Friday, March 26, 2010


I officially love craigslist. Last night I put our foosball table up for sale. It took 5 hours and the table was gone and the money was magically in my hand. 5 hours? It was a rush.

However I must be more careful next time. Lucas went to work and I decided to post the foosball table up, figured 75 dollars was a good deal (we paid mind) and waited. about 3 hours later I had an email asking if he could buy it for 65 and come get it tonight. So I call him a while later, here is how I almost got myself killed.

Me: "Hi My name is Amber, you emailed me about the foosball table I have on craigslist?"
Him (sounded like in his 40's): "Yeah, Hi Amber. My kids would love it, I'm in Blackfoot but I'm coming to Rexburg tonight. Can I come get it?"
Me: "Well my husband is at work until 1am and I am home alone in a basement apartment and 5 months pregnant. The table is really heavy so you should bring someone with you to help you get it loaded up. But I'll be here!"
Him: "Okay I'll be there in about an hour, I'll call when I get to Rexburg"
Me: "Perfect, we'll see you then!"

I hang up the phone and realize something---

I'm about to get murdered.

Things I did wrong:
Everything. Told him I was alone, told him to bring another strong man, told him my husband was gone until 1, told him I live in a basement, told him to come now.

I really want to sell this table and surprise Lucas when he gets home.

Luckily our AWESOME friends, Carrie and Scott came to my rescue and came over to both help move the table and be here so I wasn't alone when they got here.
It worked.

I'm still alive and I'm $65 dollars richer.

Other things you may have picked up on while reading that story...
First....Lucas at work? You know it. My hard working husband is now going to school part time and working at the hotel with me! He does laundry and is becoming what he called a "laundry master" He can wash, dry, and fold hotel linens like it's his job! Because it is. We are SO blessed that they hired him because living is expensive! He works so hard and I'm so proud of him.

Second...We are selling things. Why? Oh because we are moving! I finally decided that basement living and laundromat living is not the life for me. We found a cute apartment to move into as soon as someone replaces us here. We are losing our second bedroom but! and a washer and dryer! AND access to a clubhouse with a gym and a hot tub. I'm thrilled. Plus we can paint the walls. LOVE it.

and third...I'm 5 months! Thats right as of today I am 20 weeks along:) Only 3.5 days to wait and we get to go to our next ultrasound and see if this baby will let us see if its a he or a she! Here is my 20 week belly picture (some days its huge and other days not so much. Today was a normal day)

I know my tummy looks weird in this pictures, if you hate seeing weird things dont continue reading! The baby likes hanging out on my right side, when it decides to not be hiding by my spine and I lay down my tummy gets really lopsided, its fun because thats when I can feel exactly where he or she is~ and my tummy cracks me up. Here you go my Alien Belly.


emily marie said...

hahahahah, i love reading about you, amber. Love love love. you're so funny!

Tyson and Katie said...

AH! That's seriously funny. I'm glad nobody came to murder you. Yikes. And you're gonna LOVE getting further along in your pregnancy. It's WAY fun to see your baby bouncing and rolling around in your belly. And when you're about 30 weeksish, your belly gets these hard lumps and you can push on them and feel baby parts. It's super fun. Pregnancy is awesome. I can't wait to find out what you're having! :)

Ceci and Steven said...

Amber, you're just funny. And I'm sure glad you're still alive! And I LOVED LOVED it when Jakey would move around and my belly would get lopsided, I would point it out to Steven every time, and it got old for him eventually, but it never did for me ;) Loved it! But you'll love having the baby in your arms better ;)
ANyway, keep documenting the belly growth, you're doing a good job and we can;t wait to find out what you're having!!