Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Taylor Inn

The past few weeks have been very family filled, and we are LOVING it! A couple weekends ago we drove down to Salt Lake to hang out with my family (except Em and Eli who stayed in Colorado for school) and had a blast! We got to salt lake and stayed at Steve and Ceci's apartment overnight. Their apartment is SO CUTE. Ceci has made it so homey and cute, I want to set her loose on my apartment! We watched some of Freedom Writers, talked, and went to bed. It is so good to see them, and get to know Ceci more and more. The next couple days we hung out also with Jason and MaShay, Sarah, Mom and Dad, and Steve and Ceci. It was so much fun. We got up one morning and decided to hike the "Y". My mom was inbetween chemo treatments, and was feeling weak, but she still got all the way up! It was really awesome for me to see how strong she is. It was hard to see her struggle, when she usually when have done it easily, but if I was going through chemo you couldn't get me to muster the courage to hike the Y! What an amazing Mother I have! Sarah's boyfriend Nathan spent most of the time with us too, and it was fun to laugh with him and Sarah a lot.

Sarah and I were best friends growing up, so its super lame now to live far away and not get to see eachother. We are going on 4 years of not living in the same state. Its junk! We always laugh our heads off when we see eachother. Favorite quote of the trip (Sarah and I are in a fit of laughter in the car with everyone else) A:"Remember when we used to get into trouble with Dad and Mom as kids when we wouldn't stop laughing like this?! hahaha!" S: "Yeah and then we would make fun of them and be like 'NO FUN!" hahahahahahaha I miss being a kid with your siblings around to laugh with. :)

We also went and got frozen yogurt at Spoon Me, which is delicious, but Lucas doesn't like it very much and my Dad hated it. Who are these Men? Crazies~ It was delicious! Rexburg needs a spoon me, and they are franchising so I emailed them requesting information on opening a Spoon Me (Like I can afford that)

One afternoon Steven and Ceci barbequed some "Carne Asada" (I think) for us. It was really really really good, we had tacos and he made this delicious salsa sauce for it. I ate a ton. Cambria, a good family friend came too and it was great to see her. I love seeing loved ones!

We had a movie night at Steves house with Me, Lucas, Steve, Ceci, Sarah and Nathan. We pigged out of pizza and ice cream, and candy (healthy vacation!) and watched Escape to Witch Mountain, which is HORRIBLE. I watched the original one a lot as a kid, and it owned this one. My sister goes to school with the main girl though so thats kinda neat.

We also went swimming at Mom and Dad's hotel pool. That was a good time, it was really nice to swim because it was rediculously hot in Utah. BOO Utah! We played games in the water and had breath holding contests, it was like we were kids at the local pool again.

When it was time to go home we said goodbye to all the siblings, (Mom and Dad were going to meet us in Rexburg to see our apartment) we hugged and were sad the weedend was over. Then hopped in the car and off to Rexburg.

A few hours later we got home and cleaned up and got ready for my parents to arrive. The next day I got off work so I could spend time with them, we went grocery shopping (thanks dad!) while mom slept off some of her exhaustion on our AMAZING bed. Then we went and got mom, and went on a drive and they showed us all the places they lived in Rexburg when they were newlyweds. It was really interesting to imagine them living here right after getting married just like me and Lucas. We visitied the Johnson family, a family that my parents were friends with in college, and had a barbeque and talked. It was crazy seeing their kids, its been about 9 years since we last spent time with them.

We took them to the Gardens, and to my work where they met my boss and got a tour of all our RV's on the lot. We spent some more time talking and hanging out with Mom and Dad, then it was time for them to make the long drive back to Colorado. They left and we were sad the awesome weekend was over.

A week later however, Ceci and Steve surprised us that they were going to come visit! Thankfully the day after my parents left I got a free futon, cleaned it, and painted it, and so they would have a good place to sleep and their own room in our second bedroom. We were excited to have more guests!

We did a bunch while they were here, and had so much fun. We talked a lot of course, Steven and I planned the toy I am inventing (which is getting so complex I'm getting discouraged), we played a TON of foosball which was really fun. Lucas and Steven beat Ceci and I (pure luck) and Lucas air punched with joy and hit the light fixture and burned out the lights. It was hilarious, we all had a good laugh about that one.

We went on a walk of the Gardens of BYUI because Ceci had not seen them before, they are so beautiful and every time I go there are different flowers blooming so its always a surprise. We went to church sunday, and had pasta and hung out talking a lot. (imagine, me talking a lot...another long post surprise surprise)

We had so much fun with them and were sad when they had to leave Monday night.

Tuesday night I got a message that My aunt is in town and needed a place to stay for the night. So my cousin Greg and my aunt came over and we visited with them. Greg went home and we went to bed, this morning Aunt Robyn left to take greg grocery shopping but it was a short and nice visit!

So if anyone needs a bed in rexburg, we have one for you! :)

I had a job interview yesterday and it went really well, its a part time nanny position that I would love. I think I'll take it. I have another interview today for a clerical position in Idaho Falls, I'll see what the pay is and what the job is like, but I'm more likely to take the Nanny job.

I'll post pictures later off all our fun times :)

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