Friday, January 23, 2009

Ups and Downs

Well Life has been pretty crazy, and I've been way behind on this blog. I'll just do a quick update and try and add pictures.

Well, Jamie and I had a falling out. We dont talk anymore, which is really hard for me. I dont want to go into detail, but I'll say that my riding the tour bus didn't go over too well with Jamie or his family. Once that blew over things were said and done that really hurt our relationship. We called it quits. We have talked a few times since, but not often. I miss him very much, breakups are so hard! Its hard to have someone go from being a huge part of your life, to someone you dont even talk to. Thats all I want to say about that, but i wish for the best for him in his life and always hope for his happiness.

After the tour bus incident I became very good friends with Carlos via cell phone. We talked almost every night for a few hours. We talked about EVERYTHING and just became really good friends. We planned on hanging out again, and once the tour ended he bought me a ticket to Texas to visit him. I was packed and ready to go, and my dad called me and told me he didn't want me to go. I was really upset, but decided to listen to my dad and cancelled my ticket. Carlos and I were disappointed but we both figure that everything happens for a reason, and there must be a reason that I wasn't meant to go see him. We still talked all the time for a few days.

At the same time I started hanging out with a guy from my ward at church, Lucas Taylor. My friend really liked him, and I had seen him before and always thought he was cute but never said anything because my friend liked him. One day we were playing volleyball, and I got up to serve and he said "If you mess up I'm going to punch you in the neck." It was hilarious, and I had an instant crush on him! What a hilarious thing to say. the neck?! Hah! Well, Lucas asked me to go to a place called "Which Wich" a sandwich shop here. I had never been there so I told im I would go. I had decided to give him the "friend vibe" since my friend liked him, and since I was still really heart damaged from the way things ended with Jamie. We went to get sandwiches and ended up having a GREAT time. Afterwards we went to his house and played pool, which is a hilarious game to play if you are in a "thats what she said" mood. haha. Ew, stop it.

So that night Lucas asked me if I would go out with him again that Saturday. I told him I would let him know. I talked to my friend the next day and told her about it, she told me she was sad, but that I should go out with him. What a great friend!!! So I told Lucas yes, and we went out. Things went really well, and that night we held hands while we watched a movie at his house. He was so respectful and kind, I couldn't believe it! Also SO attractive.

Lucas and I hung out every night for a month and a half pretty much. The more we talked the more I started falling for him. He is exactly what I want. He is what I need spiritually, and his personality matches mine perfectly. I am so content and happy with him, it only took about two weeks and I knew he was what I wanted. I didn't want to say anything too soon, to let him know I was falling for him and freak him out. But one night, we were sitting around and Lucas said "I like you." and I said "I like you more" and he said "prove it" and I said "I love you." WORD VOMIT!!! I was so embarrassed that it just popped out like that, but then Lucas looked at me, smiled and said "I love you too, Amber, I really do" I was so happy. We just cuddled forever, and when I left there was a rose by the door that he had bought for me earlier that day. SO CUTE!!!!! Can this be real? IT IS REAL! WHOOP DE WHOOP. what?

I dont say whoop de whoop. That was weird.

Anyway, so things are going so well. Lucas and I are so happy. I know he is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. <3

How can I be so lucky?

Also, I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost at a baptism recently. Lucas gave his on baptism. He was amazing and just stood up and talked, i had my written out, because i have to write my talks word for word. It was hard and I was shaking, its been years since i had to do any public speaking. Lucas said I did a good job though, so I was happy.

I have been reading the book of Mormon like crazy lately, and its been AMAZING. When you read it everyday, and try and get something out of it, its like you really feel the spirit all day. Such an amazing thing! I should be finished soon.

I sent Kelsey a Christmas package today, I miss her. I still have a picture of her on my phone, I wish I was still her nanny.

Speaking of nannies, I got a 3 day a week nanny position. I watch two little girls, a 21 month old named Morgan, and a 5 month old named Rachael. Rachael has downs syndrome, she is ADORABLE. both girls are cute, and its nice to only work 3 days and still make enough money to live. I watch babies so much!

Also my cousin Jae moved into my house with her son, Raleigh. He is 7 months old and I'm in love with him. :)

I'm going to see Lucas now, so I'll let you see him!

My lovah

Candid shot of Lucas and I at a wedding.


Kristen said...

Candid shot by MEEEE

Ceci and Steven said...

Amber, I just was thinking of you two being officially engaged now and I'm seriously so happy for you! So I decided to read this cute post you wrote about him...and I didn't know how the L bomb was dropped, that was hillarious! talk about Word Vomit~ I texted Steven late one night, half awake half asleep and said, "good night, I love you too!" um, the L bomb had not yet been dropped! it was so embarrassing!! anyway...funny, cute story!!