Monday, November 3, 2008

Utah trip 2

A couple months ago I wrote a letter to the manager of Jason Mraz and asked if I could have a ride to Utah with the band since I knew they would be going to Salt Lake right after the Denver show. I wrote it in a half joking, half serious way. I think it went something like this :
"Dear Jason Mraz/tour manager,
I recently bought a ticket to your Utah show, and your Denver show. I live in Denver and unfortunately I do not have a car, nor do I have a ride to Utah. I am writing this letter to ask if I can have a ride with you. I would be more than willing to pitch in for gas, and since I know that Jason doesn't eat any cooked foods i would love to bring some raw candy. Please get back to me at...

Thanks for your time and serious consideration,

Ps. I'm not ugly"

So even though I never really expected a response, I still waited for something to show up in the mail telling me "no" but nothing came. Luckily I really did have concert tickets haha.

Kristen and I got up and ready pretty early the day of the show and went downtown to wait in line. We got there and were maybe 15th or so in line. We hung out and played cards and stuff with the people around us. Alice 105.9 was there making "I'm Yours" videos or shout outs of people at the concert, so I recorded a video for Jamie which they posted online at Mine is called "Hi Jamie"

Once they opened the gates to the concert people jumped to the front of the line so Kristen and I lost our front spot, but we made friends who when they saw us pulled us up to the front row. They were really nice, they were the lead singer and manager of a band called Two Days Drive, they gave us a CD of theirs while we waited. I haven't listened to it yet though.

Once in the show I was eating Jason up. He is so delicious, you could say I'm obsessed and you would be right. haha. He is SO skinny though, which isn't the best for cuddling. unfortunately his WHOLE concert was like a promotion for Obama, apparantly most Mraz fans are obama supporters and so as loud as I BOOed I just couldn't be heard. haha

 I think he is dreamy. I decided to try and get him to know I still wanted that ride, so during one song I grabbed the back of my ticket and tried to write a note on it with make-up. It wasn't working and one of the guys from Two Days Drive's wife let me borrow her pen, i wrote a quick not on my print out ticket that said "Can I ride with you to Utah, have a ticket but no ride" and my phone number. I balled it up with the words showing on the outside and threw it onstage. Jason saw it fly at him and looked at it curiously but ignored it and kept singing his beautiful songs. His band appeared randomly out in the middle of the audience, which was really cool during one song.

After a few songs he went offstage for a break to let all us crazy fans scream our heads off begging for more. While he was gone a security guard came up and picked up my note and carried it away. He laughed while he read it, but i figured he threw it away. I kinda lost hope then at getting a chance to ride the bus.

Kristen and I knew a security guard there and we asked him if he could talk to the tour manager for us and get us backstage, and he did and he said there was nothing he could do. Kristen and I sang our way through the rest of the show and then at the end we sat around and watched people leave, wondering if maybe we would see someone from the band or something.

I decided if I wanted a ride I had to do something about it, so I went up to the security guard and asked him if he knew what happened to that note I wrote, he said it probably got thrown away. Oh well.

Then I saw the saxophone player from the band. (One of the guys who just appeared right in the middle of the audience) He was signing autographs and so when he came up to Kristen and I, I said "hey, I have tried everything in my power to get a ride with you to Utah, is there any way you could help me?" He looked shocked at me and said "YOU'RE the ride girl?!" he laughed and I laughed and I explained my situation and he laughed again and said "Meet me later, well see"

So Kristen and I thought he was going to laugh us off, and we waited for a while for him to come back and he took a while. We saw him about five minutes later talking with a group of people and we went over and asked again and he said to meet him out back, then he whispered to some of the other people in the band and they looked at us and all started smiling.

Kristen and I went out back where all the crazy dedicated fans were waiting to catch a glimpse and hopefully a signature from Jason or the band (I got toca's sig on a 10 dollar bill earlier while in line). We sat with them for a while and soon out came the sax player. He came down the line and saw us and asked us to come under the security rope to talk to him. As soon as we went under the rope I could feel the eyes of all the crazy fans burning holes in my rediculously cool sweater. he asked us for the story again, and then told us that he wanted to help me. He said that he would try and figure it out if we met the band at a the "Horseshoe bar" down around the corner in about 15 minutes. Kristen and I weren't sure if he was just getting rid of us or if he was serious but we decided to try anyway.

