Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Week

Halloween is in the air, and we haven't really planned much to do. We haven't even thought about costumes, or where we would go once we have a costume on. Trick or treaters would NEVER find our apartment, so we bought candy and eat it ourselves.

While I'm working the kids ask me to sing them songs, so I said this week I would sing halloween songs. I sang the only one I know (My mom used to play it on the piano and sing it to us when we were kids around Halloween) It goes like this:

I'm a mean old witch with a Hat
HEEE HEEE HEEEE (Evil Witchy Laugh)
And I ride on My broomstick with my cat,
And my chin is pointed and my shoes are too,
so you better WATCH OUT,


The kids LOVED it and made me sing it over and over again, Alex has it memorized so I like to leave off words and have him finish it. Its really cute.

One night when Lucas got off work we went and bought some pumpkins, and they were out of those stencil kits with the good pumpkin carving knives so it was up to our creative little heads to get our pumpkins all carved up good.

We get home with our pumpkins and just stare at them for a while. We spent like an hour trying to figure out what to carve and just getting worse and worse at just picking something. Eventually I got sick of just staring at my cool shaped pumpkin, and grabbed a steak knife and started cutting. I didn't really have a plan but I knew it would come to me as I cut. Lucas layed on the floor for a while and kept staring at his pumpkin. He a stencil guy, I hate them.

SO he went to bed, and eventually I did too with my pumpkin unfinised. The next night we finished them, Lucas got his stencils (which are actually much much cooler than I remembered) and I finished mine. They make it smell so good in our tiny apartment like pumpkins! :) Here are some pictures :)

This one is for you, Mother-In-Law! One with our faces next to our pumpkins!

We love Halloween!

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