Saturday, June 30, 2012

Life Hamster

Last two years
Last month
It seems the little hamster that controls the speed of my life has been running on overdrive after nearly two years of sleeping at on the wheel. Days used to feel SO long,  now they pass so quickly!

I can't seem to catch up with time. When I do catch a minute or two I choose to spend them with people instead of with the blog.  
This is the reason for my  month long hiatus. 

 It's time to catch up. So, here's what's been happening over here:

* I wake up M-F at 5:30 am, sneak around the room in the dark and hop in the shower. At 6:40 I pull out of the driveway and head to work. I've been extremely busy at work lately so I'm going nonstop until 3:00ish and then I force myself to clean up my desk and call it a day. I still really like my  job. Some days I love it. Other days it was just a job. Its still been such a huge blessing for us so I'm grateful for it every day.

* Lucas got his real estate License! He is very excited and also a little nervous because he wants to do a great job. He has signed with Equity Colorado and is currently learning all he can and getting used to his new career!
 Kristen Pierson took his pictures and we got them on his business cards and website. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you know ANYONE who is moving to Colorado or listing a home in Colorado, Contact him. He can't really get going until he gets clients, so we need our family and friends to help us out here. :) I cannot thank you enough for any help you would give us.

* Fathers Day happened! My last blog was about Mothers day, and this has made me feel guilty about slacking on other big days that have come and gone. Unfortunately, I didn't do much for Lucas for fathers day other than make sure Lucas got to make all the decisions about whatever he felt like doing or eating. All my energy was in trying to think up and plan his big birthday, so fathers day was more about thinking about our babies. He's an amazing father and talks about Molly and Kellen a lot which I like.

*My birthday was in the middle of June and I turned 25! I was happy that it fell on a Saturday so that I wouldn't have to work. I loooove sleep so my first gift from Lucas was the chance to sleep in. Unfortunately, I get excited during birthdays and I couldn't get myself to stay in bed past 8am. I got up and went downstairs and was quickly rushed out of the kitchen and Lucas said I needed to go back upstairs and really sleep in. haha. Eventually I was allowed downstairs where birthday decorations had been hung and Lucas made me homemade Belgian waffles that were delicious. I also opened some birthday cards and had a giant tupperware box of cookies from my mother-in-law who knows that I love all cookies and always will.
After breakfast I took my time getting ready for the day then in the early afternoon we hopped in the car and he drove us downtown. Ever since we met I have been telling Lucas that I love seeing live  performances of things. (Anything, concernts, ballet, singing, movies, but especially plays or comedy acts) We haven't really jumped into the live performance world though. So I was SUPER EXCITED when we pulled into the Denver theater district and he pulled out tickets to a play! We went to see "I love you, You're perfect, Now change" which was funny (and a bit out-dated haha) It was really fun to do something new with Lucas especially because he loved it and said he wanted to make seeing shows  something we do together more often. Yes sir!
After the play we went to eat at CPK because I was craving their thai Chicken pizza. It was delicious. After dinner we went to my parents new house and visited them where I got to meet my new niece, Nora, for the first time. It was a wonderful present. She is such a cute girl (Don't worry- Meeting her was not hard. I was just excited and loved playing with her and Hank) We hung out with my family for a while then called it a day. 

I love birthdays!

 * 5 days after my birthday was Lucas' birthday. Basically since his 29th birthday I have been trying to come up with a way to give him a birthday that would be exceptional to send out his 20's and join the 30's . It has haunted my dreams. Finally ideas started forming once we moved home to Colorado and more options became available to us. 
 So, Lucas LOVES donuts. He loves them so much that I think he feels like he is settling when he eats anything that is not a cake donut. So I'm pretty sure he knew I would get him a donut for his birthday breakfast. Well have you ever noticed that whenever someone on TV or in movies gets donuts they bring them in a plain pink box? Well, Lucas had this dream of getting his beloved donuts brought to him in a pink box just like in all the movies. He said it would be the icing on the "cake", pretty much. So I called up some donut shops and NOBODY had plain pink boxes. I think I called about 20 bakeries and grocery stores and came up empty handed. Eventually I found some in ALABAMA and had them shipped to CO. I had to buy them in bulk- but it would be worth it. I'm making dreams come true if it's the last thing I do! :) 
 Lucas' big day was on a Thursday so I was going to have to work that day, so I had to plan a way to make it a good day without being able to be there to make things happen. The night before, I stopped at a grocery store and picked up a hilarious card, some pizza rolls, oreos, bagel bites, peanut m&m's and other such junk food. On his birthday, I woke up at 4:30 am and got ready for work an hour early, then drove to a donut shop and bought two dozen donuts. I went home, snuck inside and switched the donuts into two pink boxes and left them on the counter for him to wake up to,  told my mother in law my plans for the day so she could help out if needed, and went to work. 

