Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sleep Creep

I think sleeping and dreaming is so interesting and hilarious. I love sleep talking/walking/anything stories so much and after I hear about them I think back on them and re-laugh again and again. My family has some golden moments. We all sleep talk at least a little bit, I think. My roommate in college would write down the things I said to her. I love it.
Lucas and I both fall asleep about 3 seconds after our heads hit the pillow, so unfortunately he sleeps through all my antics so I dont hear about them very often. But this morning he told me that I was creepy and funny last night.

He woke up to my face a foot away from his with me looking at him. I reached out to his face and touched his nose and felt the tip of his nose and said, "Is this your nose?!"
he said, "uhhh yes."
I said, "Oh! I couldn't find it!" I layed down again and then told him I had a scary dream. Then I was asleep again.

Just for fun, here are a few sleep stories from the old safe:
While having a sleepover with a roommate and sharing a queen bed.
I roll over and look at my roommate Lindsay. AMBER: "Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Mashed potatoes. Want some?"
(I did not give her any. rude.)

In my apartment in college my roommate wrote down this little sleep conversation I had with her.
AMBER: Fossils!
LINDSAY: Fossils?
AMBER: Yeah, they are digging for fossils. In Idaho Falls.
LINDSAY: Oh, did they find them?
AMBER: Yes, but I'm pretty mad because they didn't even have a donut breakfast!!
(i see my point.)

I sat up in bed one night and looked over at my roommate, then opened my arms up gesturing at the clean room around me.
ROOMMATE JAMI: uh.... k.

My brothers and I used to all sleep in the basement of our parents house. Our rooms were seperated by painters canvas and sheets nailed to the ceiling. We had privacy, but we could hear everything. One night I heard my brother, Jason, fresh off the mission say in his sleep: "THAT is the question! THAT is the GOOOOLLLDDDEENN question!"

My brother steven once yelled out in his sleep: "It's as HUUUUUUGE AS A SNAKE!"

There are tons of golden nuggets, but right now I can't remember them. My sisters-in-law get to hear the crazy things my brothers say all the time, and I envy them that.
Every time Lucas starts sleep talking it wakes him up, and he gets embarrassed.
It will be like this:
LUCAS: I'm not...are yo- *wakes up* *hides face*
LUCAS: Dang it. *goes back to sleep*
One day he'll give me something amazing, I know it.

Tell me some of your awesome stories immediately.


Anna Harrison said...

Here is one from my blog. It's from a couple years ago but one of my favorites. It was right after June was born.

I also have been known to talk in my sleep quite a bit and unfortunately my husband also sleeps through it like a rock.

But I've done everything from creepily whispering "hhaarrryyyy ppootteerr!!" to sitting up and asking what girl vampires are called. One time at a family reunion I fell asleep before all the other girl cousins in the cabin and so while they were up talking I suddenly started to laugh/cackle and then stopped and said, "It's alright, I'm going to kill you all anyways."


Amber said...

hahahaha Anna! Amazing!

Jami Roisum said...

I made it onto your blog!!! Just so you know, I totally blog stalk you! That summer we lived together was, by far, the funnest summer:) I think of you often and am sad we don't live closer!!!

Azie Kay Spikes said...

My favorite was one about your brother punting the stuffed monkey/doll and the wife thinking it was the actual new baby. Was his name Jason? Maybe I am wrong about that but we laughed over that one for quite a while. Love and miss you sister friend!


Stephanie said...

The legendary one from my family was my sister karly. She had gone to bed and I was downstairs making lunch for school the next day etc, she came back down grumbling about something out other and proceeded to make a lunch. Acting a bit off and grumpy we just b left her alone. She finished up and left the kitchen. When I went up stairs I found her asleep on the stairs. The next day she couldn't remember a thing, the whole time she was asleep! While new v awesome in sleepwalking :). But apparently when you make lunch in your sleep it doesn't taste very good