Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First blog!

My first official non-myspace blog! I used to blog when I was in highschool whenever something happened that caused me to think really hard about something, but I got out of the habit of writing when I let boys take up all my time/mental free time.

I figure that since I have been slacking on writing in my real journal, I only remember when something big happened and I forgot to write about it, and then remember weeks later when my life gets less exciting. Maybe since I'm an internet addict I will be able to keep up with blogging a little better. I'm not kidding about my internet addiction, I think i probably log into facebook in my sleep, my fingers just typing away on my sheets. hah!

I spent all morning in the water, which I can't complain about. Ever since moving to Hawaii I have been addicted to being in the water. Part of the reason is because, as cheesy at it might sound, the ocean "speaks" to me. I feel alive in the water, and could spend the whole day there. Even with my love for the water, I dont get to the beach as often as I would like. The other day Bill, my employer (I have worked as his nanny for the last year and a half), asked me if I would like to do an open ocean swim with him and a bunch of their extended family. It sounded fun, and he said it was a mile long. I agreed before thinking about how far a mile really is when you're swimming..HARD. He agreed to pay my registration fee, and to take me for training swims.

Yesterday we went to the ocean to practice swimming, but when we got there there were signs warning all the beach-goers of the Portugese Man-of-War (little blueish purple jellyfish). We stood around not sure of if we wanted to go in the water or not and the girl right in front of us starts cursing and shaking her hand around. She got stung on her finger and apparantly it was a four-letter-word type of pain. It freaked me out, but Bill walked into the water anyway. I decided to tough it out, figuring the chances were pretty slim that I would also get stung. I started simming but couldn't concentrate on anything, and kept thinking i saw the little creatures. I had to get out. On our way back to the car we saw a girl who was stung on her leg, and i felt better about not practicing here until the man-of-war were gone.

Instead we went to the Kailua swimming pool, which I had never been to. We got to swim some laps, and after about two laps my whole body ached, and my lungs were screaming because I couldn't find the perfect time to take breaths. Bill was creaming me, swimming slightly faster than I was. Just about 6 laps in and I was sure that I would be dead. Two weeks to train for a MILE in the ocean was not enough.

This morning I found out I had the day off, and got in my suit and headed over to the pool alone. I decided to see how motivated I could be without having Bill there making me feel so un-fit. I took a "5 hour energy" shot before I got there. I did so much better than I thought I would. I'm no professional, and my muscles are HATING me right now,b ut I swam just over a half a mile today. Yay! If I do this every day maybe I wont be sure to drown in two weeks at the real thing.

I'm going to buy a camera as soon as I can afford it so I can add pictures to this blog and also record my last month or so in paradise. I can already tell I'm going to be blogging non-stop haha. I've got to learn how everyone else is making their background fancy, I suppose I'll be able to figure it out if I try hard enough. I have so much energy!! 5 hour energy really works (but my fingers are shaking and that can't be good.) oh well, it helped with the swimming. :)

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