Saturday, October 19, 2013

Thought dump

I know it's probably a love bias, but I think I have the cutest baby in the world.

I kept trying the cloth diapers and they aren't so bad actually. I like them well enough and will keep using them when I am just hanging out at home. The satisfaction comes with knowing we are saving money every time I put him in cloth and that his little tush is cozy. However, I have found that when he is in cloth and he goes #2, I catch myself sighing and a tiny piece of me thinks, Boo Hiss. Its getting better though.

I'm not that into Halloween this year. I'm loving fall and the smells and the cool air, but for some reason I can't get into the werewolf bar mitzvah spooky scary part of the year. I think it's because it takes too much energy and I'm pretty sleep deprived.

Baby weight is much more stubborn the third time around. I am ten pounds away from my pre-third-pregnancy weight and a dream away from my pre-any-pregnancy body. BUT, next week I should be allowed to work out again, and I'm excited! I was hoping nursing would help out with the bounce back, since I didn't get to nurse the last two times, but so far it's not proving to be a weight loss trick.

Lucas and I have decided that when the time comes we will be homeschooling our kiddos. The public school system is no longer a place I would want to send my kids to be taught. I'm excited about this decision and I'm hoping by then I'll have made some friends with babies the same ages and we can do a homeschool group. I know this is about 5 years down the road, but this was a big decision.

I'm going to start doing a Project Life rip-off scrapbook for Graham. I am not going to pay for their pre-made cards because I have lots of supplies to make my own and I'm cheap. However, I did by knock off page protectors and I can print my own journalling cards and use what I have to make it cool. I'm excited to get started.  (I'm still not done with Kellens book, or even close, so I'll have to balance both)

I dont know if I mentioned here, but we were asked to wait until Graham is six months old to become foster parents. So in 5 more months we will put our application back in to foster to adopt. It was actually quite a blow to be told to wait because we were so excited to be through all the training and having our homestudy, but I know why they told us to give it time.  Plus, I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't loving me one-on-one time with our miracle baby.

The people in the condo below us are really nice, but I want them to move away. They have two boxers that they never walk, so they get whiney and barky during the day, they bark at everything and sometimes I think they just bark because they aren't allowed outside to run off energy. I feel horrible for these pups. Second reason I want them to move is because they chain smoke like they are paid to do it. (the people, not the dogs- noduh) We have to keep the doors and windows closed all the time because around the clock, about every hour or so, the lovely scent of cheap cigarettes flows up and into our house. Even though I love the quick mental flash to Six Flags, I do hate the smell and hate it in my house, especially now that Graham is here. We have to strategically time our balcony use to fit around their addiction, and I hate it. At least they have this fancy ash tray pot.

Moose has been so cute with Graham since he joined the family. He is very very protective and every couple hours he comes to find Graham, and wants to sniff him or lick his head. He makes sure he is fine and then goes back to his doggy day. When people he doesn't know come over, Moose with stand between them and the baby, and he will bark at them if they pick Graham up until I tell him that they are an approved baby-holder.  Here is a video from this morning of Moose trying to play with Graham, its the cutest thing ever.

And here is Graham right now: 
Be still, my heart.


Anna said...

You are right, your baby is adorable!

I LOVE doggy/baby relationships. Dogs are the best with babies. It's so sweet to see.

Anna Harrison said...

Your dog is killing me! How funny and cute he is trying to put that ball in the baby's hand! haha! We have a chocolate lab- so big dog. I'm not sure how it is going to go over with a new baby but he is great with our two year old!

Sarah said...

I love the video of Moose trying to play with Graham! He's like, "c'mon, I brought you my ball, let's play, baby!!" so cute!