Monday, January 20, 2014


Some of our best friends, Carrie and Scott, have decided to move to Colorado! We are SO excited! This last week Carrie flew in to Denver with their sweet little baby, Ruthie. (Future Mrs. Graham Taylor) We went to Colorado Springs to look at houses for their family and spent a few days together on the hunt. It was SO fun and good to see them. Ruthie and Graham were adorable together, it was a cuteness overload. We had a ton of fun and laughed a lot, and I wish I would have written down some of the awesome stuff we laughed at because we would have been hired as stand up comedians.  Ruth is six weeks older than Graham, but she has bird bones and he is filled with cement. They make a cute pair.  Also, how did I not know how cute Colorado Springs is?! Now I want to move there!
For the wedding video
Sweet little Ruthie was so cute and easy!

Carrie is a hot mama and looks like Rachel Weisz.

Graham had his first sick day. It's never good when more comes out of your baby than goes in, and it just breaks your heart. Luckily, he is getting back to normal, but seems to be grateful not to be sick anymore and has been so happy! Maybe the stomach bug is what he needed to get over his colic. (I dreamed a dream...) Also, moose and Graham had some good cuddles together, and a puppy cuddle makes everything better.

Lucas is hilarious today. Some of these things you would have to be here for them to be funny, but I want to remember them so I'm blogging it. I do what I want.  mmmk?

I was sitting at the table holding Graham and Lucas was making dinner. Graham somehow slipped under my arm and bonked his head on the table. I feel terrible so I get up and go in the other room to kiss him and cuddle him. A few minutes later Lucas says from the kitchen, as if he has a great idea, "Honey! Do you want to come whack his head on a cabinet in here? You seem to be into that sort of thing..." I called him a brat and could hear him laughing at himself in the other room. :P

Just now Lou was back changing Graham's daiper. After a second I heard Lucas happily say, "YOU PEED IN YOUR PANTS! OH! You peed in your pants, Mr!" followed by major baby giggles that melt your heart. I went back to spy on them and it was so cute. One of the best parts of being a mom is honestly watching Lucas be a dad. I left them to their fun and a few minutes later Lucas came out and said, "Cutest five minutes of my life!"

I was really tired and was watching Graham have tummy time. He hasn't yet learned that he can use his arms for anything but he will lift himself up on his knees as if to crawl and then kinda slide on his chest. I said to Lucas, "LOU! Look at him! If he can learn to hold himself up with his arms and then use his knees he will be able to crawl!" to which Lucas smartly replied, "I think all babies do that." lol

Lucas has had so much fun with Graham just now and he was playing with him and then he said he needed to wash his hands so he handed the baby to me and then on his way back he sang, "I want my baby back baby back baby back! I want my baby back baby back baby back!" and he came and took him back.

I love my boys.


Emily Jo said...

In the picture with Graham and moose both looking up, Graham looks a lot like Shelby!

Carrie Lynn said...

Graham is so cute! And I love that picture of Ruthie. I'M SO HAPPY WE WILL LIVE NEARBY!

Anna said...

Love those sweet baby/daddy moments. And I'm totally jealous that you have a perfect dog. I want a dog!