While I was at work, I sent Lucas messages and orchestrated a plan to have my little brother and oldest brother show up at my in-laws house once Lucas had time to have a lazy birthday morning.   The plan: be boys. They all played video games and ate junk food for hours and hours until I got home from work. This is exactly what Lucas always asks for, but I feel weird with just his "perfect day" of worry free lazy junk food and video games. I think he loved it. Once my brothers left and I got home, Lucas had eaten so much food he was feeling sick (I warned him that he would). He was so happy. I informed him that we would be going on a trip for the weekend once I got off work the next day. Unfortunately because he overheard me mention my uncle's name the day before, he put two and two together and goes "We're going to your uncle's cabin, aren't we?!" SHoooooooooot. Yes we are.
This was what I was really excited for. I gave Lucas his day on his birthday, but I wanted to do something we don't usually do that would be affordable. So on Friday afternoon I came home from work and we packed up our weekend bags, jumped in the car, and headed up into the beautiful Colorado mountains! We arrived at their cabin and spent the next two nights and two days canoeing, paddle boating, hiking, sitting by the fire, taking mid day naps, riding bikes around the lake, playing horseshoes, and just enjoying the mountains! It was BEAUTIFUL and amazing! He loved it :). We came home sunburned and with a new goal of getting our own mountain cabin one day. 



* We have continued to try to adopt, but because we are still living at my in-laws house we haven't been able to get a home study done. Things have happened and more things have heartbreakingly almost happened. Tears have been shed. Pregnancy tests have been taken and thrown in the trash. We have felt hope and excitement, and heartbreak and discouragement. This is a painful journey and I'm scared it's only the beginning. I will post details in another blog.

* We got a new car! We needed a second car since I work kinda far away and he will need to be able to drive all over the place for real estate. Its a black '07 Honda Civic. We also got a good deal on it because of my job at the dealership, so that's pretty great.

* Moose has continued to be the cutest, funniest,  and smartest dog on the face of the earth. (I can't not mention Moose. If you are sick of reading about someone else's pets, you can skip this blurb.)  The other day I kept hiding from Moose and then when he found me his tail would go crazy and he would immediately try to rub his chest all over my face while whining. I did this over and over for like 20 minutes. Then I hid under a blanket and he was crawling on the blanket but couldn't get my face uncovered. He started whining and then suddenly ran away and threw up. Oops. Poor guy. Too much fun/anxiety for one little pup!

* Lucas and I just got the "My Fitness Pal" app on our phones. It's an awesome way to keep track of your calorie intake. Since getting the app we have both lost about 5 pounds. So with that app and our INSANITY experience, I have lost 15 lbs. (some days the scale would say 12, some days 18. Either way, I'm happy) I'm just pounds away from how much I weighed when we got married! And I'm 7 pounds less than either of my pre-pregnancies weight! Hooray! 
    P.S. I've been thinking of started to try crossfit workouts. Do any of you do these?

* I had another dream that I died. I was walking around the earth and realizing how great it was the I was feeling so free and comfortable. Suddenly I realized that if I was dead that meant I could go find Molly and Kellen. As soon as I started running to find them I woke up. Yet again, so close. Why did I wake up? Seems to be a theme for us and our children. Almost

* In the last two months I think I have put together about 10 500-1000 piece puzzles. I'm addicted. That has been a big reason why I haven't been blogging. Puzzles are a way for me to turn my brain off after work and to do something that I think is fun. I also do them on the pool table in the basement while everyone else is watching a movie or on the computer. Then when I finish a puzzle I go upstairs, put on my nightgown, take out my dentures, and get some rest.

 *I got two wisdom teeth out just before my birthday. That was a fun experience.  A week later I ended up getting a dry socket again. Horrible horrible stuff. *shakes* I'm just getting over it.

* The fires in Colorado and Utah make me so sad. My brother-in-law and his family have been evacuated from their home in Herriman, Utah. My parents got a pre-evacuation call but didn't end up getting evacuated, hopefully they wont have to be. This is just the most horrible sad thing ever. Colorado is the most amazing place to live, and knowing so many of our beautiful mountains and towns have been burned is heartbreaking. Prayers for all the fire has affected, please!