Sunday, April 19, 2009

Little Miracles

You are expecting this post to be about babies aren't you? It's not about babies- though they are miracles. This is about the miracle that is my life, and the AMAZING story you are about to read. You will feel all sorts of emotions. You will smile, giggle, laugh, be shocked, and maybe even terrified. (Oh the suspense is killing you- and will continue to kill you until I get my camera cord so i can upload pictures.)

So I woke up on my wedding day in shock that I was awake on my wedding day! Can this be real? I thought I should feel different, or really nervous, or something. I think I was too excited to show nervousness. And too nervous to show my excitement. So I was just calm. All I kept saying was "It's my wedding day. Can you believe its my wedding day?" First thing I did is go to the bank and deposit my check from my last week of work. I looked at my available balance and laughed as i realized that Lucas and I were going to need to eat ramen noodles for years. Lucas and I....years....HOW EXCITING!!!!

I went home and hung out with my friend Sylvia who came into town to help prepare for the wedding, and talked with her and my family. I packed up all my stuff for the honeymoon, since we wouldn't be going back home after the temple ceremony since the reception was about an hour away and we needed time to take pictures. I was STOKED to back for Maui- I have never been. Living in Hawaii I stayed on Oahu the whole time and didn't ever see another island, I was excited to compare the two and be back where I felt so at home, and share it with Lucas.

So After I packed everything I started getting ready. Sylvia started doing my hair, and before we knew it she was only about a fourth done with my head, and we only had 10 minutes to leave. I apologized and ran upstairs and just brushed out my hair, left is straight and flipped out my bangs and some peices around my face. I was surprised and happy to see that I was having a GREAT hair day. Unfortunately I had my lip waxed a few days before, and now my lip was breaking out. Gross. Luckily makeup is a wonderful thing and I tried my best to cover up the bumps. My mom and Dad couldn't stop watching me and smiling. They were so happy. When it was time to go to the temple my Mom drove me to the temple. When Lucas arrived I saw him, I wasn't in my dress yet, so it was fine. He looked a little nervous and a LOT attractive. I'm so madly in love with him.

The temple ceremony was AMAZING. It was pretty small, lots of loved ones around us. I cried through half of it, and Lucas teared up. My dad bawled which made me bawl. I dont know what it is about Dad's and Daughters at weddings, but it is EMOTIONAL. It was beautiful. and officially I am a WIFE. A wife! And I have the best husband in the world.

I went and got ready to go outside the temple for family pictures and stuff, and Lucas went to his bathroom to get ready. I was ready first (which happened a lot while we were dating) and waited in a hallway for him. I could see my relatives through the window waiting for us to come out. I heard Lucas' voice around the corner, and I got SO HAPPY. I almost started crying. I turned the corner when he saw me in my dress and veil for the first time. He immediately smiled huge, and said "wow" and hugged me. we just hugged, and i hugged his dad who was standing there. We grabbed hands and walked outside and all our friends and family were around us clicking their cameras and cheering for us. I felt like a celebrity and i felt so Loved. We kissed and more clicks of cameras. My bridesmaids looked AMAZING! Lucas' mom had spent forever making their bolero jackets, and they looked perfect. The dresses were yellow, and about knee length or a little longer they all looked beautiful. The groomsmen all had matching yellow ties that matched Lucas' tux. It was perfect. It was supposed to be snowy but the weather was GREAT. A little cloudy which makes for awesome pictures.

We posed in groups for pictures and hugged and mingled. My siblings were all sitting on a bench sick to death of weddings. But when they were around me they put on happy faces, so I never noticed their attitudes. The third wedding in two months can be frustrating. but when its YOUR wedding its a little more fun. After our family left Jessie, our friend/ photographer, took just Lucas and I around and took our couple shots. She is so professional and fun. I can tell she is amazingly talended. We have yet to see our pictures, but I just cant wait!

