Sunday, May 19, 2013

Guest blogger: Me when I was 9. Part I

 I found my Diary that I started when I was nine. It is small and has padded front and back covers, butterflies all over it and it "locks". There is no key, but luckily there is a button on the lock to unlock it. Also, written ever so tactfully on the pages when the book is closed is written "SARAH DO NOT LOOK! AMBER'S DON'T LOOK" Enjoy:

"Date: 12/25/96
Dear Diary,
Well it is Christmas day and I got what I wanted an American girl, a robe (oh bye the way with the American girL came with a lot of stuff) "Candy Land," a flashlight for reading in the night, this diary, jum rope, cat stencils, candy, finger nail and toe nail stuff, vidio cam, new P.J.s, gloves, a cup from my Uncle doug (he made it) a teddy bear with candy that comes with it that is all I can think of right now."

"Date: AMBER
Well it is monday January 27, 1997 and a went ice skating with a girl in my clas named Jamie. It was fun! (I was also just my 2nd time in my life to ice scate!)"

"Tues. Jan, 97
Today was our first day back in school. It was ok. there was a new kid name tylar he isn't the least bit shy! (I might be in a talent show tomarrow. but I might not. Trieouts are tomorrow and boy am I scared! I dont think I said that my mom had a baby boy his name is Eli. My aunt also had a baby boy I dont know his name but he is the sixth kid and the oldest in there family is only five years old! I was ivited to two slumber partys in a row. I can't wait! well now that I don't know what to say I will tell you some things about me. I can't get my eyes off a boy named Laren. He is so fine! But I swear his face canges every day! the problem is he loves Lacy _____ The good news is his girlfriend is going to dump him. Now that is wonderful! I also think this is bad Laren is 3 years older than me (darn.) I also think that a kid named Danny is cute, But Laren is still the cutest! Laren's old girlfriend Courtny is triing to get Laren to go out with me. got to go it's time to go to bed bye for now."

"Date: 2-2-97
My sister got babtized yesterday! and comp. Eli was blessed today and Sarah was cumfermed. I havn't had any sleep for the last two days so I am very tierd. yesterday at Sarah's babtizem I wanted to go home but my parents wanted to visit with some relitives. The reason I wanted to go home so bad is because I was invited to a slumber-party and I was not only late but 1 hour and 10 minutes late! today at church I saw Laren he looked so good! at my friend Becca's party Becca taped my mouth shut so this is what you would of herd "Led be go!" And now my lips hurt realy bad!"

Date: February 5, 96
Today I found out that Laren would speend the night at my house on friday! NOW I feel Like speading up time until Laren rings the bell. Today at school I feelt like a total geek my voice sounded Like a boys Also today someone kicked a ball and it hit me smack on the face! (that hurts^ bad) and I started to cry 5o everyone came over to me and started asking questions like "are you OK!" or "What happend" I was probably so embaresed that my face was probably red because of embaresment not because of tears,
Ragity Anne, (doll)
Mecco, (raccoon)
turdey, (turtle)
sucks, (Bear)
Silk, (swan)
chubby, (rabbit)
Toe, Kuala)
Kirsten, (doll)"

July, 24, 1997
Dear Diary, It has been a good and a bad week. First I will tell you about Sunday, Of course I went to church for the first hour I had know idea what was going on because I was sleeping!! (that is a very bad habit for me and Steven) for class we practiced for sharing time. We take turns doing sharing time. For sharing time we taught the other kids about choises. it was fun because I got to read a lot. Then we went home and had lunch and I jumped on the tramp with Sarah, well that is all I can remember about Sunday. Now I'll tell you about Monday, I can't really... tell you about Monday because....Well all I can remember is playing with Eli and Mallory didn't come over to my house! Tuesday: On tuesday I went to the pool with Mallory and Sarah and after that we went to the library and I checked out 3 books. Wednesday! On wednesday I got stung by a bee (ouch I also fell throo the tramp springs twice. and got four mad libs. goodbye for now"

Stay tuned for part 2 of the drama and tales of a now 10 year old me.


Anna Harrison said...


I especially like the sudden decision to list all your stuffed animals. And I really like that you named your bear "sucks"

also, I appreciate the spellings. Sometimes I read through journals from when I was 17 and I STILL spelt things wrong like this...

Emily Jo said...

I resent the fact that 9 year old you ignored me just as much as the current you.