Thursday, January 23, 2014

"You know how her mind works - it's like a mouse on a wheel except the wheel spins sideways and the mouse is blind and has a really bad sprained ankle."

Sometimes when I tell stories of the way Lucas jokes around he sounds like a pretty big jerk. Luckily he's not and the way he laughs at his cleverness is the cutest thing ever.  Here are two gems from today.

Lucas is sitting on the couch and I walk in the room. He kinda motions at me and says, "I like your body."
Me: "Thanks"
Lucas (making a motion circling my face): "I mean your face is Meh...but that body.." (*Thumbs up*)

 Literal Interpretation
Me: "Do you know how cute I thought it would be if we had a little girl next and she called Graham 'Gwaham"?
Lucas: "No I dont because I DONT know your THOUGHTS. So...No I didn't know how cute you thought it would be! (looks at me like I'm an idiot)  So the answer to your question is NO."


The whole family got sick this week. Graham got sick at church on Sunday and for the next three days it was coming out of both ends. Then yesterday Lucas and I were both sick and let me tell you, having a sick baby and being sick and having a sick husband makes for one pathetic sight. Our apartment was a wreck because everything we had to use was used but we didn't have the energy to put away and there were pillows and blankets and spit rags and bowls of uneaten soup everywhere. It was chaos. Then add that to Graham thinking his bedtime is 3am and we were a fussy bunch over here. Were feeling mostly better today. 

Have you seen the show "Traffic Light" on Netflix? Holy Smokes. We laughed SO much. It got cancelled after one season and, as Lucas puts it, it was a TV Tragedy. We're kinda obsessed with it and keep talking about it and then getting sad all over again that it was cancelled. Its so much better than Modern Family. I think it was just bad timing.

This gave me hope for netflix shows though, anything on Netflix we should watch? (We dont pay for cable or Hulu Plus, so Netflix is pretty much our only option)


We took Graham to the Doctor's office today and he weighed 15 pounds.
This happened when setting the appointment:
Dr Office "And what is your baby's first and last name?"
Me: "Graham Taylor"
DO: "And what is your first and last name?"
Me: "Susan Taylor"
DO: "Okay"
Me: "I mean Amber. My name is Amber."
Lucas: "Wow"

Also, they put us in a room and forgot about us for an hour. Then the Doctor came in after Lucas went and reminded them we were there. She apologized while staring at the floor and explained that she had an "emergency". I think it was that her Lunch was in dire need of being eaten, but maybe I'm just still leftover fussy from last night.


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Jackie said...

I love that you forgot your name. Makes me feel a whole lot better about the stuff I forget!