I went and changed out of my dress for the drive to the reception, then got int he car with my HUSBAND and drove straight to the reception. We got there just a little past when we were supposed to to be early but it was early enough and we got some more pictures taken of us and our families. The reception was at our friends', the Merklings, house and it looked AMAZING. Jessie's mom did all the decorating and it was beautiful. I was so happy. My aunt pam made our cake and there were flowers all around it and things were just perfect. I was so happy with everything. I changed into my dress and we waited and waited for guests to arrive. It was slow going at first because it was so far away, and people had to drive really far to get there. but once people showed up we had a wonderful turn out. Standing in line is not nearly as bad as people say it is. But maybe I just liked the attention. I dont know, it made time go by quickly, just a lot of schmoozing! We had lots of friends and family drive really far to be there, and we are so thankful for them! We had so much help!

When we cut the cake we didnt shove it in eachothers' faces, we just nicely ate it off eachothers' fingers. when we finished everyone said "awwww" and gave us like happy golf clap- but then my sister, Sarah, came upstairs and said "I missed it?! what?!" So I said "WE'LL DO IT AGAIN!" So we grabbed the knife again, and cut it a second time, and this time lucas shoved frosting all over my mouth. I grabbed a chunk of cake and wiped it up his face and made a big mess. This time people laughed and cheered- people love a good messy show!

Lucas and I dont dance well, and since there is no alcohol at our reception we know most people wont dance either, so we decided just to have our first dance, and the father daughter dance. My dad and I danced, and we both cried during it. Lucas danced with his mom for a while, too. Then Lucas and I danced and just laughed about wanting to get out of there, if you know what I mean!!!! heh heh heh!

So as soon as everyone went outside we walked outside, and to our van that had been attacked and decorated with oreos and tin foil. The back window said SEX instead of Just married! --- Classy. Us Hermann's and our subtle messages. Lucas and I then made the LONG drive to our hotel, and the rest of the night is just for us---- so get your nose out of it! haha

In the morning we went to the airport to fly to Maui for our honeymoon. happy to beat the predicted snow storm. But wait- we get to our window, and the lady grumpily tells us that our flight has been cancelled. Um, what. Stop it- you're lying. Outside the grass is green and birds are singing songs at the blossoming flowers and our flight is cancelled?! Okay maybe it was raining and cloudy, but still! It's not snowy! So she tells us basically that we are out of luck. So we go to our connecting airline and explain to them what happened, this lady is WAY nicer and says "well we will just steal you from Frontier and put you on an early flight with us so you can make your connection." WOO!!!!! we were so happy- that was a close call. I love nice and helpful people.

I love flying, so I was really excited for our trip. We made our connection, and then had a layover in Arizona. Which was pretty cool. Then on the flight to Maui, the plane filled up pretty full. There was maybe a couple empty seats and one of them was next to us! So Lucas and I got our own whole row for the long flight! Awesome! It made things a lot more comfortable, and we took turns laying down and sleeping. He let me sleep more I think, because he's just wonderful and loving.

We arrived and went to our rental car place, and found out, that even though we thought we had paid for our rental car, we didn't. So it was going to cost us hundreds of dollars we dont have to rent a car. We spent a long time trying to figure out what we could do to get a car and eventually decided just to walk and take buses around Maui. We grabbed a little speed bus from the airport that took us to our condo (which we were only crossing our fingers wasn't a scam). We found the room, and it was real! Hooray!

It was a cute place with a nice view of the beach, and the pool and some palm trees. It was amazing! We were really happy.

To make a long story short, we had an amazing week. It was rainy some days, sunny others, and cloudy most. We were there ten days. We spent three days at the beach, one day in the jungle, on the Road to Hana, where we did some pretty trails in the jungle and saw BEAUTIFUL waterfalls and caves and stuff. It was amazing. We also got some coconut candy, which is so good we had an instant addiction.

