Saturday, April 17, 2010

We have officially moved in to our new apartment! I LOVE it, but I can tell we are going to want more space once our contract is up. For now I can definately say that trading one bedroom and a coat closet for a washer and dryer and a disposal was TOTALLY WORTH IT. I'm sure it will start to feel small once our baby girl comes home and gets a little mobile. Who cares! I'm doing laundry RIGHT NOW TONIGHT!

Okay so I still dont love doing laundry, but I love not going to a coin-op laundry where other people watch me fold my unders.

I'm an animal lover. Whenever someone overhears me saying to Lucas "Let's get a puppy!" they point to my belly and say "You're about to get something WAY better" or "You dont want a puppy AND a baby!" hmmm....quiet! Yes I do. Too bad it costs 300 dollars and a Dr.'s note lying explaining that I need a puppy to survive. Fine. I'll wait. I even always think I want a less needy pet like a turtle, a fish, a bunny, or even the baby chicks they have on display in the grocery store at Easter. Unfortunately, after I ooh and aah and giggle I recognize Lucas' face when I ask him if he will agree to getting one. Its the same look my mom gave Steven and I when we showed up at home with our bedroom trash cans full of snakes we caught at the park. The very same look I got when I told my mom I got to pick a science experiment and now I was REQUIRED to buy 5 pet mice. Its the same look my Dad gave me when I drove home from college with the puppy I bought at school but could no longer take care of. It's the famous in-your-dreams look. I suppose I have to wait for a pet.

I am pet-sitting a fish for a friend right now. I was really excited when she asked me to watch her little swimmer. I feed him everyday. I watch him a little bit. Fish are boring. I want a dog.

In other news, Lucas is out of town for a few days. He went to Harrimon, Utah to spend some much needed boy time with his brother and his dad. They are going to watch movies, play video games, and enjoy time being MEN. *Grunt Grunt roar* Lucas was SO excited. He packed the night before and was very very excited for time with the boys. I was happy to see him so excited about it. I didn't even mind when he took the Xbox with him and left me with no ways to watch movies.

I both enjoy and dont enjoy him being gone. It's nice to have alone time and to go to bed really early guilt free. The house is also a mess and I wont feel like I have to clean it until he gets home tomorrow night. However, going to bed at all is HARD. I miss him. I'm not good at distance. I need touching and cuddling. We also both dont love talking on the phone so we dont talk much. Just a little text here and there and a goodnight call. It's LONELY not having your very own cute boy to hang out with 24/7. (We even work together)

In other news, I am now 23 weeks pregnant and I cannot button up my work shirt. It's FABULOUS. She wiggles around a lot whenever I lay down, and Lucas even felt her kick once really hard. Such an amazing thing. I love being pregnant. I even like that I'm a little softer all over than I was before. It's good for the baby. :)

Do you ever watch Modern Family? You should. It is my new favorite show. SO FUNNY. Go to and watch as much as you can. I laugh my head off every episode. And I saw the actor who plays Phil at the airport after our honeymoon in Hawaii. I so regret not going and meeting him. Dang it!

It's warming up here in Rexburg! there are hints of green grass, and though the morning wind is still bitter cold and the trees are naked, I can smell spring in the air and it smells wonderful. I'm anti-cold weather. Hawaii spoiled me. Bring on the sun!

I had no idea how needy people who stay in hotels are before I worked at one. I thought most people were like up at the hotel put their stuff down, go out and do fun things in the town, come back and use all the things I packed since I'm not at home, go to bed, wake up pack up and leave. But oh no. That is not how it is done. People come here and expect to be at home. They want us to have all the things laying around they didn't pack, from deodorant to diaper cream. We do have some things, but it's impossible to please everyone. One reservation had these "special requests" recently for a ONE NIGHT stay.
*High Floor Room
*East side
*Not near elevator
*Extra towels
*Extra feather pillows
*Near (friend's name)
*Wake up call 6:00 am
*Early check in
*Late check out
After checking in she called the front desk maybe once every couple of hours asking for things like toothbrushes, more towels, a nail file, do not disturb put on the phone then taken off, messages here, copies made, faxes sent, a package delivered here for her overnight, tylenol, cartons of milk, and special permission to stay in the pool past closing. WHO ARE YOU?! It's ONE night Needy Nancy! At least she was nice.

I've noticed something about men. Everytime there are two of us standing at the front desk (me and a male co-worker) and a man comes up to check in I will greet him and do the normal routine and then any questions he has he will turn to my male co-worker to ask him. Um...hello. Then if I answer their question they will look at me like they dont believe me and turn to my male co-worker for some sort of sign I am trained on this sort of matter. They will automatically want to work with the male at the desk rather than me. I really dont think they mean to do it. It's un unconcious lack of trust. They are kind to me, and I really dont believe they are aware of it. The only times this is not the case is when there are ONLY women at the desk or when the man is about 85 or older. Thats when men get fiesty. He prefers a woman here, he wants to flirt (usually his wife is standing next to him rolling her eyes). So rad.

Whelp- See ya!