Saturday, January 29, 2011

Did your parents ever call you the wrong name?

Well, today I was in the bathroom and was kinda half listening to Lucas play with Moose in the family room. They are buds.

All the sudden I hear Lucas say, "NO, MOM!"


No, Mom? How does that even happen? hahaha!!!

I've been laughing all night. I will probably call Moose "Mom" for a few weeks.

Seriously though, we love our dog. He is the cutest little black mop in the world. He is so fun and we love playing with him. He loves hide and seek. If he takes too long to find you he starts crying while walking around re-checking all the regular spots. Then he finds you and gets SO happy. Its adorable. Today we set up a camera when we went to get dinner to see what he does when we leave. It's pretty boring, except in the beginning when he goes in the bedroom and gets his bed and then spends 10 minutes being not neutered yet. (We will be responsible and get his ...ahems...ahemed. Don't you worry)

Here's Mom getting into trouble!

Ever do a dumb thing? Here's a good one for you.

After church I was going to make some cookies, but we were out of chocolate chips. I decided to ask our next door neighbors if we could borrow some. So I grab some butter that I borrowed from them last time I made cookies, and head to the door.

Somehow my mind got really far ahead of my body and when I made it to the door I assumed I was already at my neighbors house, and so I politely knocked on the door.

I stood there...inside my own house, waiting for my neighbor to answer so I could ask for some chocolate chips.

Finally I realize that I was still in my apartment and had knocked on my own door I busted up laughing and fell on the couch.

Lucas asked if I was going to answer the door.

Dont worry, Lucas. It was me.


Jana said...

two awesomely funny stories in one post. thank you :)

Carrie Lynn said...

Amber, I laughed so hard and so loud when I read that second story! Then, I went and reenacted it for Scott. And then we both laughed really hard and really loud because it's TOTALLY something I would do! Like when I sit a stop SIGN and wait for the non-existent light to turn green. This beats that though. By a LONG shot

Emily Jo said...

This is why I'm proud we're family.

Jontue said...

Bahahaha! that is hilarious! Oh how i miss you!

Kaylee Hartley said...

You and Lucas make me laugh so hard! I wish we could have hung out before we moved...we would have been great friends! And I love your dog! Cutest thing in the world!

EmmaLeigh said...

What? are you serious? That is funny. I totally get that.

Eric & Crystal Marshall said...

Amber this is awesome! Thank you for the funny stories, they make my day! :)

Lynsi said...

Lol you are too funny!

Bri said...

That was one of the funniest stories I have heard, I couldnt stop laughing when I heard you knocked on your own door. It makes me happy to know that you can laugh at yourself too, shows how big of a person you are. :-)