "Hi My name is Amber, you emailed me about the foosball table I have on craigslist?"
Him (sounded like in his 40's): "Yeah, Hi Amber. My kids would love it, I'm in Blackfoot but I'm coming to Rexburg tonight. Can I come get it?"
Me: "Well my husband is at work until 1am and I am home alone in a basement apartment and 5 months pregnant. The table is really heavy so you should bring someone with you to help you get it loaded up. But I'll be here!"
Him: "Okay I'll be there in about an hour, I'll call when I get to Rexburg"
Me: "Perfect, we'll see you then!"

I hang up the phone and realize something---

I'm about to get murdered.

Things I did wrong:
Everything. Told him I was alone, told him to bring another strong man, told him my husband was gone until 1, told him I live in a basement, told him to come now.

I really want to sell this table and surprise Lucas when he gets home.

Luckily our AWESOME friends, Carrie and Scott came to my rescue and came over to both help move the table and be here so I wasn't alone when they got here.
It worked.

I'm still alive and I'm $65 dollars richer.

Other things you may have picked up on while reading that story...
First....Lucas at work? You know it. My hard working husband is now going to school part time and working at the hotel with me! He does laundry and is becoming what he called a "laundry master" He can wash, dry, and fold hotel linens like it's his job! Because it is. We are SO blessed that they hired him because living is expensive! He works so hard and I'm so proud of him.

Second...We are selling things. Why? Oh because we are moving! I finally decided that basement living and laundromat living is not the life for me. We found a cute apartment to move into as soon as someone replaces us here. We are losing our second bedroom but gaining...windows! and a washer and dryer! AND access to a clubhouse with a gym and a hot tub. I'm thrilled. Plus we can paint the walls. LOVE it.

and third...I'm 5 months! Thats right as of today I am 20 weeks along:) Only 3.5 days to wait and we get to go to our next ultrasound and see if this baby will let us see if its a he or a she! Here is my 20 week belly picture (some days its huge and other days not so much. Today was a normal day)

I know my tummy looks weird in this pictures, if you hate seeing weird things dont continue reading! The baby likes hanging out on my right side, when it decides to not be hiding by my spine and I lay down my tummy gets really lopsided, its fun because thats when I can feel exactly where he or she is~ and my tummy cracks me up. Here you go my Alien Belly.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Family Updates!

2 posts in 1 day! It is an exciting time in my family right now!

Some of the pictures get cut off so you can click on them to see the whole thing :)

Here are some reasons why...
1) Mom is doing really well, and her hair is growing back! it looks awesome and feels so so so soft! I love her!

2) Dad lives life on the edge and one day randomly decided he is going to buy 4 dirt bikes. Awesome.

They are also finishing the basement (woo!) and planning a trip to Hawaii!

3)Jason and MaShay as you know are expecting a little baby in August like me! She is about a week and a half ahead of me, here is her belly picture...cute! They find out on Monday if they are having a boy or a girl :)


He was born March 8, weighed 6lbs 1oz, is skinny as can be with jet black hair. He was 19 inches long and PERFECT! I went down to Utah on the Salt Lake Freezing Express and met him and rode back up the next day to get three hours of sleep and get to work. SO Worth it! Look how perfect he is!

5) Well of course my exciting news is that I am 18 weeks and almost get to find out if I'm having a boy or a girl! (See my other post from today)We also decided that we will NOT be moving back to Colorado (weeping and wailing). We decided that Lucas needs to stay and do the Paramedic program here, and do the firefighters internship to get a better chance at a full time paying professional firefighter job when he graduates. Oh Rexburg, why must you be so cold?!

6) Sarah and her boyfriend Nathan are super serious! haha They are on a new healthy diet where they eat hardly any bread and nothing that isn't natural pretty much. It shows! They both look HOT! Nathan is about to graduate and we're very happy for him! Cross your fingers he finds a job close to BYU! (obviously I mean close to Sarah)

7) Emily is going to GRADUATE this May from Arapahoe High School! She will be coming up to Rexburg to hang out with Lucas and I this fall and we can't wait! She also is really amazingly talented and drew this...

She also just got paid to make an awesome cake for someones birthday. Is there anything this girl can't do?

8) Eli just conducted a court of honor at church, and word on the street is that he did an AMAZING job. Hard not to believe it, he is an amazing guy!

18 weeks and belly pictures!

Well I am 18 weeks today with only 18 days to wait to know if I'm making a mini-me or a mini-him. :) Lucas is POSITIVE its a girl, but I am not sure at all. I'm guessing boy to keep it interesting. Any guesses?

14 weeks!

16 weeks!

17 weeks!

18 weeks!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Never a dull moment

Lucas is spending all of his time awake right now either in class or studying. He is taking Anatomy and EMT among others so he is learning all about our bodies and how to fix them. Well he has to learn all the bones and muscles and about the skin and our nails and all their scientific names. He is working so hard, he even studies in his sleep. I know he dreams about bones because a little while ago I wasn't tired and stayed up watching a TV movie after he went to bed. When it was over I got ready and climbed into bed and Lucas rolled over and gave me IRRITATED eyes and said
"So...I take it you've had your spinal adjustment?!"
I had to hold back laughter. "What?"
"I take it you had your SPINAL ADJUSTMENT?!"
I was worried about waking him because I was shaking the bed I was silently laughing so hard. Awesome.

Makes me want to write about the other sleep-talking moments we've had recently. :) Hooray!

We were sitting on the couches and I fell asleep on one, I must have been out for a while because Lucas said I woke up and looked at him and pointed at a ceiling corner in the room where there is no window and said "Do you remember getting me down from that window?" Lucas decided to mess with me and said "yeah that was CRAZY! I dont even know how I got up there!"

The other day Lucas came in and leaned over me to say goodnight but I was already asleep. I looked up at him and he tells me I said,
"Who is that?! Who's here!?"
Lucas looks around and finds its only him. "Its just me"
and I reply, "How did you do that?! There were two of you!"

This was a while ago but its hilarious.
I was gassy when I went to bed. It happens and when you share a bed there's no hiding it. Or is there???

Lucas was totally zonked and I let one slip. FWOMP.
He leans over and sleepily says "What did you say?"
"Nothing" (weirdo)

Lucas also says that I often shoot up in bed scared there is someone in the house or scream because I hear something. I've always been nervous of a break in. Recently I thought I was awake but the man I saw in the hall with a hockey mask on must have been a dream. I hope so, or maybe he just wanted to play a game of hockey.

And once I am just laying there silently trying to slip into dream world and Lucas goes "SHHH"
Oh sorry. I'm such a loud layer.

More to come!

This one isn't about Lucas and I but I always remember it because my roommate Lindsay would write down the things I said. My favorite was this...

Me: "Fossils."
Lindsay: "What?"
Me: "Fossils. They're digging holes in Idaho Falls. Fossils"
Lindsay: "Did they find any?"
Me: "Yeah, but I'm pretty mad they didn't even have a donut breakfast!"

I'd be mad even if i was awake. C'mon. Fossils witout donuts! I've never heard of such a thing.

And another with Lindsay while we were sharing a bed staying at our roomie Jami's parents house.

I look at her and go
"Mmmmmmmm mashed potatoes!"
She looks back at me.
"Want some?"