Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Funday Runday Spunday

Well I am 3 months into this pregnancy and this baby is already taking over my life! I have spent the last month wandering around with marshmellows shoved up my nose to keep from smelling anything. Its like someone made everything smell like an armpit. An armpit that just ran with its owner for ten miles. I cant go outside, inside or into the break room at work. I can't go anywhere without gagging or worse...revisting my previous meal. If warm air hits my face, I'm sick. If someone near me hasn't brushed their teeth, I'm sick. If someone hasn't washed their clothes, I'm sick. If there isn't a window open and fresh air coming in, I'm sick. If I eat food, I'm sick. If I eat nothing, I'm sick. What is going on baby?! Can't you just be happy?! haha.

It's worth it. One day I'll be a cute and pregnant as my sister-in-law Ceci. (She's due end of March) And after that I'll be a MOMMY! Even if my smeller never goes back to normal and I spend every 7am from now on hugging the sink or toilet, it will be worth it when I'm a mom :) (Lucas, however, might just get sick of me. It's so rare that something I eat doesn't make me sick, or I dont smell something that makes me sick that he has completely lost the woman he married--I'll be back! He's such a good husband.)

Well aside from the pregnancy take over I have been working lately at the hotel and its SO nice to work less hours in the week and only worry about one job. Plus I needed a child care break. I still work two overnights a week and that is hard, but you gotta do what you gotta do to bring home the MONEH!

I went home one weekend and visited my siblings in Utah, Lucas stayed home for school and I missed him horribly! It was really fun to hang out with Sarah, Jason and Mashay, and Steven and Ceci. It's always refreshing to be around family :) I was also happy to smell that Utah smells better than Rexburg. I had to laugh though when I saw a sign in Utah that said "Warning, limit driving. Air contamination warning!" I can't win.

Yesterday for the superbowl Lucas and I both kinda randomly picked a team to root for and Lucas went Sat night and bought all sorts of snacks and we had our own little superbowl party. Even though I randomly chose the saints, and he chose the Colts.. I was really glad when my team won. My favorite part of the day was pampering my football watching husband. It felt very TV sitcomish and I liked it.

Sometimes I get so crazy in my head wondering if I'll ever live in Hawaii again. I'll spend hours on the computer look up real estate on the islands. (So pricey) I am dying to live there again. I get so happy just thinking about it. Lucas isn't sold AT ALL on living there. He wants to go for like a week every year. BOO! Whenever we talk about it and he makes me realize how unrealistic it is to move there now or anytime soon I usually get really quiet and mope around for a while. I just miss my island!

I drink about one Jamba Juice every day. Its the only fruit or fruit juice I can keep down and its AMAZING. I think I'll go get one after i add random pictures I forgot to post.

Oh, I'm obsessed with the Bachelor. We had friends come over and immediately say "Are you kidding me, you guys?!" because we had it on. Well, I wish. The reality and drama of it all just sucks me in! I admit it, I have a problem.

Steven and Jason and their beautiful wives both just celebrated their one year anniversaries. You know what that means? Mine is only 8ish weeks away! This year has gone by so fast! I love life.

Here is my adorable nephew, Ewan. He is so cute and Lucas is OBSESSED with him. I think he looks a lot like Lucas, too. We'll only be so lucky to have such an adorable baby!

I dont remember if I ever posted about the gingerbread houses we made. It was a holiday adventure that we will never do again. We used all of our food storage flour and then lost the will after hours and eventually quit. Slowly we both added some to our houses during the next two weeks. We never really finished, and a couple weeks after christmas Lucas threw the houses away. Eh-we tried didn't we?!

We also went to a live nativity with Carrie and Scott, and it was really cute. Here are the old pictures :)

Oh, Lucas says I always win our little tiffs. Well once he won and I'm recording it! I was telling Lucas that he always double checks the things I do and it makes me feel like he thinks I'm irresponsible. I told him there is no need to double check everything I do, and I'm just as capable as him at doing small tasks around the house. I mean just that morning I had remembered to repackage the Netflix Movie and mail it back with all the bills! He of course never meant to make me feel that way and didn't even know he was double checking things I said I did. So a few minutes later we decided to play some Guitar Hero. Lucas went over the x-box to put in the CD and...wait... what is this? The netflix movie?! Well I'm glad he found out. Turns out I mailed Netflix our Guitar Hero CD. Awesome.

Here are some grumpy faces for you.

Oh, and I recently blog stalked a friend of a friend who posted that she tried this New York hair stuff called "Blow". I bought it at three in the morning out of tiredness. Luckily when it came and I tried it it was AMAZING! Goodbye flat hair!!

Now please, go and blog on your blog so I have something to do at work. Thank you.