Monday, February 23, 2009

Foot in Mouth Disease

One of the great things about knowing I am going to marry Lucas is that I love his family. I LOVE to be around them, as they are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. I know dealing with the in-laws is a huge problem for some people, but I am confident that I will always love Lucas' side of the family as all his siblings and his parents are amazing.

Lucas has said that it is fun to watch how I act with my family, because it is so different than he could act with his. For example, if I were at my house and I thought my brother Eli was in my way of watching a movie, I would probably walk up to him, wrestle him to the ground and say "you get your big head outta my way" and he would follow up by awkwardly following me around the house for 15 minutes trying to put his fingers in my armpits because he knows there are fewing more obnoxious things to do to someone than this. It's all out of love, and we probably never got back to watching the movie because we have too much fun teasing eachother. My family is very much "tell it how it is" we dont really butter things up too much. If you are bieng cool, we will tell you how cool you are, but if you are being super lame, we will let you know how super lame you are acting.

Lucas' family has a little more tact I suppose. Or maybe its that they are very in control of their reactions to each other. If Lucas' sister comes downstairs and demands the TV even though Lucas and I have clearly started watching something, Lucas will sigh and get up and let his sister have the TV. Lucas' parents are also very controlled. They keep a very organized home, I have never seen them leave a dirty dish in the sink or let any of the fruit in the fruit bowl be out of place. They always make sure I have socks on when I come in the house so my little toes dont get cold. They are the sweetest and kindest peoople ever. Their house is one of structure, and full of love. (mine is also full of love, it is just a louder and messier love)

When my parents came with me to meet Lucas' parents, we played the game apples to apples, and then some foosball. (I'm not sure if that's how you spell it) While playing foosball, every one was pretty intense. My family would react to a score with a little jig in place accompanied by a squeal of delight, while Lucas' family simply grinned and had a twinkle of pure winning pleasure in their eyes. My family= wild Lucas' family= mild. Both families= amazing.

This leads me to my recently onset case of foot in mouth disease. Two nights ago Lucas' parents had some friends over for dinner and games. When Lucas and I arrived I met the friends and they were playing apples to apples (they love this game) They invited us to join them, and we did. We were all laughing and having fun. I was trying not to be too crazy as I was just meeting the friends of my almost in-laws..when the word FLIRTATIOUS came up. If you haven't played apples to apples, it is very simple. there are a stack of cards with different adjectives on them, and in your hand are 7 cards with a Noun on them. The point is to best find a card in your hand to describe the Adjective card in play. So when the word "Flirtatious" came up i checked my hand.

I quickly noticed the hilarious option of using the word "whip". Oh. My. Goodness. That is so amazing. But in this crowd? do I dare? I do. I put the word down. After the person judging this round reads the words, and notices that Lucas and I are in a fit of giggles, he quickly realizes which card is mine. The winner is.....WHIP. A moment of awkward silence follows and then luckily they all start laughing. Thank goodness, I would hate to have to explain that one! haha they told Lucas to be careful taking me through security on the way to the honeymoon. Oh yikes. but seriously.

Now the reason I now I have caught the foot in mouth disease, and not just a one day virus is because last night I fell victim again.

We were playing the game MASTERPIECE, where you bid on different peices of art, and trade and sell with the other players and the bank. There are different characters that you decide to be, and after Lucas picked his character and told us his name, I picked my card. Her name was "Bitsy" a rich and spoiled girl who decided to start collecting fancy art.

To everyone's surprise, including my own I announced to everyone "I'm Bi***y!" WHHHHHAAAAATTTTTT did I just say?! Do I even know who's house I am in? haha "I MEAN BITSY!"

again, a pause of shock and then everyone erupts into laughter and Lucas' mom says "We are learning so much about you!" Oh yikes. I hope they find a cure for this soon before Lucas' parents change their mind about wanting me as a daughter-in-law!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Everyone has been asking for the proposal story, so here it is!

For a little background information, I might have already blogged this but I dont remember. When I first met Lucas we were playing volleyball at Family Home Evening at the church. I was on his team, and as I was about to serve he said to me "If you mess this up, I'm going to punch you in the neck." hahahaha, it was so funny. I had an instant crush. he asked me out about a week or so after wards. I think.

Ever since the first week of dating both Lucas and I have been pretty certain that we were going to end up together. Things just seemed to fit so perfectly, and everything in our lives seemed to have happened just for that first date when we would finally meet. It was so weird we talked about it all the time. We fell for each other quickly, and after our second date (two days after our first) we didn't go a day without seeing each other for a month.

