Thursday, December 10, 2009


I had to get out of bed just now to write down a before-bed conversation between Lucas and I. Here's how it happened:

I lay down to sleep and Lucas gets a drink of water.
me: "What are you doing?"
Lucas: (setting glass on side table) "I was just drinking some water."
me: "Oh"
Lucas:" Would you like some before I drink it all?"
me:" Yes"

He hands me the glass and I drink all but about a half inch of water and hand it back to him. He sets it on the side table.

me: (in random britishy accent: "there's still some water in there so dont put anything fragile or paper in there"
lucas:(In an enthusiastic new zealandishy accent: " Oh I'm glad you told me because I almost put some fragile paper in there straightaway!"

Its funny cuz we're tired. And its funny. I'm getting back in bed.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Growing up is FUN to do :)

Well about a month ago Lucas and I traded in our gold Saturn for a new car!!!! I am in love with it. (except its a little noisy) Here are a couple pictures of the sweet ride we'll be cruising around in!!!