Monday, October 21, 2013

Mom behavior

I have a camera that is supposed to take nice pictures but they always end up grainy or off colored, so I just use my iphone for all picture/video taking. Can you please tell me, all you ladies with beautiful photos, what camera you are using?? Also, is it huge? Do you just always keep a huge camera with you at all times to capture all these sweet moments? I dream of a small camera that takes gorgeous photos. Any help here?

Graham will be six weeks old this week. It is amazing how much faster six weeks goes by when he's here and I'm not scared and pregnant. It has been an amazing six weeks, lack of sleep and all. I love this little man, every single thing about him.

The other day I sang the entire Jason Mraz MR. A-Z album in the shower, not to the actual music. I had it memorized, and I'm pretty sure I even sang the songs in the correct order. I listened to it enough when it came out that it was like one long song, without thinking I would end one song and start singing the next one because I didn't feel done. Maybe that's really sad, but maybe it's also awesome.

Lucas and I catch ourselves swaying back and forth whenever we are standing still. Its really cute when I see Lucas do his baby-less dad sway just by habit.

We took Moose to the groomer today, I felt guilty from the moment we dropped him off. I just feel bad, like I'm being a huge jerk dropping him off at this place where I know he'll be scared and angry and put in a kennel. (We have never made Moose sleep in or stay in a kennel because I think it's mean. We did one time on vacation and I cried.) I know they aren't mean to him there or anything, but I still feel bad because I know how much he hates it. At least he looks awesome now, they did a great job.

I teared up watching Indianapolis' warm welcome to Peyton Manning during the broncos game the other day. Was I the only one? It was very touching.

I feel weird when I'm not holding Graham. I sit in the backseat with him when Lucas drives just because I want to be as close to him as possible all the time. I bet he will love that kind of mom behavior when he gets older.


Anonymous said...

If you want DSLR picture quality without the bulk, you should get the Nikkor J1 camera. It's the size of a point and shoot camera, but has interchangable lenses. Talk to the sales reps at a camera store, not Best Buy to see which cameras have the best sensors. People always go for the cameras with the highest megapixel count, but megapixels don't really matter...unless you're wanting to print a photo the size of your wall. Love your little man! So happy for you and your family!

Anna Harrison said...

get a canon rebel DSLR and strap a 50 mm lens on that baby and you're good to go! It's little and light and will make your photos look legit. (well, you should learn a thing or two about the camera and lens first to make those awesome photos... but it's really easy to do in the end!) You can ask me any questions about it if you want. :)