Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A cheesy but heartfelt thank you!

I have everything I have ever wanted.
I always wanted a dream husband who made me laugh, who gave me butterflies, who I would miss when he was away, who I looked up to, and who was my best friend. CHECK!
I have always wanted to be a mom, I wanted to hold my child in my arms and feel as though my heart is outside of my chest because it is with my children. CHECK CHECK CHECK
I wanted to kiss tiny newborn cheeks, calm a baby's cry, cuddle, sing, rock, teach, play, and know that I am trying my very best from day one to be the best mom I can be. CHECK and HAPPILY IN PROGRESS.
I have always loved, wanted, and needed good friends. Wanted to have people who I would do anything for and who are there for me in good times and bad. CHECK

 I am happier every day than I was the day before, and I am happier than I have ever been.

I miss Molly and Kellen just like always, but I can miss them now from a place that is less lonely. Graham looks so much like them that I almost feel like I can hold all three of my babies when I hold him. He also has a look all his own, and I can stare at his perfect face for hours (and do).

I don't know how I got to be so lucky. I almost feel guilty posting about how wonderful and complete I feel, because not everyone is so lucky. However, I would be ungrateful not to thank all who have been such a large part of our journey.

Thank you to everyone who sent prayers to heaven for us and for our babies.
Thank you to everyone who gave us gifts filled with love, your time, and your support.
Thank you for the meals, flowers, and cards.
Thank you for every kind message you have sent, every email, facebook comment, blog comment, "like" etc. (we read every single comment and appreciate each one!)
Thank you for every thought, worry, and happiness you have felt for us.
Thank you for remembering our babies.
Thank you for checking back to see how we are doing.
THank you for sharing in our sorrow and today in our joy!

I have been so affected and touched by your love, and I really feel that the prayers of so many of you are part of what gave us our miracle and have brought us such happiness. I feel like he is a prayer baby, he is a blessing and a gift and he made it here thanks to the prayers of many. One of our greatest gifts is also all of you wonderful friends, some we know personally and others who heard our story and support us constantly.
((( Consider yourself hugged!)))


Jackie said...

Lovely to hear that things are going well. Amber, you and Lucas deserve all the happiness that is now coming your way. Enjoy your baby, that picture is absolutely gorgeous. And thank you, that in the middle of all your joy and happiness you still remember those of us who don't and never will have what our hearts truly desire (not looking for sympathy, just thanking you for the thoughts.) Best wishes, and keep those photos coming!! Lots and lots of photos....

Jackie said...

Meant to add, don't feel guilty about posting. People read your blog through choice so you should post your news, thoughts and pictures guilt free. I love your blog and its wonderful to see you so incredibly happy at last, you never gave up.

Harlowe said...

Such a beautiful, perfect boy. Congratulations again!

Anna said...

Oh my gosh, doesn't he look just like Lucas?! So happy for you that you get to snuggle your little sweetie for as long as you want. What a blessing that is!

Amy said...

So incredibly happy for you and your hubby! To be able to cuddle that sweet baby all day and all night must be heaven! :)