Thursday, April 2, 2009

Becoming Mrs. Taylor!

Well I get married TOMORROW! Lately I have been walking around in this sort of happy daze. I have had blessing after blessing POURED out onto me, and I am feeling So loved. Do you ever have those moments, when so much is going right that you fear one wrong move will shatter everything? I have half been expecting to wake up from this wonderful dream, to find that I'm still lonely and missing Hawaii. But everyday when I wake up I still have an amazing family, a good job, and the most perfect man in the world counting down the days with me until we start a life together. How can one person deserve all the wonderful things I have been given? I dont know, but I'll take it!

The wedding planning has been insane, but really fun. I don't stress out easily so I have been pretty calm about everything. I am also so ready to just BE married, that I have decided to let everyone else pick what they want for my wedding. Little things like napkin size and table height dont matter to me, its the guy holding my hand that matters.

Some ways that Lucas and I have been blessed in planning all this:
1. The guy making the food, (who is an AMAZING cook) is letting us have the reception at his house, and will fill our bellies with delicious food! He has been a good family friend since I was born, and we are so happy to celebrate with their family.

2.My mom's good friend Lynette does weddings for a living, and she always does a brilliant job. We told her to just go crazy and decorate and plan however she wants, and that we trust her. So decorating and stuff was easy, just turn it over to the people who know what they are doing!

3. My Aunt, Pam, decorates cakes for a living, and offered to make our wedding cake. I gave her a picture of the cake Lucas and I picked, and she has it covered from there. Family hook ups are the best!

4. Lucas' sister, Hayley, took our engagement photos, so that saved us a bundle!

5. Since Lucas' sister, and my good photographer friend, Kristen, are both bridesmaids, we hired Lynette's photographer daughter who I kinda sorta grew up with, to be our photographer. She is doing it for free and is very very talented! (but you better believe we'll tip her)

6. I found all my bridesmaids dresses on my first trip to find dresses, and they were buy 2 get one free for the day I was there only. So we got two dresses FREE. They needed shoulder jackets, or shrugs. We couldn't find any ANYWHERE, but luckily Lucas' mom is amazing with a sewing machine and she sewed all 7 for us!

7. I found my wedding dress online, and loved it, but was worried that since I had to plan the wedding in like 8 weeks, that I wouldn't be able to get it in time. So I went to the only bridal store I know of around here, and found 1 of my exact dress! The only one in the whole store was MY SIZE! How does this happen?! So lucky.

So everyone who has been helping us plan has been amazing and wonderful. I am feeling so blessed right now! Not only am I getting to marry the man of my dreams, but everything we planned and need is coming together perfectly. I am so so so happy!

Some things that did go wrong that make me sad, are that one of my best friends, Kylie, was a bridesmaid, and she wont be able to make it to the wedding due to snow and her hubby not wanting her to ride alone. It's better to be safe, but I will miss her!!!

My only worry now is the weather. It is supposed to snow and rain the day before and the day after my wedding, which will make parking at the reception a nightmare, and flying off to Maui for the honeymoon possibly impossible. Everyone cross your fingers that the blizzard waits until late Saturday, so Lucas and I can still get our honeymoon!

27.5 Hours to go!!! Soon I will be Mrs. Amber Susan Taylor. I will always love telling people that, because it means I'm Lucas' forever.

I'm so happy!

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Shalena said...

Yea for you! Enjoy your day and I hope everything goes well for you!