Saturday, January 19, 2013

What's Mine Is Yours

My friend sent me this video this morning, and I wept as I watched it. After we lost Kellen, Lucas and I were grieving really deeply. I drove to the temple one evening and sat in the parking lot and cried and begged the Lord to keep my babies safe and to let them always be mine. I felt an intense love as I prayed. Before I even stopped praying I had a distinct feeling of peace. This song reminds me of that moment.

It also reminds me of the fact that through adoption, no matter how we adopt, there will be some other people in this world who we will always think of and think "What's mine is yours. It's always been."

I think of this scripture often when I think of our babies. I think of it when I think of the love our Heavenly Father has shown in letting our babies be ours. And I think of it when I think of the families who will share their children with us.

Philippians 1:3 "I thank my God upon every remembrance of you,"

"What's Mine is Yours"

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Salt, Hope, Fostering

We don't have salt and pepper shakers. 
When we moved to Colorado (A year ago!) those ended up in the "not worth moving" pile.
So, when we need them I think, Bah! I'll have to buy those next time I'm at the store! and then I grab the huge salt refill tub and sprinkle some into my hand or a spoon and then use it as needed. I do the same with a huge bottle of black pepper. Then I completely forget about it.

So, the other day I am making dinner and I have a pile of salt in my left hand and a pile of pepper in my right hand and I shout to Lucas, "Okay, I think its time to get salt and pepper shakers." Lucas quickly replies,
"Salt and Pepper Shakers? Okay, right, because we're SO RICH!"
 He's the best. I laughed for a long time.

Watch the show Raising Hope.
It's the only thing that makes Lucas laugh harder than Americas Funniest Home Videos.
(and his caught-off-guard laugh is so attractive. mmm)
You should watch it. Some of the humor is super subtle and some of it is just out there. 
We can never remember it's called Raising Hope, though. 
We'll come home and get comfy and then one of us says,
"Ice Cream and Hope Floats?!"
Every time. 
We've gone through a gallon of Blue Bell and watched the two Netflix seasons. 
Its a wonderful way to gain 4 pounds.


Every Tuesday night until early March, Lucas and I will be attending certification classes to become FOSTER PARENTS!
We have been trying to adopt for over a year now.
We have received quite a few emails from expecting moms who are looking to place their babies for adoption, but one mom picked another family in-state, one decided to hire an agency, one stopped talking to us out of nowhere, and then I posted a blog about how hard it is to get your hopes up and we haven't been contacted again.
Then, we started watching a little boy, Dean, who is being raised by his grandmother. When she is at work, we take care of him. He is about to turn three and we are falling head over heels for him.

 We had a feeling that if we can love an older child so deeply, and if we felt ready to face an emotional journey (it's all we know) then maybe adopting children through the foster care system might be the best option for us. We think it is important to provide a safe and loving place for children to be until they are able to be reunited with their families, but if they cannot return to their families, we want to be able to show them just how loved and wanted they are.
As we were praying about the decision, a lady in my ward got certified as a foster parent. Two young sisters were placed in her home. She was not interested in adoption, but was happy to foster them.
I had never met these girls before, but I walked into their classroom to teach music and after a few minutes, the younger little girl suddenly ran over to me and wrapped her arms around me. She hugged me so tight and wouldn't get off my lap the rest of the day. Then her older sister wanted to hold my hand and stay with me. So I stayed with them the rest of church and finally walked them to the car with their foster mom. When I said goodbye they both started crying and begging me not to go. It was heartbreaking and I knew that if those little girls needed a home, I would adopt them and gladly be their mother. We looked into it, and their caseworker told me that the only way we would be considered is if we are certified foster parents.
And so our answer was confirmed.

Unfortunately, these little girls have since been moved to another foster home and we aren't allowed to know anything. Chances are that they are now in a home that wants to adopt them if they become adoptable. However, we did feel that we recieved our answer. We are moving forward and are SO EXCITED. We have attended two classes already and are getting our home ready for the angels who will come live with us.