We had said that big "I love you" after only a couple weeks. Soon what we felt for each other kept growing and growing, and the word "Love" didn't seem to express enough of what we were feeling. We tried to think of a word to use instead of love that would really explain how we felt, how deep what we felt was. I could never think of just the right word. What word can you say that can say I love you, I want to be with you forever, You're my best friend, You were the answer to all my prayers, Thank you for all you are, I want to grow old with you, and on and on....

We never agreed on a word that said all those things, and have been trying to think of it ever since.

Seems that moving quick is how we roll, and after the first week we already started playing the "what if we got married" game. First in fun, and then more seriously. What was crazy to me was that no matter what he said or I said about a future together...I never got weirded out. I never felt that it was too soon. It always just felt right. He was exactly what I had always wanted. Exactly what I had always needed. And what the last 6 years of both easy and difficult relationships and prepared me for. I told my mom the first month with Lucas that I was 100% sure that I would marry Lucas, and that nothing had ever been more right.

So once Lucas and I made it clear to each other that we planned on being together forever...(YAY!!!!) we started planning how to go about starting a life together. We discussed everything as though we were engaged already. The only problem was that he hadn't proposed, but I told him to take his time since engagement rings are really expensive and I would marry him with or without a ring.

So the next month or so went by, and with all the talk about my brothers weddings Lucas was feeling the pressure to propose from both me and my family. We all mentioned it in fun, but he said he had never felt more pressured to do something. lol.

So on Tuesday the 10th, I had set up with Jonni to go shopping to try and find bridesmaid dresses and maybe a wedding dress. I called Jonni after I got off work, and we went out shopping. Lucas meanwhile had told me that he was going to be hanging out with his friend, Brian. Lucas said he wanted to hang out after I was done, because he didn't want to not see me at all that day. cute! We decided to getting together at 9. He told me his mom wanted to watch American Idol with me that night. So after Jonni and Lesley and I were done at the mall, (where i found the PERFECT bridesmaid dresses!) I called Lucas right at 9pm.
"Hey Lucas, I am just leaving the mall and I found the perfect dress(blah blah blah) I think I am going to go home and wash my hair, then I'll come over, is that okay?"
lucas: "Um, how long will you be?"
me: "Maybe 40 minutes"
lucas: "Well the thing is that my mom is really tired, and wants to go to bed. She also made you some treats, so can you hurry?"
me: "Yeah I'll go fast"

So I go home and think about washing my hair, but I decided against it so that Lucas' mom wouldn't have to wait all night for me. Plus Lucas had seen me with dirty hair before, haha. So I got back in my car and drove to his house 15 minutes away. I made GREAT time getting to his house, and when I got there I noticed that Lucas' jeep was not in the driveway. Confused, I called him again "Lucas, I decided not to wash my hair, and I came to your house but your Jeep is gone. Where are you?" lucas: "Well I'm inside, you can come in. Hayley (his sister) has my Jeep" OOOhhhh.

So I get out of the car and walk up the drivway. I turned the corner around the garage and on the front porch immediately notice a bunch of balloons tied to a little star, with a big card that said "AMBER". My heart started beating really fast as I realized that this was the moment I had always waited for. He was proposing! I couldn't help smiling and giggling out loud as I walked up and grabbed the card and opened it. It said, "Hello Beautiful, sorry I'm not home right now, I guess you're going to have to come find me. I got hungry waiting for you so I decided to go to the place where we had our first date, I'll meet you there :)"

I laughed out loud unable to believe this was actually happening. I grabbed the balloons and set them in the corner of the porch, took the note with me and ran in the snow back to my car as fast as I could. I drove as quick as could be safe in the snow the 15 minute drive to Which Wich where we first went out. I kept changing the song on the radio to happy songs, to keep my mood happy. I was so excited my hands were shaking on the steering wheel :) I pulled into the parking lot, and immediately spotted a balloon tied to a sandwich bag from Which wich. I left the car door open, ran over to the balloon picked it up and opened it. I pulled out another "clue" that said "Looks like they're closed :( I decided to go and wait for you under the stars at the place we had our first kiss. "

I took the balloon and the clue this time, got back in the car happy as could be, and drove over to my house. I get to my house and park in front of Lucas' dad's car. Leaving my door open again, I sprinted and slid in the snow to his car, opened the door and saw another note, and a teddy bear tied to the steering wheel. The teddy bear had a star in his hands which was appropriate because right before we had our first kiss we saw a shooting star. So I read the note, which said "Amber, While I was waitng I remembered the very first time we met, so if you really want to find me go the the place where I wanted to punch you in the neck." I started laughing really hard, and laughed as I ran back to my car and sped away.

