Friday, April 24, 2009


So finding jobs that pay any money in Rexburg is just about impossible. The other day while Lucas was in class I got ready for a wild job hunt. I was driving and had NO idea where to start. I drove past this tiny real estate building and had a thought to go inside. So I walk in and there is a cute older man inside. I say hello to him and explain that I am looking for work, and asked if he had anything I could do for them. He looked surprised and said "Well we haven't had a secretary for a while because things are kind of slow. But, they are about to pick up here soon, and we'll be looking for someone. My wife owns the place, so why dont you come back here tomorrow. We'll see if we can find you some hours."

WHOA! Awesome!

So it didn't sound like an absolute job opportunity, but for a random walk in it was better than "we're not hiring"

The next day I went in and talked to his wife. She said she would hire me on the spot but things were so slow she didn't know if she could afford it. She said she would talk to her husband and let me know in a few weeks.

So I was a little bummed but maybe it would take a few weeks for me to find ANYTHING.

The NEXT DAY, she calls me and says "Are you still interested in working for us?" "Absolutely!" "Can you start Friday? It's only Part time- couple days a week"

Better than nothing!

So that was easy, I landed a part time job at one of the first places I looked! Today is my first day. Its really quiet, everyone is SUPER nice. I can tell I'm going to really like it. They already left me in the office alone, in charge of phones emails and all other office stuff. I've only worked here 2 hours, and was trained all morning. Its pretty easy stuff- and I love office work! WOO!

Applebees is close to my house, I also applied there. They sounded like they wanted to hire me, so if I can work there part time and here part time, I will be busy and making money so Lucas and I won't end up onthe streets. I'm just happy we have had such good luck so far! I love life!


Shalena said...

Yea congrats on the job! Rexburg is a great place but a pain to get jobs. I am glad you found one though!

Ceci and Steven said...

Great,good job! I just quit my job this week, and will start the job hunt on Monday...wish me luck!! haha