Saturday, June 1, 2013

Guest Blogger: 11 year old Amber PART 3

Not the right age as these entries, but close enough.

"Date: Jan 2, 1999
I can't belive that I havn't written in so long. Iv'e been buisy babysitting for my cosins and I've earned lots of monyy. 20 bucks. 20 bucks for watching Jerum who does everything on his own. Sarah who just hung around me Rachel who didn't really need me there and Grant who played with a new reote control car. It was really an easy few hours. I can't belive christmas & New years is already over. I think 1999 sound stupid. I'm trying to save up lots of money so I can go to washington D.C. on a field trip. I'm not even half way there. for hristmas I got a new stereo and rollerblades. I also got a winnie the pooh watch. Eli turned two not two long ago and is talking a lot. Steven and Jason are always fighting . I'm afraid one of them is going to get badly hurt one day. Every night lately I've been going to bed at 11:00 at the earliest. (Not to long ago I got a huge cavity that almost was a root canal)"

"Date: 1/7/99
Today was a normal day and I just went to school. At shool I was feeling really wierd. I always was coppying Jeff he liked it because he thinks I'm cute. Lots of girls think he's cute but I dont think I do. Lately I have been finding myself looking for him or talking to him a lot. Sometimes I plan on helping him with his work. Rachel B is now becoming one of my best friends She wasn't before. I really want to be more in style but it not me. Well gotta go"

"Date: 3/29/99
Today I went to school and did normal work and lots of Math. At about 11:30 a girl from Sarah's class came to me and told me to come to Emily's class and help her feel better because she was crying. She was crying because she accidentally broke a math material. I stayed with her awhile until she felt better. Just now I hit my head really hard on my bunkbed. It was really cute today when Eli sat on the toilet and tryed to go potty. After lunch today Alexa, Malorie, Rachel, my teacher and I put on a scitt for the class.
Oh yeah, I get to go to the N'SYNC concert!!!!!!!!YEAH WHOOPIEE!"

"Date: March 25
Today I played in the morning because I didn't go to school In the Morning. I didn't because I had a tour of the school I'm going to next year. It was boring! Then at school I ate lunch played and did a small amount of work. Once I got home I got ready to go babysitting at Ellen's.Nate and Kate and Meghan were all really good. Stayed there overnight.

"March 26, 1999
Today I stayed at Ellens house most of the day and played with the kids. Ellen had to go to conferences so Sarah and I watched the kids again. They were good. I got $15.00 for yesterday and today. I got home played comp. ate BLTs and came up to my room and listned to music. I also went to Mal's house. Listened to NSYNC! <3 <3 <3 a'lot."

"Date: Saturday June 26, 1999
2 days ago on the 24th of June Steven and I went to the mall at the pet store we saw a bunch of ferrets. One was white and Steven and I found out that we have enough for it and if my dad says "yes" we can get it. He has not answered yet. There ferret we want is a baby. AMBER H :)"

"Date: Sunday June 27, '99
Dad still hasn't answered about the ferret I wanted to write about my B-Day Party now. I'm finally 12 and had my Birthday party. I invited Erica R, Mercedes, A, Malorie S. Jillian T, Morgan V. , Jessica N., Rachel B., Briahnna E. , and Nicole C. couldn't come. Erica from next door came over for awile. Alexa S. came to. We pigged out on candy and weat things and we had a huge waterfight. Bri played Nintendo and I jumped on the tramp with to other girls. We opened presents I got:
1. NSYNC Poster from Alexa
2. Justin Poster and football from Jess.
3. Rubiks cute band squirt gun- Rachel.
4. Blockbuter gift card.-Jill
5. Candy and $5-Morgan
6. CD and cookies -Bri
7. Beanie baby- Mercedes
8. Beanie babies - Erica
9. Stencil and notepad -Malorie
from y family I got a wallet, a fake cat, and a CD.
It was an awesome b-day.
Yesterday Jeff S. moved to calif. so 2 weeks ago I went to Elitch's with him, Brandon, Jessica and me. I'm on sumer vacation and I swim a lot I also babysit.
Jason got a job at Dairy Queen and wants to get fired so he can work at walmart.
Steven is normal.
Sarah is normal.
Emily is sick.
Eli is getting pottytrained.
Mom is buisy and cool.
Dad is out of town.
Love Amber"

"Date: Monday 6/25/99
Dad's home!!! He said that we could get the ferret but it would cost so much for food and shots we decided not to get it. Steven and I went to wal*mart and bought a CD and Wheat thins. We jumped on the tramp a lot. instead of family night we watched 'Valcano' it was good. I still wish we got the ferret but I'm glad I wont have to spend that much money. <3 Amber"


Anna Harrison said...

my favorite part about this whole thing is the word "scitt" amazing.

Also, I had two ferrets at this age! how funny. We would have been great friends. :)

Ceci and Steven said...

i LOVE These posts. my fav. was the family status update. Jason wanting to get fired so he could work at Wal Mart and Steven and Sarah being Normal. HAHA! also, the suspense about the ferret was killing me, I'm glad for the update. wheat thins sort of is the same! :) you're funny 12 year old Amber!