One day we bought tickets to go on a snorkel/ whale watching trip, and I was SO excited. I am like a toddler when it comes to sea animals. When I see a pretty fish I get really excited and show everyone around me, and when I see turtles or any other animal i start giggling and laughing out loud, forgetting I look rediculous. So I was hoping to hold in my childish reactions on the boat if we saw anything. So about five minutes on the catamaran, we start to see the spray of whales! I immediately get happy and stand up on my chair and smile huge. Then they start flipping their tails and I'm giggling out loud. Lucas is smiling at me, I think he is surprised by how incredibly happy I get. But then, the Mama whale jumps OUT of the water SO close to us, and breaches almost all the way out and SPLASH right back in! I was in shock and screamed and pointed and did a little dance and laughed so hard, and was so happy my eyes started watering. I noticed after that people were looking at me and kinda holding back their judgmental smiles. Oh well, that was AMAZING!

We snorkeled for a few hours and took pictures, and the fish and choral were stunning and so rad. I love snorkelling. I love being in the water. So on the way back we see more whales (more giggles, tears, jumping, and Lucas kinda holding me so I dont get so happy I fall off the boat- haha) I cant help it!

We were sad when the week was over, but we had an amazing time and some killer tans. Have you seen how good Lucas looks tan? You should look. It's a very nice thing. Okay dont look too long, just for a second. He's mine, ladies!

The flight home from hawaii was long and terrible. I woke up when the lady next to me, who had been nervous and sleeping the whole time was grabbing my arm and shaking me. What the heck?! she keeps saying "Hey! *shake shake shake* HEY! Finally I wake up enough to see she is trying to get my attention and i smile at her, she points out the window and says "LAND! We'ere over Land!" "Oh good....thanks for scaring me to death" Okay I didn't say that, I acted like I was as realieved as she was. She must be terrified of flying, so we celebrated making it over the ocean by staring at the ground under us.

When we landed we went home to our parents houses and packed up all our stuff to move in together. I was stoked for this! I cant wait to see our apartment (which I am expecting will be a real hole) and move all our stuff together. We have a present opening party with our parents and his sister to open our wedding gifts and cards and learn that people are super generous to married couples. We made out like bandits! It was awesome!

We spent the night at Lucas' house. It felt weird, because every time it got to liek 12:30 we would be on the same couch cuddling and fighting off saying goodnight, then we would make the long drive to our own beds. But not anymore! I almost felt naughty when I followed Lucas into his room and put on his basketball shorts to sleep in. We went to bed, and inthe morning it was weird to see his mom right after I woke up. Like I was getting caught having a sleepover, but she hugged me and said "Morning, Daughter- In- Law!" I had this feeling of guilt, like i was going to get yelled at for not going home. I'm n ot used to being married yet, I guess! haha

We packed our stuff and said goodbye to our parents, laoded the van my parents gave us (so nice!) and started our drive to REXBURG! (I went to college there for a semester 3 years ago and loved it, so I'm stoked to be back!)

Chapter 3- Road to Rexburg

I love roadtrips, and since the van was practically stuffed floor to ceiling with everything we own and all our wedding presents, and we had a basket full of cookies, donuts, and some healthy veggie snacks I was super happy. We prayed for safety before we left, and right before we drove away Lucas' sister came out and told us not to "shatter any glass". we laughed and then hit the road! WOO! Roadtrips rock!

We listened to the radio, I'm not sure right now where in the mess in the van my ipod or CD's were. I ate all the vegetable before we were past downtown denver. The food never lasts long, i get too excited knowing its there and I end up having to buy more later. We had some delicious pumpkin cookies. We laughed a lot and talked and just enjoyed eachother's company. We hit a snowstorm for a while, it wasn't really sticking to the roads but it made visability really horrible. We slowly made it to Little America signs, and decided to pull over there. It was really fun. After about 6 hours, we were almost all the way out of Wyoming we pulled over in Little America, and the storm was starting to clear up so we hit the road again. It was probably 11 pm. We switched and I wanted to let lucas get a break from driving and get myself behind the wheel of this BA Minivan.

