Wednesday, September 10, 2008

like pulling teeth

My friend, Christian, dropped me off at the aiport on Monday night. We went and ate at Wahoo's fish taco just before and got in a fake public fight that made the people around us very uncomfortable. It was really fun, then for my last hour on the beautiful island of Oahu we decided to go sit on the beach.

We sat there and talked and played and watched a cargo ship sail away. He told me to put sand in my pocket, and I did, and its weird how happy it made me to feel it in my pocket. Like I found a loophole to leaving and I CAN take the beach with me! I WISH!

After having fun and talking and saying goodbye to the island we went to the airport. I had tons of stuff and had to pay 140 to check my extra luggage, even AFTER christian repacked my bag to make everything fit the weight limits. He stood and watched me until I made it through security and we waved "goodbye for now" to eachother.

I knew flying away was going to be so hard for me. Everything inside me told me to get my stuff and run off the plane and back to the place that I love. I wanted to yell out something crazy and get kicked off the plane for bad behavior. But instead I sat there smiling away so that maybe if I acted happy to be going on a trip maybe I wouldn't lose my cool and cry all over the shoulder of the poor guy I was sitting next to. He was already popping anxiety pills the whole time, he didn't need a blubbering baby next to him right? I watched the movie "What happens in Vegas" and once it ended I slept the whole flight. When the plane landed I went and found my connecting flight and curled up on two seats hugging my carry on luggage and slept for the three and a half hour layover. I woke up just in time to be the last one on my plane, and I sat down for the last half of my trip.

I decided to text Christian to thank him for his help. And to email Jamie and tell him I miss him and I am thinking about him, but I coudln't find my phone. Everyone was sitting down and the flight attendants were closing all the open overhead storage compartments, and I was panicking. I asked the lady next to me if she would let me out so I could search for my phone. I got up and ran to the front of the plane where I was told to go sit down.

"I lost my phone, I think I left it out there in the gate seating area."
I looked and saw the plane door was closed and the Captain was waiting on us. The lady looked annoyed but she also looked like she felt bad, and asked me what kind of phone it was.
"A red blackberry" to which the captain said "haha! that makes no sense! a RED BLACKberry?" he laughed and opened his window and yelled out to whoever was standing in the little laundry tube thing, and said "Did you see a phone out there, in the seating?" they asked me where I was sitting and the captain yelled to the people in the airport directions and i went back to my seat, feeling like I lost my phone forever. Then the captain walks up to my seat with my phone, and the lady next to me was more shocked than me. "That was LUCKY" ...i know.

Shortly after take off i let myself fall asleep. When I woke up we were thirty minutes from landing, and I started talking to the old guy next to me on the other side. He told me he was on his way to his Fathers funeral, at age 90. I asked him what his family name was so I could pray for him and he said "Goodmanson" I told him that his last name was so happy it made me happy. and he said "My parents named me Goody" Goody Goodmanson. What an incredible name! He was so cute. When I was walking to baggage claim I yelled goodbye to my friend Mr. Goodmanson, and went to my bags.

I only waited five minutes and all 4 of my bags were right there, I grabbed them and waited for my Dad and Mom to show up to come pick me up.

It was So good to see my dad. As soon as I saw him, the wall I put up to keep myself from breaking down with sadness about Jamie, Kelsey, Hawaii, and now Christian got weaker, and I instantly hugged him and started crying. He made me smile by telling me a joke and patting my head. We walked to the car where my adorable mom came out and hugged me, looking SO happy to have me back. It felt good to be with them. I cried again every half hour or so, but never very hard. Just enough for my Dad to get sad too and make me laugh so we would both be happy.

I went home to my adorable Acres Green home. I love it here. My dog, Hurley, who I bought in college as a puppy and then gave to my family when I was moving HUGE! She's a gorgeous and friendly and adorable dog. I love her so much its not even healthy. I saw my younger brother, Eli, and gave him a hug. He is about a foot or so taller than I remembered and very cool still. Then I saw Emily, who is a full blown teenager. SO much attitude haha but she sure has gotten pretty.

One of my best friends, Jonni, came over to see me. It was great to see her and she looked great! We hung out at my house and I played with Eli and talked to Jonni and watched some TV which is weird because i am not a huge TV watcher. Then Jonni and I went to her new house which I have never seen. It suits her family, I liked it. Then Kristen thorne, another of my best friends, joined us and we all hung out and laughed and had fun for the night.

Its good to see everyone, and its good to not feel like a guest in someones house all the time. Or like I am always under the watchful eye of my employer. Its very comfortable. But I really miss Kelsey, and Jamie. Its almost unbearable.

I have to go unpack.

ALSO- My wisdom tooth has been bugging me for like a month, and I had a dentist appointment with my uncle who has been my dentist forever. I got my tooth pulled this morning and my mouth is so numb right now. I love it. Everyone always complains about the pain, but I don't feel anything, and didn't feel anything while he took it out. So far so good, right?

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