Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekend happy.

For no reason we can pinpoint, Lucas and I have been absurdly happy today. 
It's been really fun.
We have been super chatty, and giggly.
 Lucas is pretty quiet for the most part, but he talked the whole way home from work about how happy he feels today. He had so much energy he just kept doing push-ups all afternoon. hahaha! He gave me a juice and then I was super hyper, too, and we have both been laughing and happy all afternoon. 

Like today, we were talking to Lucas' dad about The Hunger Games because he has never read it.
We haven't seen the movie yet, but we want to.
This conversation made us laugh today:
Me: "I read today something about how they show the main characters lips a lot in The Hunger Games"
Lucas: "Her lips? That's weird."
Father-in-law: "Maybe it's because she's so hungry"

I'm pretty sure I laughed for five minutes straight.

Happiness feels so amazing. 
I will do a real and important blog post tomorrow. For tonight, though, I thought all that needed to be said was that we are happy and...

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