The roads were okay they were wet and a little slushy so we both had our seatbelts on and we drove slowly. After a couple hours we made it to IDAHO! we were really excited when we finally made it there, that meant only about three hours left! I told Lucas I was sorry I was going to slow, I just watned to be careful, and he said He was fine and he hald felt safe the whole time! *knock on wood, right* So about fifteen minutes later, the roads are slushy, and there is nobody but us on this dark road. We are going straight not really talking much, just driving and watching the road and the slush. When the car starts fish tailing.

My heart sinks and my stomach about jumps out of my throat when the car goes from fishtailing and before we know it and without touching the gas or the brakes, the car is spinning quickly around in a circle. I am TERRIFIED and just yell "OH NO! Oh CRAP!" I see the van knock out a side of the road reflector, and then its in the grass off the road, still spinning. Before I know it, and as if its in slow motion I feel the van catch on the passenger side wheels, and start to spin. I dont remember much sound, or feeling anything, just knowing that the van was flipping. I could see glass flying everywhere, and remember worrying about Lucas and the stuff in the back. We flipped once and then the car stopped. My head was almost out the window and the frame was bent. We were alone on the highway, and in the deep snow. We rolled the van! my heart was being really hard, and I think i was in shock because I didn't believe it happened for a minute.

I looked down as soon as we stopped flipping and saw that a donut had landed in my hand, I dont know if I was comforting myself or just refusing to accept what just happened, but I starated eating it. We flip the van and I start eating a donut?! What the heck?! Who am I? Lucas looked at me and said "Are you okay?!" and I looked over, snapping out of it and realizing we were in a car accident. I throw down the donut and say "I'm fine! are you okay?!" he says he is great, and opens his door. We are on a steep hill and when he opens his door stuff fell out. We dont know how we stopped rolling after just flipping once, the hill was so steep, and we could have rolled another 30 yards at least. Miracle number 1 and 2= We rolled a van in the dark, and we are both completely okay. No injuries AT ALL. No soreness, just a few tiny scratches from glass. But we are both safe and okay. We walked away from it. also, the van only flipped once, when it should really have kept going.

Lucas snapped into business mode and started trying to decide what to do. We hugged for a minute, glad to both be alive, then we started looking at the damage, and trying to find out what to do. I find my camera in the snow and there is glass and plastic everywhere. My phone is lost in the field somewhere, and who knows what else. Lucas and I hike up the hill and flag down a car, a nice couple also ontheir way to Rexburg, and they offer us a ride to the closest town so we can get some help. We go get our money out of the car, that had been thrown everywhere, and the insurance information and everything. I said "I wish I could find my phone
" and just then Lucas looks into a patch of snow off in the hill and says "here it is" WOW! then we get in their car ( I'm sure getting glass everywhere) My legs and body are shaking now, I think from both being cold and my body was going into shock. Lucas hugged me and told me he loved me and we rode with them into the town making small talk. We saw a cop as soon as we were in town and rolled down the window and talked with him.

He was really nice, and got people called and sent over to the scene of the accident. We filled out reports, and he set us up with a room for the night. Even though we weren't sure we would be able to sleep we were grateful for the room. He said that a tow truck was on its way to get our van and would bring it by so we could get whatever we needed out of it. We held eachother, covered in glass peices, and just stood there trying to figure out what to do and still unable to accept what had happened.

When it hit me how lucky we were to be okay, and that we were in a warm bed, and Lucas was safe. I started to cry. Lucas just held onto me and ran his fingers through my hair. He coudn't relax yet, i think he felt he needed to be doing something about getting the van or insurance started or our stuff to us. But he stayed onthe bed with me, and held me while I cried. I stopped after a little while, and there was a knock on the door. The tow truck was there. The van was completely smashed on one side, it was dark so it was hard to see the real damage. both of our windows had been shattered, and the bumper was like half gone it lkooked like. Side mirrors were either off or hanging by wires. Lucas crawled inside and dug out our suitcases. We took them inside and got information from the cops and tow truck driver about what to do in the morning.

