Thursday, February 5, 2009

First Sister-In-Law!

Welcome to the family, Ceci!!!

The trip to Oregon was amazing! We actually bounced between Oregon and Washington, and it was BEAUTIFUL! When we flew in we went to the hotel and met up with Steven who was getting ready for the next day, we tried on our bridesmaid dresses and then we went to bed. In the morning we all got up and ready to go to the temple. I of course could not go inside for the ceremony but I stayed outside with Emily, Eli, Sarah, and MaShay. The Portland temple is gorgeous, it has white marble all around the outside, and the building itself is really cool.

When Steven and Ceci came outside they both looked SO happy. I was so happy for them, they held hands and everyone looked like they had cried a little bit (good cries I hope!)
Jason and MaShay looked ready for it to be their turn...only 7 days later it would be!

We stayed in the temple and took some pictures with the bride and groom. I am so happy for Steve. Ceci is perfect for him, she is so nice and beautiful. My mom told me that a little girl saw their invitation and was carrying it around in her purse saying "This girl is a princess!" haha!

Here are some pictures, ENJOY!

The bride and groom

Steven, Jason, and Brent (steve's long time best friend)

Steve and his sisters.

All the Hermann kids. (MaShay is almost a Hermann :) )

We had so much fun at the wedding! The next day Jason, MaShay, and Sarah left, but the rest the family stayed and had a vacation in Oregon/Washington. I'll write about that when I'm not at work, the babies woke up!

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Ceci and Steven said...

Haha...Thanks for the post Amber, you're too nice. Happy to be a part of the Hermann clan, Love it!