Friday, September 25, 2009

I got tagged

I got tagged! So you can thank MaShay for my constant need to talk about myself. Actually, you can thank me.


one. I am the third child of my parents who were both the third born. I married Lucas who is the third, so clearly we will only love our third child.

two. One of my favorite things to do is to go for a drive when its warm and the sun is about to go down, with the windows rolled down, my favorite music playing and a great friend in the trunk.

three. I tried to not like Miley Cyrus, but instead I really liked her and added her new song to my blog and bought a shirt of hers at WalMart. Lucas likes her too.

four. I lived in Hawaii for 18 months, I've been home a year now and since moving home I have tried to convince many people to move back with me. Most of these people acted excited and said they would do it and then planned their life on the mainland. I am currently working hard on convincing Lucas its worth it to move there while we are young and child-less. I am a hula dance pro and not even that convinces people.

five. I am insanely obsessed with my husband, and since I haven't gone and had my name legally changed yet I am seriously considering changing it to Amber Susan Hermann Lucas Taylor.

six. I have had the same number of cell phones and traffic tickets. I have also moved the same amount of times. What is this magic number? It is 11 . I also have the same number of super powers.

seven. I have fallen in love three times. I have had to suffer through falling out of love twice. It would have all been worth it if I only had six months with Lucas. Thats why I'm killing him on our 6 month anniversary.

eight. 70% of my scars are on my left hand. I got all of them at different times while fighting crime. My left hand is like a dead weight that does nothing but flop around and get hurt. Except it types quite well and looks great with my wedding ring on it.

nine. I have never had any alcohol or smoked anything. I am proud to say that losing control of myself is not something that seems tempting to me. I have never wanted it, which is good because I get addicted to things really easily. Right now I'm addicted to spider solitaire. Sometimes I want to play it so bad I get out of bed in the middle of the night and play until I win. I like to play it with real spiders.

ten. All but number 5 have something that is not true.

Have a wonderful day!


Lynsi said...

Amber I have my blog now woo! Anyway I think that is a great name and should definitely go with it!

Ceci and Steven said...

You are one funny chick! I hope our kids get that from you. PS we like Milley Cyrus too, Steven was even siging along to one of her songs the other day, and the radio wasn't even turned on! he loves her!

Emily Jo said...

Dear Amber,
I loved this post more than anything. It made me miss you/your husband who likes Miley Cyrus. Feel free to donate to the "Emily wants to go to Idaho" fund.