Monday, March 1, 2010

Never a dull moment

Lucas is spending all of his time awake right now either in class or studying. He is taking Anatomy and EMT among others so he is learning all about our bodies and how to fix them. Well he has to learn all the bones and muscles and about the skin and our nails and all their scientific names. He is working so hard, he even studies in his sleep. I know he dreams about bones because a little while ago I wasn't tired and stayed up watching a TV movie after he went to bed. When it was over I got ready and climbed into bed and Lucas rolled over and gave me IRRITATED eyes and said
"So...I take it you've had your spinal adjustment?!"
I had to hold back laughter. "What?"
"I take it you had your SPINAL ADJUSTMENT?!"
I was worried about waking him because I was shaking the bed I was silently laughing so hard. Awesome.

Makes me want to write about the other sleep-talking moments we've had recently. :) Hooray!

We were sitting on the couches and I fell asleep on one, I must have been out for a while because Lucas said I woke up and looked at him and pointed at a ceiling corner in the room where there is no window and said "Do you remember getting me down from that window?" Lucas decided to mess with me and said "yeah that was CRAZY! I dont even know how I got up there!"

The other day Lucas came in and leaned over me to say goodnight but I was already asleep. I looked up at him and he tells me I said,
"Who is that?! Who's here!?"
Lucas looks around and finds its only him. "Its just me"
and I reply, "How did you do that?! There were two of you!"

This was a while ago but its hilarious.
I was gassy when I went to bed. It happens and when you share a bed there's no hiding it. Or is there???

Lucas was totally zonked and I let one slip. FWOMP.
He leans over and sleepily says "What did you say?"
"Nothing" (weirdo)

Lucas also says that I often shoot up in bed scared there is someone in the house or scream because I hear something. I've always been nervous of a break in. Recently I thought I was awake but the man I saw in the hall with a hockey mask on must have been a dream. I hope so, or maybe he just wanted to play a game of hockey.

And once I am just laying there silently trying to slip into dream world and Lucas goes "SHHH"
Oh sorry. I'm such a loud layer.

More to come!

This one isn't about Lucas and I but I always remember it because my roommate Lindsay would write down the things I said. My favorite was this...

Me: "Fossils."
Lindsay: "What?"
Me: "Fossils. They're digging holes in Idaho Falls. Fossils"
Lindsay: "Did they find any?"
Me: "Yeah, but I'm pretty mad they didn't even have a donut breakfast!"

I'd be mad even if i was awake. C'mon. Fossils witout donuts! I've never heard of such a thing.

And another with Lindsay while we were sharing a bed staying at our roomie Jami's parents house.

I look at her and go
"Mmmmmmmm mashed potatoes!"
She looks back at me.
"Want some?"


Tyson and Katie said...

"I'm such a loud layer". LOL! Too funny.

Ash said...

That's hilarious Amber! Josh will get a kick out of must be a Hermann thing because he ALWAYS talks in his sleep!!!

Jessie said...

you are really funny and I laughed at all of your sleep talking stories because I sleep talk a lot and I wake up in the middle of the night sometimes too and am afraid someone is breaking in but no one ever is. So I've had to stop watching scary movies.

Congrats on the baby and glad you guys are doing awesome!