Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Shelby Lin!

My sister, Sarah, had a baby last week. Her husband, Nathan, is the cutest Dad ever.
Sarah was in labor for 29 hours.
During this time we got off work, arranged a ride with my mom to Utah, drove to Utah, stayed up waiting to hear that the baby made it, fell asleep, had nightmares that something was wrong. (In my nightmares their baby looked exactly like Molly and she wasn't going to make it. It was a horrible dream) then we woke up and had breakfast and THEN we got word that a perfect little girl had made it safely to the outside world. I breathed a sigh of relief and cried some tears of happiness and hope.

My sister is a mom! I'm so happy, excited and in love.

It took them a few days to name her, but they eventually decided she was meant to be Shelby Lin.
Lin is the middle name of her Paternal Grandmother, who is a beautiful angel. In fact, I bet Molly, Kellen, and Mary Lin were all there for Shelby's arrival.  :) :)

She has the same hair as Molly and Kellen, a beautiful strawberry blonde. She reminded me so much of my babies but instead of feeling sad to remember that I lost mine, I felt SO HAPPY that Shelby gets to stay with our family.

I'm a proud Aunt again! Welcome Shelby

Family and Aquarium Pictures

Moose wants you to look at our family photos! And pictures of my trip to the Aquarium with Dean. And then he wants you to go to http://kristenpiersonphotography.blogspot.com and check out my best friend Kristen's awesome photography. Then you should hire her to document your life as I do.

Can you say no to that face? Me either.
I'm not going to caption every picture but I must say this, LUCAS IS SO ATTRACTIVE.

Did you know Lucas has arms that are abnormally long and huge hands? Look how big his hands are!