Monday, November 3, 2008

Utah trip 1

Well since I last posted so many amazing things have happened~ first things first,

I got to meet both Jason's girlfriend, MaShay, and Steven's girlfriend, Ceci recently. MaShay is a lot like Jason, she is sassy and witty and has a strong personality. Ceci is quiet and really sophisticated, but they are both adorable and really great. I was excited to meet both girls. I knew MaShay would fit it, because one day after she left I got out of the shower and the steam on the mirror left proof that she tagged our mirror with her name written very largely across it. Hilarious.

Not long after Steven brought Ceci here, he got a ring for her and PROPOSED!!!! YAY! Finally a Hermann is getting married! Well, he actually custom ordered fortune cookies that said like "The man you are with will be your eternal companion" and things like that. She thought the cookies were just a coincidence when she looked up at him and he had the ring out. How funny! So she said YES, they set the date for January 31st in the Portland temple. (I have always wanted to go to Oregon, so I'm WAY excited about this)

Well speaking of weddings, a couple weeks ago one of my best friends, Kylie, who I met and hung out with constantly for about 6 months while I still lived in Hawaii, got MARRIED! Jamie and I were really excited to go see her tie the knot so we could see eachother (missing him has been really hard) and see her get married. She is the girl who set Jamie and I up on our first (blind!) date. Her husband seemed really nice, and they seemed to really get along and make each other happy.

Jamie and I spent the rest of the week we had together tied to each other's hips. I stayed at his mom's house and hung out with his family. It was really fun. We went to a corn maze, and went 4 wheeling with his mom and his stepdad and my sister int he mountains. it was BEAUTIFUL to see all the fall leaves and hang out. I love fall, the changing leaves is something I missed last year while I was on Oahu. I'm glad I got to see it this year. When Jamie and I had to say goodbye it was really hard, we were both really sad and could hardly talk. When time came for him to board his plane we were both in tears, who knows when we will see each other again?

Since he left we have talked on the phone almost every single night for an hour or two. Its really good to talk to him, but the distance is really hard on both of us. It's hard to have a real relationship with a phone. :( I miss hawaii, Jamie, and Kelsey so much it's hard to really function. (ask my friends, I'm like lost in my own world of denial that I ever left)

I am nervous to call and talk to Kelsey on the phone because when I left the Kominek house things were really weird. I hope that when I call everything will be okay, I miss them. Not seeing Kelsey is unbearable, Sarah had a voice mail of her on her phone and i almost started bawling when I heard it.

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Ceci and Steven said...

two things: #1. I didn't know you had a normal blog, just thought you had the dream blog. And #2 you're so stinken cute! also, I'm gonna link you to my blog, hope that's ok.
Have a great day!! =)