Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jason and MaShay wedding!

Just one week since Steven got married, Jason and MaShay tied the knot! My family was home for one day inbetween our travels to Oregon and then to Salt Lake. The flight to Salt Lake was fun, it was on a small plane which was really fun. Lucas was on the same flight as us, so we changed our seats to sit next to each other. They put us in the emergency exit row, which I love because of having more leg room, and feeling powerful. okay not really, except kind of really. So a little while into the flight, Lucas and I are both asleep when Lucas gets woken up to the sound of a doggy bag opening right behind his head. GROSS, a second later and BLEEEEECCCCHHHHhSQUISHBLECH. Now the whole plane smells like puke, and we are right in the hot zone. It might have been better to have been sitting apart from eachother instead of in the eye of the storm. haha.

Lucas' sister-in-law, Gunilla, picked us up from the airport, and I rode inbetween the carseats of his two adorable neices- who I instantly fell in love with. They are SO CUTE! We giggled and talked and played with eachothers hair and shoes in the back of the car while Lucas and Gunilla caught up with eachother. When we got to their house we hung out there, for a minute and watched a movie with the girls. I loved seeing how good Lucas is with the girls, and they absolutely adore him! Good sign!!!! :)I took a little nap, and when I woke up I met Lucas' older brother, Brian. Who is RAD. Both Brian and Gunilla are HILARIOUS and I already love their family. We left their house and went to the airport where we picked up Steven and Ceci, fresh off their honeymoon. We talked to them, and they met Lucas for the first time. Everyone seemed to get along really well, and I was thrilled.

We went right to Provo where Steven and Ceci took us to their new cute little apartment, and I was insanely jealous of them for being able to live together already. haha. From there we went to Sarah's apartment and met up with Sarah, Emily, Eli, Brent, and Kristen and we all went out to eat at Noodles and Company. Then we got frozen yogurt and hung out. Lucas and I left there and went to see Pink Panther 2, which was pretty good but not nearly as funny as the first, FYI.

After the movie Lucas and I didn't know how to get to my Aunts house where we were supposed to sleep so we went back to his brothers and snuck in and slept in the guest room and he was on the couch. (I promise!--we're good :) ) We got up early in the morning and went and set up tables and chairs and stuff for the luncheon later that day. Then we got ready for the temple at my aunts house, and drove to the temple. We waited for a while for them to come outside. I decided that I definately wont want to be married in the Salt Lake temple because its like a LINE of brides and their families, and I'd like to feel more special than having a half hour time slot. lol

This is Lucas and I in the car driving to the wedding fun:

So, when Jason and MaShay came out of the temple MaShay looked beautiful, and I was so happy for them. Jason looked really happy mixed with relieved. haha.

We snapped and posed for a bunch of pictures then went to the luncheon, where we had Subway ordered in for everybody there. After eating and visiting with family Lucas and I went to make something for Jason while my dad started making a "speech" and while he was introducing Jasons brothers and sisters I ran out from behind the curtain so he could introduce me, and Lucas followed me. Everyone saw us appear from behind a curtain and gave us suspicious looks and I heard my cousin say "what are they doing back there?!" haha! We weren't, I promise!

Then my dad got to me he said "His is my wife Amber, and her fiance (we've all gotten pretty comfortable with the idea of Lucas and I getting married at this point, lol) Lucas" WHAT?! DID HE SAY WIFE?! haha he corrected himself, and everyone was laughing. Oh how funny are moments like this? very. Or humiliating if you are easily embarrassed.

Once at the reception (which was BEAUTIFUL) we visited and hung out, and ate chocolate fountain deliciousness. Their slide show almost made me cry, and i teared up while they were dancing. I am sooooooo happy for Jason and MaShay, and to have MaShay as my second sister-in-law! Happy happy happy!

Welcome to the family, MaShay! We love you!

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