Thursday, September 24, 2009


"Valley RV this is Amber"
"Hello, I'm looking for Dana"
"He's in the office with the door locked looking up jokes on the internet, can I take a message?"

My boss is Michael Scott from The Office.

How I came to this conclusion:

*He will frequently pop out of his office and SLAM on my desk at random times of the day to try and scare me.

*His jokes should be very predictable, but they are so unfunny and out of place that nobody ever sees them coming. The staff at my job are getting very good at our "Oh, Dana- you're a riot!" laughs.

*He bought a motorcycle, and parks it proudly in front of the store, wears STURGIS shirts every day in an effort to flaunt his coolness and spark conversations about how much of a biker he is.

*On his desk and shelf sit many important and usefull office supplies like :
~ a Darth Vader Mr. Potato Head
~ Three toy motorcycles with Muppet characters riding them
~ His golf clubs on display
~ Three huge pictures of his dogs on the wall above a small framed pictures of his three kids.

* I got a part time Nanny position, and the other day he called and when I answered he said in a Nasaly voice "IS THIS FRAN?!?!" "what?" "FRAN THE NANNY! (giggling)*

*Taped to his door are two sheets of paper with Jokes on them from Larry the Cable Guy.

* He called us from vacation, interrupted us at work with the important work related message telling us "Just let everyone know I'm getting on a helicopter!"

* If anyone shows up with a bike that is not like his he asks to ride it, and they awkwardly let him.

* If I can see a conversation heading somewhere we dont want it to go I just mention something about his outfit, motorcycle, or his dogs and his thoughts are completely derailed.

*He can't resist selling things that he knows people need. Here are the all important things that he is sure all RV businesses need
-- A Giant Frying pan
-- A 700 dollar battery powered electric bike
-- A candy machine
-- Huge expensive parts that we never use or sell.

In all honesty he is a really nice guy, and has been really cool to me while I've worked here. But while watching the office it was impossible not to see the similarities.

In other news...I got a job working part time as a nanny. Its three days a week, I watch a 3 and a half year old boy and twins, a boy and a girl, who are almost two. Its really a good job, but its harder than I imagined to watch other peoples kids when I want my own :)

Update on my Mom, she is doing well, and has a great attitude. Check out pictures of her mohawk at

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Ceci and Steven said...

Love this post. I find myself telling people that my sister in law's boss is like Michael Scott when there's akward silences or I just need to "fill" in the gaps. And it never fails me! FUNNY life you lead Amber Hermann Lucas Taylor!