Friday, March 12, 2010

Family Updates!

2 posts in 1 day! It is an exciting time in my family right now!

Some of the pictures get cut off so you can click on them to see the whole thing :)

Here are some reasons why...
1) Mom is doing really well, and her hair is growing back! it looks awesome and feels so so so soft! I love her!

2) Dad lives life on the edge and one day randomly decided he is going to buy 4 dirt bikes. Awesome.

They are also finishing the basement (woo!) and planning a trip to Hawaii!

3)Jason and MaShay as you know are expecting a little baby in August like me! She is about a week and a half ahead of me, here is her belly picture...cute! They find out on Monday if they are having a boy or a girl :)


He was born March 8, weighed 6lbs 1oz, is skinny as can be with jet black hair. He was 19 inches long and PERFECT! I went down to Utah on the Salt Lake Freezing Express and met him and rode back up the next day to get three hours of sleep and get to work. SO Worth it! Look how perfect he is!

5) Well of course my exciting news is that I am 18 weeks and almost get to find out if I'm having a boy or a girl! (See my other post from today)We also decided that we will NOT be moving back to Colorado (weeping and wailing). We decided that Lucas needs to stay and do the Paramedic program here, and do the firefighters internship to get a better chance at a full time paying professional firefighter job when he graduates. Oh Rexburg, why must you be so cold?!

6) Sarah and her boyfriend Nathan are super serious! haha They are on a new healthy diet where they eat hardly any bread and nothing that isn't natural pretty much. It shows! They both look HOT! Nathan is about to graduate and we're very happy for him! Cross your fingers he finds a job close to BYU! (obviously I mean close to Sarah)

7) Emily is going to GRADUATE this May from Arapahoe High School! She will be coming up to Rexburg to hang out with Lucas and I this fall and we can't wait! She also is really amazingly talented and drew this...

She also just got paid to make an awesome cake for someones birthday. Is there anything this girl can't do?

8) Eli just conducted a court of honor at church, and word on the street is that he did an AMAZING job. Hard not to believe it, he is an amazing guy!

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Kristy said...

thanks for posting Amber! If you didn't write about your family, I might never know your parents became grandparents last week!