Friday, May 14, 2010

keep talking!

When Lucas and I are both home but in different rooms and we get quiet he doesn't like it. He told me he wants me to always talk to him or make sounds. So when I dont know what to say I will just loudly make short sounds, it makes him laugh, and i like that. I sound like this "uh (pause) ooh (pause) ma (pause) eh (pause) ah (pause) I think its just the conversation he is looking for.

Things I am SUPER EXCITED about:
I am going on a road trip with my sister in law Ceci and her baby Jacob!

We are going to COLORADO (HOORAY!)

to see this girl


Also, I painted this:

for our Baby girl. I am now 27 weeks! Here's my belly today:

Just 6 more days until I'm in the third trimester! Crazy! She kicks and moves all the time, and one day I'll post a video of how my belly changes shapes. Its very "alien"

What I am MOST excited about is that SARAH AND NATHAN GET MARRIED IN 5 weeks!!!! AAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life is good!

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jess said...

I can't even believe it. I am excited for your little girl :) And for Sarah to get married! Josh gets home that very weekend so we will be in town for the festivities.