Monday, September 15, 2008

Getting Mouthy

Well, my good luck with getting my wisdom tooth out is GONE. After two easy days of being relatively pain free, something happened. My Uncle/dentist said that my blood clot came out or didn't form. So basically, I have a whole in my mouth and its exposing my open jaw and it HURTS. Its a "dry socket". I guess he said its really common with smokers or people who drink a lot of soda through a straw, and I am neither. Oh well.

During my "pain free" period I got to see a lot of old friends. Lesley came over to my house and hung out with me and Kristen and Jonni. We sat on my awesome twin bed in my parents house and talked. It's weird to be home, but its so comfortable I can't complain. We all talked and laughed. The next day Lesley invited us to go bowling with the singles ward. I thought that would be fun, and maybe we could meet some people to be friends with. I also wanted to meet the boy Les is interested in right now, Scott.

So Kristen and I drove to the bowling Alley and met Jonni and Lesley there. Kristen ended up bowling with her brothers and her sister-in-law and I stayed with the ward. It was a really good time. While we were waiting in line I kept watching this guy who looked really familiar. I thought he was pretty cute but I couldn't remember how I knew him. He kept giving me a similar look. Finally I asked him if he was from the Crowfoot Ward and he said yes. He told me "I think you tried to make me feel awkward like two years ago" HAHA! "sounds like me.." He goes "Yeah bowling, and playing volleyball, and at the church" haha HOW FUNNY! I guess I need to pay more attention. He is pretty cute so I can see why I would have chose him to tease a couple years ago. He said I looked different, and after a few minutes of talking he told me that he only came bowling to find a date for his friend, Robbie. He asked if I would go on a double with them and go as Robbie's date. I said sure, and then he left. His name is Nate. So that was a nice start, but I still feel weird going on dates with boys who aren't Jamie.

While bowling I made a bet with another kid, Jason, that whoever won would owe the other person Ice cream. Another kid, Jared, got in on it too. I won, I rock at bowling. I love it! So now I have an ice cream date for tomorrow with Jason, and another date with Jared later in the week to have a picnic. I dont know that I have any interest in any of these boys, because I'm not used to feeling single. I guess I felt interested in Christian, but that had built up for months. For now I can't get Jamie off my mind.

Saturday Morning my family got in the car early and drove to Wyoming to see my cousin get married. I hadn't seen him in YEARS and he looked totally different. I met his fiance and it was her wedding day/19th birthday! That makes it easy for Levi (my cousin!) Married at 19..that seems so young, but its worked before I'm sure it will work again. She is also due to have a baby in 5 months, and they both looked so happy.

(My brother, sister, and me in the car for the road trip)

When she was walking down the isle (this was my first non-mormon wedding, it was really fun) I watched my cousin where he was standing. His eyes were watering and he looked so happy. He just stared at her face and looked like everything in his life were perfect. It was so cute I coudlnt stop smiling, and if I knew my cousin better I probably would have been crying. Wedding are cute. It made me miss Jamie though. I think the wall I put up to keep my emotions about leaving Hawaii is getting some holes in it.

We stayed the night Saturday night at my great Uncle Earl's Ranch. He lives in the middle of NOWHERE in Wyoming. You can stand outside there house and look all around and as far as you can see its just weeds trees cows and hay. Its really peaceful. I couldn't sleep because of my tooth hurting so bad, and got up at 4 am. I talked to my Aunt Sue in the kitchen while she had coffee. We talked about Racism because I'm reading the book "Invisible Man" which is hard to read because of the violence. Racism is something that isn't a part of me, I can't imagine hating someone for something that matters so little- if at all.

Earl got up to talk to us and walked me out into the field to watch the sunrise coming up over the hill. It was beautiful. Bright orange sreaks cross the sky, and the lack of city or buildings or people. It was unreal. Earl said "Thats how you know there's a God" and I nodded. He told my dad later he gave me a spiritual lesson. I love old people.

Well Jamie called me on the drive home, which was a nice thing to think about aside from the tooth pain. I had upped my prescription amount to two vicadin pills instead of one because one didn't do anything. Jamie called and we talked. I love him. He told me he loved me and that he is doing everything he can to show me that he wants the church in his life. He told me he had a talk with his brother that was amazing. He told me that he is trying to become who he wants to be, while I am here trying to become who I want to that we can be happy together. I told him I didn't know if we would end up together, or if maybe we were a necessary step to make us both really know what we want in life. But I am happy for him. I cried for a while when we got off the phone. I miss him, but I'm glad he's trying.

I went to the dentist this morning and he filled my tooth with nasty brown "Dry Socket Gel" that tastes gross but it took my pain away. I couldn't be happier. :)

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