Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Guest Blogger: 10 year old Amber Part 2

"Date: 11-16-97
Oops, I haven't written in here for about 8 months!" (Previous entry was on July 24, 1997. So about 4 months. Nice try though Little Me.) "Eli is now 11 months old And I am going to a new school. It is a puplic charter school. I love it! The bad thing about it is that I don't get report cards! :( Well I will Now tell you about Halloween. I was a witch, Sarah was a colonial girl, Emily was a butterfly, Jason was an Emperor's gard, Steven was a ? and Eli was an Indian! Today is Sunday and I had fun at church. When we got home my dad started making dinner with my mom. I am waiting for dessert*. Today at school I didn't do much so I won't talk about it. After school I went to Sams Club with my mom and Saw a boy that was in my old class. His name is Nick. He used to like me I dont know if he still does. I don't like him very muchAfter we went to sams club I had my after school snack, a spoonful of ccookie dough, and went upstairs to clean my room. I have been cleaning it for a long time because I just finished! It was really messy."

"Date: 11-18-97
Today after school I felt so good. I was dropping people from carpool off. and when we got to Laren's house to drop off Kaylie we all saw Laren playing with his ferret in his front yard! I got to get out of the car and see his feret. When Laren was showing Eli the feret I went and stood right next to him! I felt like leaning over and kissing him! But I didn't. Rigt now I am getting ready to go to the boys scout thing."

" 11-19-97
Today I went on a feild trip at school to lookout mountain It was pretty cool. We were suposed to learn about rocks and minerals but I was just bored. The most fun part was at lunch time because we all had a snoball fight. I hit a lot of boys. I was mainly after two boys: Sean and Jeff. After school we came home and went to acheivment day. We made family home evening kits. I brought nature pictures. It was pretty fun!"

Today is saturday so I didn't go to shcol. (duh) I went shopping with Mom, Sarah, Emily, and Eli. We were buying Christmas presents. We went to Lil-things. (It is going out of busness)! There was practicly nothing there I got Sarah, Emily and Eli something. I got Sarah a kitten puzzle, Emily slippers and Eli a plastic hammer that skueeks when you hit it on the ground. I couldn't find anything for Jason or Steven. After that when we got home we went sledding. There was a big jump there and I wouldn't stop going off it even though I kept getting hurt. I was ok though. "

"February 23
Today nothing much really happened; I went to school at school I memorized 32 landforms. When I got home from school I cleaned up my room and then went and jumped on the trap with Steven. When I came in the house I played with Eli and then I watched Full House then took a shower. Actually I took I bath because Eli wanted to take one with me. After I took a shower we had family night. My Dad was Conducter my mom said prayers my brother steven did songs I was activity Sarah was treats, Emily read rom the work and the glory."

"July 13, 98
Today went to the museum of natural history we saw a real live mummy you could see her eyelashes and teeth. We sarw the stuffen bears and Eli kept calling them doggies. On my birthday on the 16th of june I got a turtle and today I redid his gace. We also went to a creek and played in it. Well, Bye."

"Date: July 14, 98
Today, well-yesterday Mallory spend the night with Sarah. We made a dance but we listened to the song so much we got sick of the song so we didn't do the dance. For awile we watched Emily dance with Eli. Eli is growling to himself. Now his is crawling on me. We are listening to a cd. One of the boys who sing it is really cute. It is nick name is Joker. He look kind of like Laren. Eli is fake criying And my mom is gone."

"Date: August 24, 1998
Today was the first day of school. My sort of new neiegbor Sam is in my class his brother Josh is in Sarah's class. We have a new classroom that is not attached to the rest of the school. I felt like I was in the same classroom I was in last year. We just did normal work. At recess we played Judge. ( I'm the Judge of the class). I met a new girl named taylor. She's in 4th grade I'm in 6th but that doesn't matter. I still havn't gotten my school supplies yet."

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