Thursday, January 29, 2009

The joys of babies

I have been working with the Raether family for a month now, three days a week. They have two little girls. Morgan, who is 21 months old, and Rachael, who is 5 months old. Rachael has downs syndrome but as of right now she is jut like every 5 month old, happy and adorable. The Raethers are really really nice, and extremely easy going, so that makes for a good nanny/ employer situation. I feel good about it like I did with the Komineks. Gail is a Dentist, and Pete works for Smart Water. When I interviewed for the job it seemed really nice, and they offered me $15 an hour. They had said the pay was 15 to 20 based on experience, and I have TONS of experience. When the offered the job they said the wanted to start paying where their last nanny was being paid and that was 15. I was a little disappointed because I thought I had the experience to be worth more, as they had said...but I was so desperate for a job that I accepted anyway.

The first few days of work were pretty good, its always a little difficult getting used to a new job. I got "trained" by Gail's mom, but she doesnt usually work here in this house on the days that I dont work..she takes the girls to her house. So she wasnt quite sure about how a lot of things are done here. It seemed pretty easy, a lot like watching Kelsey and Morgan. I caught on really quickly. The second day of being alone, I was walking down the stair holding Morgan, and their stairs are really narrow, I was wearing socks and...SLIP!!! I hugged Morgan so I wouldn't drop her, but since I was holding onto her I couldn't grab the railing so I fell down about 5 stairs on my bum. It was SO painful. My tailbone felt like someone whacked me with a sledgehammer over and over. My eyes started watering, I made sure that Morgan was okay, then I grabbed my backside and held back a scream of pain. OUCH! My vision got all blurry as the pain got worse, and then i got a huge headache. I went to go sit on the couch, and it was as if i got punched again, I should have guessed sitting would hurt. My mom said she broke her tailbone before, so I called her to tell her what happened. She let me know that it took a year for her tailbone to stop hurting. A year?! I dont have a year. I plan on getting married this year, and I would like to enjoy my honeymoon ;) sorry....kinda. I'm serious though.

So I sat carefully and walked carefully and stopped running for a while because my tailbone hurt so bad, but slowly it got better. It still hurts when I am sitting and rock backwards, but its not unbearable. I gie it another month and I'll be fine. I think my mom must have broken hers, and I just bruised mine. Thank goodness!

Now that my backside is feeling almost pain free, work has been a lot better. I get a little sick of being in this house, so today when the girls wake up from their naps I think I will take them to walmart or the mall or something. Just to get out of the house, for them and for me. Getting out might almost be worth getting shoes and socks and jackets and diaperbags and bottles and car seats and everything ready to leave. Haha Oh kids, what fun!

So after Morgan went down for her nap today I was holding Rachael, and she was really gassy. After she let a few fly she smelled horrible and her diaper was wet. I took her upstair to change her diaper, and usually she is just gassy, I looked and i was right, just wet. I set her on her parents bed, and grabbed the diaper and wipes. I took her diaper off and rolled it up and went to wipe her cute litle bum and EXPLOSION!!!!!!!! she pooped EVERYWHERE all over her parents nice duvet. Crap! Literally! I panicked grabbed another diaper, some wipes and quickly stripped Rachael wiped her clean put a new diaper on her and some clean clothes. I took her downstairs and put her in her exersaucer. Then I went back up to try and figure out what to do about the baby poop volcano that just went off all over all the nice stuff in that room. I grabbed everything poopy, stripped the bed and took it down to the laundry room. Put everything in water with OXYCLEAN----amazing stuff---- and let it soak. Now I have to go wash the duvet dry it and get it back on their King size bed, hoping its not stained.

I LOVE MY JOB, right?

Luckily I get paid today. I have some people I am going to send some money to for various things, and then I can save save save!!!!!

Lucas and I aren't officially engaged yet, but its coming. We talk about it all the time, and we even went and looked at our friends, the Merklings, house. They have a Beautiful home in Larkspur, Colorado where Lucas and I decided to have or wedding reception. Mark is cooking the food for us, so its really nice that their house is perfect for a reception too. We hired my mom's friend Lynette to do the decorating flowers and arranging for the reception. Now I just need a dress, a ring, a cake, and thousands of dollars!

I know that Lucas is going to propose, but I dont know when or how. I told him that since we have been so open about it, that I'll be expecting it to be coming. If he is going to surprise me, he's going to have to be sneaky. I cant wait! I love surprises!

I love him. I leave tomorrow for Oregon to see Steven and Ceci get married. I'm really excited!!!! What year! Ceci is adorable and seems really excited, If I can figure out how to link to other peoples blogs I will link to thiers. I'll post pictures of their reception later.

Also, i finally finished reading the Book of Mormon cover to cover. It took me about a month and a half, but I finished it. What an amazing book, full of so much truth and lessons. My life has been so blessed by reading it and following the lessons its teaches. What a great thing it is to be a member of the church!

Aloha! (sad day, I miss Hawaii! Honeymoon?)

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Katie and Tyson said...

I fell down the stairs at my sister's house last month. I fell HARD too. And I fell far, but I really hit my butt on the steps really hard. I had bruises all over my butt and my arm forever. I feel your pain! YOW!