We made the really cold walk down to the bar, and luckily we found it and the sax player (Carlos) was actually there! We were surprised and getting excited. We went in and hung out where I had to explain that I was mormon and wouldn't be drinking, and then show them I was still fun by laughing and being not shy but also not being annoying like a drunk girl. haha. it was really a good time. Then Carlos pulled me aside and said

"Heres the deal, we can let you on the bus but there are a few rules. First, Jason is on my bus, if you see him you can't be crazy and yell and take pictures or touch him, just be chill. Second, you are with me, so nobody can ask questions. sound good?" I told him it was cool for me but what about Kristen?

(Now I was exploding with excitement and also really sad for Kristen)I told Kristen that she wouldn't be able to go, and I wouldn't go if she wanted. She was angry with me, but more just disappointed at getting so close and not getting to go. She told me she would go if it happened to her, and that I should go. So I went with Carlos past all the crazy fans, who looked at me like I had just personally insulted them, and onto the tour bus. I was really excited, but surprisingly calm and not freaking out or feelings even uncomfortable. Carlos was really easy to talk to.

We got on the bus and I went in the back into the back lounge where the drummer was rolling a joint. I explained to him why I dont smoke weed, and he said it was interesting to meet a mormon. Haha! Once i got to change clothes, it was time to go to bed. Carlos got me some shorts and a shirt, and then we got in bed. We layed there and talked to eachother for a long time. We got along really really well. He was super nice to let me get on the bus, and even though he had to share his bunk with me, he was still willing. No nothing happened, I'm not one of THOSE tour bus girls! haha

Well in the morning I woke up and hung out with Carlos some more until my sister came and picked me up, then we went to the concert that night. I got a text from Carlos that said "I want to see you again" and I was surprised. I was thrilled about my little tour bus adventure, and getting to meet Carlos. Everyone keeps asking me if I met Jason, and No I didn't. But I still had an awesome time. :) :)

Carlos is the one laughing next to Jason.

This is a better picture of Carlos, with his cousin. What a nice guy!

A picture of me on the screen behind the band. That was a fun thing to do during the show.

Utah trip 1

Well since I last posted so many amazing things have happened~ first things first,

I got to meet both Jason's girlfriend, MaShay, and Steven's girlfriend, Ceci recently. MaShay is a lot like Jason, she is sassy and witty and has a strong personality. Ceci is quiet and really sophisticated, but they are both adorable and really great. I was excited to meet both girls. I knew MaShay would fit it, because one day after she left I got out of the shower and the steam on the mirror left proof that she tagged our mirror with her name written very largely across it. Hilarious.

Not long after Steven brought Ceci here, he got a ring for her and PROPOSED!!!! YAY! Finally a Hermann is getting married! Well, he actually custom ordered fortune cookies that said like "The man you are with will be your eternal companion" and things like that. She thought the cookies were just a coincidence when she looked up at him and he had the ring out. How funny! So she said YES, they set the date for January 31st in the Portland temple. (I have always wanted to go to Oregon, so I'm WAY excited about this)

Well speaking of weddings, a couple weeks ago one of my best friends, Kylie, who I met and hung out with constantly for about 6 months while I still lived in Hawaii, got MARRIED! Jamie and I were really excited to go see her tie the knot so we could see eachother (missing him has been really hard) and see her get married. She is the girl who set Jamie and I up on our first (blind!) date. Her husband seemed really nice, and they seemed to really get along and make each other happy.

Jamie and I spent the rest of the week we had together tied to each other's hips. I stayed at his mom's house and hung out with his family. It was really fun. We went to a corn maze, and went 4 wheeling with his mom and his stepdad and my sister int he mountains. it was BEAUTIFUL to see all the fall leaves and hang out. I love fall, the changing leaves is something I missed last year while I was on Oahu. I'm glad I got to see it this year. When Jamie and I had to say goodbye it was really hard, we were both really sad and could hardly talk. When time came for him to board his plane we were both in tears, who knows when we will see each other again?

Since he left we have talked on the phone almost every single night for an hour or two. Its really good to talk to him, but the distance is really hard on both of us. It's hard to have a real relationship with a phone. :( I miss hawaii, Jamie, and Kelsey so much it's hard to really function. (ask my friends, I'm like lost in my own world of denial that I ever left)

I am nervous to call and talk to Kelsey on the phone because when I left the Kominek house things were really weird. I hope that when I call everything will be okay, I miss them. Not seeing Kelsey is unbearable, Sarah had a voice mail of her on her phone and i almost started bawling when I heard it.