Saturday, April 6, 2013

Little Witch

We noticed something about our little baby #3 when my friend, Haley, recently posted her 
13 week ultrasound. 
Her baby is on the left, ours is on the right. They are within days of each other in gestational age.
Notice anything?

Look at the hook on our baby!  And that chin!

We are pretty positive that in 11.5 years we will be getting a letter from Hogwarts because that is definitely a teeny tiny little witch or wizard!


Hilary Carlson said...

I've been following your blog for a few years now and wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on your new little bean! I love ultrasounds because it's amazing that what started as a little blob on a screen, turns into a moving baby with hands and feet. I hope and pray that all goes well - you guys are wonderful people that deserve every happiness!

Brittany said...

Amber, I have been a silent follower for a while now! Congratulations! i feel like we are long lost friends and I am so excited for you and this baby! I am so relieved to hear how good your doctor is to you and how he is such a wonderful support to you guys. I pray all goes well all time for you!
I do have to say, I am about a month or so behind you, with my first, due Oct 24th... I have a 11wk U/S of my baby and it has a witch nose too! I cried for days over it.. so worried about how my baby has a beak, your whole attitude changed mine and made me feel better that your cute u/s pic turned out as awesome as ours! :) our babies will be beautiful! congratulations again! :)