Tuesday, October 6, 2009

my random thoughts at my horribly slow job

I have decided to start working out every day after work at the BYUI gym. Its free access to fitness equipment, and I really need to get rid of the extra few pounds that I have managed to store for winter. I'll leave getting fat for winter to the bears and groundhogs, as it turns out, I would rather just wear a coat.

I am really liking working as a nanny. Although I have fought getting attached to the kids so I can avoid the heartbreak that I still feel when I think about Kelsey, I have started to catch myself letting those kids in. Its hard not to when they say things like, "Oh, Cole is the SILLIEST Goose."

Today my boss called me into his office and told me that they need to lay me off because they dont have enough for me to do. Thrusday is my last day. Now I have to try and find a job that will let me work just Tuesday and Thursday. Hmm...

The idea of buying a house is so thrilling to me its all I think about as I cruise the craigslist of every city looking for the best deal. No, we aren't even considering moving, but HGTV has me convinced that being a first time home buyer is going to be an A+ experience. Except we probably wont get the HGTV Welcome Home gift. I want a free living room set, thanks.

My boss just told me a horribly inappropriate joke.

Also, Lucas and I know that we are going to adopt children. If we can or can't have biological children, we know we are going to adopt. I wish we had a house and were financially stable enough to adopt now, I just read that there are hundreds of kids left orphaned in the philippines because of the floods. HUNDREDS. I'll adopt you, kids.

I really like the sound of typing. Especially on those really old catalog computers in the library.

I got a new SD card reader so I can post pictures online now even though the USPS lost my camera cables. Three cheers for the mail service here! **Crickets**


Conference was AMAZING over the weekend. I only watched the Sunday sessions, but they were so fantastic. The church is so true. I dont understand how you could ever listen to the things that are taught to all of the world by the church, and still think that Mormons aren't Christian.

Oh yes, Lucas and I have been MARRIED for 6 months now as of the 3rd of October! We went out to eat at an italian place, then went and saw The Invention of Lying. It was really funny, but there are some parts that made me uncomfortable. I would see it again, I liked it. Marriage is AMAZING. Lucas and I talked on the way to Idaho Falls about our favorite thing about marriage. It was REALLY hard to pick. Its so hard to say what the favorite thing about marriage is, when marriage as a whole is so great and makes us so happy. I decided my favorite thing is feeling like I am a part of a team, and that I always have him there to care for me, and he is always there for me to care for. We make all our decisions together, and do everything with love. I also like when our feet touch under the covers at night. Its cute, and his feet are so much warmer than mine. He said that he liked that he never gets attached to people really easily, and never quickly. Except with me. He said he got attached ot me really quick, and he loves how every day we get a little closer and closer, and things just get better and better. I love him. I love my life.

I miss my family. And Lucas' family.

Funny thing that happened in the middle of the night...I woke up and looked into our closet, where in my overly tired condition I was sure that there was a baby high chair hanging from the ceiling. I was really confused by it and looked at my sleeping husband and thought "Is he trying to tell me that I'm pregnant!?" Then right before I got excited I woke up just enough to realize that I would know if he knew, and that he wouldn't hang a high chair in the closet to inform me of the child growing inside of me...which, by the way, I can't wait for. Every month I get that feeling of "Will this be the month?" And when its not I look up information on adoption.

The craigslist "free" section isn't used enough. All that is ever on there is wood and kittens.

Lucas promised me he would blog at least once, so you can look forward to hearing from him next.


Ceci and Steven said...

Amber, I like it when you blog. I feel like you're right here telling us these things, you just have a way to write the same way you talk. I read the post out loud to Steven, we laughed at your witty-funny things you say. Love You!

jess said...

sooo, does this mean you want to have a child? does this mean our children can be friends? you have a head start. no competition...

MaShay & Jason said...

I just found a rabbit for free....I am contemplating taking it.