Monday, February 23, 2009

Foot in Mouth Disease

One of the great things about knowing I am going to marry Lucas is that I love his family. I LOVE to be around them, as they are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. I know dealing with the in-laws is a huge problem for some people, but I am confident that I will always love Lucas' side of the family as all his siblings and his parents are amazing.

Lucas has said that it is fun to watch how I act with my family, because it is so different than he could act with his. For example, if I were at my house and I thought my brother Eli was in my way of watching a movie, I would probably walk up to him, wrestle him to the ground and say "you get your big head outta my way" and he would follow up by awkwardly following me around the house for 15 minutes trying to put his fingers in my armpits because he knows there are fewing more obnoxious things to do to someone than this. It's all out of love, and we probably never got back to watching the movie because we have too much fun teasing eachother. My family is very much "tell it how it is" we dont really butter things up too much. If you are bieng cool, we will tell you how cool you are, but if you are being super lame, we will let you know how super lame you are acting.

Lucas' family has a little more tact I suppose. Or maybe its that they are very in control of their reactions to each other. If Lucas' sister comes downstairs and demands the TV even though Lucas and I have clearly started watching something, Lucas will sigh and get up and let his sister have the TV. Lucas' parents are also very controlled. They keep a very organized home, I have never seen them leave a dirty dish in the sink or let any of the fruit in the fruit bowl be out of place. They always make sure I have socks on when I come in the house so my little toes dont get cold. They are the sweetest and kindest peoople ever. Their house is one of structure, and full of love. (mine is also full of love, it is just a louder and messier love)

When my parents came with me to meet Lucas' parents, we played the game apples to apples, and then some foosball. (I'm not sure if that's how you spell it) While playing foosball, every one was pretty intense. My family would react to a score with a little jig in place accompanied by a squeal of delight, while Lucas' family simply grinned and had a twinkle of pure winning pleasure in their eyes. My family= wild Lucas' family= mild. Both families= amazing.

This leads me to my recently onset case of foot in mouth disease. Two nights ago Lucas' parents had some friends over for dinner and games. When Lucas and I arrived I met the friends and they were playing apples to apples (they love this game) They invited us to join them, and we did. We were all laughing and having fun. I was trying not to be too crazy as I was just meeting the friends of my almost in-laws..when the word FLIRTATIOUS came up. If you haven't played apples to apples, it is very simple. there are a stack of cards with different adjectives on them, and in your hand are 7 cards with a Noun on them. The point is to best find a card in your hand to describe the Adjective card in play. So when the word "Flirtatious" came up i checked my hand.

I quickly noticed the hilarious option of using the word "whip". Oh. My. Goodness. That is so amazing. But in this crowd? do I dare? I do. I put the word down. After the person judging this round reads the words, and notices that Lucas and I are in a fit of giggles, he quickly realizes which card is mine. The winner is.....WHIP. A moment of awkward silence follows and then luckily they all start laughing. Thank goodness, I would hate to have to explain that one! haha they told Lucas to be careful taking me through security on the way to the honeymoon. Oh yikes. but seriously.

Now the reason I now I have caught the foot in mouth disease, and not just a one day virus is because last night I fell victim again.

We were playing the game MASTERPIECE, where you bid on different peices of art, and trade and sell with the other players and the bank. There are different characters that you decide to be, and after Lucas picked his character and told us his name, I picked my card. Her name was "Bitsy" a rich and spoiled girl who decided to start collecting fancy art.

To everyone's surprise, including my own I announced to everyone "I'm Bi***y!" WHHHHHAAAAATTTTTT did I just say?! Do I even know who's house I am in? haha "I MEAN BITSY!"

again, a pause of shock and then everyone erupts into laughter and Lucas' mom says "We are learning so much about you!" Oh yikes. I hope they find a cure for this soon before Lucas' parents change their mind about wanting me as a daughter-in-law!


Ceci and Steven said...

Ok, I do realize I always comment on your posts, and I'm sorry for that but A) I really do love the way you write and retell entertaining and B) Holy crap I'm laughing out loud right here right now...while at work! Best story so far...keep em coming!!

~Amber~ said...

Don't be sorry! I love comments, you're the best blog support ever!