The tow truck driver told us his name was Brad, and he would be willing to get us wherever we needed to be tomorrow so that we could get to Rexburg. We were so grateful and thanked him got his information and went inside and attempted to sleep.

After about an hour Lucas started shaking too. His legs were going crazy as the adrenaline was calming down. It was almost as though he was having a seizure next to me, so this time I held on to him. I hugged him and layed on his chest as he let himself relax. We called my dad and told him what happened and asked if we should call insurance or wait until the next day, and he said he would call in the morning. We decided not to ruin his parents night and that we would call them in the morning. We both calmed down and when we stopped shaking we fell asleep.

In the morning we both just said prayers of gratitude for all the help we had and that we were alive. We got a call from Brad, saying he had a friend who would drive us to Logan, Utah to get a rental car. How nice of him! He called us later and said he had one friend who would come pick us and our stuff up and drive us to his shop and another friend of his would drive us to Logan. We were grateful. We showered and tried to get all the glass off us. We were amazed to see we had no hidden bruises or cuts and we weren't sore from the accident. We got dressed and waited for Brad's friend. He arrived and was really really nice. His name was Ron. Ron started driving us to the Tow Truck yard where the van was and he said "If you want I can drive you all the way to Rexburg" WHAT?! Are there people as nice as the people in this town anywhere inthe world? That would save us days of getting cars to and from Logan, and packing up the van. And the cost of a rental car. What a blessing. we accepted his offer. He borrowed the tow truck drivers' wife's suburban and let her drive his truck, and we loaded all our stuff into the suburban and drove all the way to rexburg with him! He was so nice! The People of Montpelier, Idaho are so nice! We love that town! We were in shock of their kindness, and both agreed they were so nice it made us want to help other people like that.

So we make the three hour drive to Rexburg, where Ron helps us to unpack the van and move into our place! We thank him a million times and Lucas talks to him about the gospel for a minute.

We are now married, SAFE, and in Rexburg with all our stuff. Miracle number 3 = the kindness of others.

Chapter 4- MOVING IN

So Lucas and I unpack everything, and have a good time figuring out where we want everything, and looking to see what broke in the accident. We were shocked as box after box nothing was broken. The glasses were fine, the TV worked, the X BOX worked, The computer worked, The pictures glass wasn't broken. Our plates were in perfect conidition. EVERYTHING WAS FINE! How?! it doesn't make sense to me. We counted the money from our wedding gifts, the money that had been thrown everywhere...and we hadn't lost ANY of it. It was all there. Finally, we find one clock. It was fine, and looks beautiful still, but it wont tell time. One thing that doesn't work. After all that= miracle number 4.

Now we live together, after almost losing that opportunity. We are feeling so loved and blessed by the wonderful people we met and the blessing of not being harmed in the accident. We know for sure now that God loves us, and kept us safe. We are feeling so blessed and loved.

What a crazy ride the first two weeks of marriage has been.

I love Lucas. I love people that love others. I love God. I love the Gospel. I love this second chance at life, and getting to spend it with the man of my dreams.

THE END...of the Beginning.


Ceci and Steven said...

Steven and I just sat here for ten minutes and read this long blog post, nice work giving all the details to this crazy couple of weeks, although, you did leave some details out! wink wink!
I'm so glad you two are ok, When Steven told me you guys rolled your van, and of course that you were ok, I felt sad because I thought all your stuff broke, what a miracle. that's so amazing!!
anyway. just wanted to say we're glad you're ok, and looking forward to come visit you guys sometime soon!Love you guys!

Shalena said...

Wow the Lord was certantly on your side! I am glad everything worked out well for you with all the nice people. I did find you guys staying at his parents house funny, I probably would have felt the same. Hope you enjoy Rexburg (I miss it to) and married life!

sharnARR said...

ok, now I dont feel so bad taking so long reading all about you and Lucas' life. But I am also so glad that you put so many details, I really felt like I was there. Do you think that your pictures from your wedding are the best because everyone knew the drill, or the worst because everyone was so sick of weddings?