When I made it to the church where we met, I saw a bunch of cars in the parking lot, and a balloon tied to the door. I got out of the car, closing the door this time, and went and opened the door the balloon was tied to. I went inside and it was pitch black. Right now I was thinking "THIS IS IT!" and "I wish I washed my hair!" so I went through the dark to the open gym door, where the only light in the place was on. I stepped inside and lost my breath. In the middle of the room was a small table covered in candles a rose, and rose pedals everywhere. There was a black box with a ribbon around it sitting on the table. As soon as I saw the table my eyes watered up, I stood there in shock for a minute and cried a few happy tears. I walked up to the table, trying not to explode with happiness. I picked up the black box, my hand shaking like crazy. Inside the black box was another little box with a bow around it. I took the maller "ring box" sized box out, and kind of squatted on the floor, and cried for a minute. I couldn't even open the box I was crying so hard. I kneeled there and opened the box up, surprised to find no ring, but a tiny little envelope. The envelope said "my Amber" on it. I opened it up and read, "DONT MOVE!!!" I smiled and stood up. I heard a footstep behind me, and turned around.

Lucas was standing at the doorway to the gym, where he had been watching me. He was dressed up in a suit, looking amazing. I watched as my future husband walked up to me. He was nervous, but looked happy. When he reached me he smiled, and as he bent down on one knee he said "I know we never thought of the word that says how we feel for eachother, but I will spend the rest of my life proving to you that that is how I feel about you. Amber, Will you marry me?"

I put my hands over my face. I cried for a second, moved my hands and said "Yes, of course!" Lucas smiled, stood up and hugged me. I could feel his heart beating a million miles per hour. We stood there so happy, in love, excited, and ENGAGED! I was so thrilled.

We laughed for a minute, and talked while we cleaned up the table. Once it was cleaned he went and opened up another gym door and said "I'm done guys, thanks" and a HUGE basketball team came in, saying "Dude, did she say yes?!" and "Congrats!!" Then they started playing basketball again.

I guess Lucas had gotten to the gym and had to convince the team to stop playing so he could propose to his girlfriend. How funny! I'm glad they were willing to take a time out!

So we went to his house afterwards and took pictures of me with the ring, and of Lucas and I. Once again, I wished I had washed my hair, but it was worth it, the night was perfect. I am so happy and excited.

Lucas and I are going to be married on APRIL 3RD 2009 in the Denver Temple! I am so happy and excited. If you want an invite or announcement leave a comment and let me know and leave your address :) Thanks!


Its Saturday, Valentines Day today, and I just bought my wedding dress. I love it! I took my dad and mom to the store with me to see and buy the dress. When I came out of the dressing room, my mom looked so proud, and my dad too. I got up on the little stand and looked in the mirror. Behind me I saw my dad start to tear up, and my mom smiling ear to ear. This was the dress for sure. We bought it and brought it home, and in an hour Lucas' sister is taking our engagement photos! Can't wait!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jason and MaShay wedding!

Just one week since Steven got married, Jason and MaShay tied the knot! My family was home for one day inbetween our travels to Oregon and then to Salt Lake. The flight to Salt Lake was fun, it was on a small plane which was really fun. Lucas was on the same flight as us, so we changed our seats to sit next to each other. They put us in the emergency exit row, which I love because of having more leg room, and feeling powerful. okay not really, except kind of really. So a little while into the flight, Lucas and I are both asleep when Lucas gets woken up to the sound of a doggy bag opening right behind his head. GROSS, a second later and BLEEEEECCCCHHHHhSQUISHBLECH. Now the whole plane smells like puke, and we are right in the hot zone. It might have been better to have been sitting apart from eachother instead of in the eye of the storm. haha.

Lucas' sister-in-law, Gunilla, picked us up from the airport, and I rode inbetween the carseats of his two adorable neices- who I instantly fell in love with. They are SO CUTE! We giggled and talked and played with eachothers hair and shoes in the back of the car while Lucas and Gunilla caught up with eachother. When we got to their house we hung out there, for a minute and watched a movie with the girls. I loved seeing how good Lucas is with the girls, and they absolutely adore him! Good sign!!!! :)I took a little nap, and when I woke up I met Lucas' older brother, Brian. Who is RAD. Both Brian and Gunilla are HILARIOUS and I already love their family. We left their house and went to the airport where we picked up Steven and Ceci, fresh off their honeymoon. We talked to them, and they met Lucas for the first time. Everyone seemed to get along really well, and I was thrilled.

We went right to Provo where Steven and Ceci took us to their new cute little apartment, and I was insanely jealous of them for being able to live together already. haha. From there we went to Sarah's apartment and met up with Sarah, Emily, Eli, Brent, and Kristen and we all went out to eat at Noodles and Company. Then we got frozen yogurt and hung out. Lucas and I left there and went to see Pink Panther 2, which was pretty good but not nearly as funny as the first, FYI.

