Friday, May 31, 2013

Little Nemo

We had a 23 week check-up and ultrasound yesterday afternoon. It was wonderful to see our cute little boy. His heart is beating great, he's measuring spot on, and we got what was initially a scary ultrasound picture of his perfect little face.

At first we were like "WOAH! SCARY!" and Lucas said, "He's a little Zombie!" and I said "Zombie Zach!" (Though we have no plans to name him Zach. haha)

Then I posted the picture on Instagram and my friend Tim said he thought baby looked more like a fish and I looked again, and suddenly it hit me....


And just like that, a slightly creepy face is suddenly adorable.

Also, we watched him laying there and suddenly he got the cutest case of hiccups ever. We watched his little body jump with each hiccup and I'm 90% sure my heart melted and now I'm just a big slushy mess over our little fishy.

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