After the movie Lucas and I didn't know how to get to my Aunts house where we were supposed to sleep so we went back to his brothers and snuck in and slept in the guest room and he was on the couch. (I promise!--we're good :) ) We got up early in the morning and went and set up tables and chairs and stuff for the luncheon later that day. Then we got ready for the temple at my aunts house, and drove to the temple. We waited for a while for them to come outside. I decided that I definately wont want to be married in the Salt Lake temple because its like a LINE of brides and their families, and I'd like to feel more special than having a half hour time slot. lol

This is Lucas and I in the car driving to the wedding fun:

So, when Jason and MaShay came out of the temple MaShay looked beautiful, and I was so happy for them. Jason looked really happy mixed with relieved. haha.

We snapped and posed for a bunch of pictures then went to the luncheon, where we had Subway ordered in for everybody there. After eating and visiting with family Lucas and I went to make something for Jason while my dad started making a "speech" and while he was introducing Jasons brothers and sisters I ran out from behind the curtain so he could introduce me, and Lucas followed me. Everyone saw us appear from behind a curtain and gave us suspicious looks and I heard my cousin say "what are they doing back there?!" haha! We weren't, I promise!

Then my dad got to me he said "His is my wife Amber, and her fiance (we've all gotten pretty comfortable with the idea of Lucas and I getting married at this point, lol) Lucas" WHAT?! DID HE SAY WIFE?! haha he corrected himself, and everyone was laughing. Oh how funny are moments like this? very. Or humiliating if you are easily embarrassed.

Once at the reception (which was BEAUTIFUL) we visited and hung out, and ate chocolate fountain deliciousness. Their slide show almost made me cry, and i teared up while they were dancing. I am sooooooo happy for Jason and MaShay, and to have MaShay as my second sister-in-law! Happy happy happy!

Welcome to the family, MaShay! We love you!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


It was so nice to see the ocean again, and the Monday after the wedding we went to the Oregon coast. It was gorgeous! my brother, sister and I all played and ran and jumped and took silly pictures like crazy. The fog was low and made the pictures look amazing! I know most people think its depressing to live in a rainy or foggy place but I LOVE it. I think it's almost romantic! I was loving it the whole time. I would not mind living in Oregon!

We took our shoes and socks off and walked across these rocks, which were covered in barnacles. OUCH! It hurt but who wants to wear shoes at the beach? Not me! We called ourselves adventure-mongers, and said that was the reason we walked slowly across the rocks that lead to "haystack island". I turn into a little kid again when I'm at the beach, its so amazing.

A friend once told me that you actually get happier, and your mood boosts when you are next to a waterfall. He said you can explain how it works in the brain, I dont remember. But I think for sure that it works next to the ocean too. My whole family couldn't stop smiling at the ocean. What a great trip!

The only down side to the trip was probably that it made me miss Hawaii really badly, and everyone there. So I was missing Lucas, wishing he was there with me, AND I was having Hawaii homesickness. But I cant stay down for long and before you know it I was jumping of a wall into a pile of sand and giggling like crazy. haha. Here are the pictures:

While at the beach, I thought it would be funny to drop a VERY subtle hint for Lucas, I drew it in the sand, and the sun was setting which made the lighting very romantic. I thought about writing "Miss you!" or "I love you!" but instead it came out like this.....

First Sister-In-Law!

Welcome to the family, Ceci!!!

The trip to Oregon was amazing! We actually bounced between Oregon and Washington, and it was BEAUTIFUL! When we flew in we went to the hotel and met up with Steven who was getting ready for the next day, we tried on our bridesmaid dresses and then we went to bed. In the morning we all got up and ready to go to the temple. I of course could not go inside for the ceremony but I stayed outside with Emily, Eli, Sarah, and MaShay. The Portland temple is gorgeous, it has white marble all around the outside, and the building itself is really cool.

When Steven and Ceci came outside they both looked SO happy. I was so happy for them, they held hands and everyone looked like they had cried a little bit (good cries I hope!)
Jason and MaShay looked ready for it to be their turn...only 7 days later it would be!

We stayed in the temple and took some pictures with the bride and groom. I am so happy for Steve. Ceci is perfect for him, she is so nice and beautiful. My mom told me that a little girl saw their invitation and was carrying it around in her purse saying "This girl is a princess!" haha!

Here are some pictures, ENJOY!

The bride and groom

Steven, Jason, and Brent (steve's long time best friend)

Steve and his sisters.

All the Hermann kids. (MaShay is almost a Hermann :) )

We had so much fun at the wedding! The next day Jason, MaShay, and Sarah left, but the rest the family stayed and had a vacation in Oregon/Washington. I'll write about that when I'm not at work, the babies woke up!