Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween is over girls, you can put your standards back on. YIKES.

The night before Halloween we went with our friends, Carrie and Scott, to a HAUNTED STAW MAZE! Lucas wasn't really in the mood to go because he had been at work all day and then we went straight to the maze. (Carrie wore pink and had a pigs nose and wings and was the Swine Flu- it was perfect, Scott wore a crown and a wig and a necklace of pop cans and was "the King of POP" Love it. ) So we got to the maze, and I immediately think of the last time I was in a haunted house. I was terrified and even cried. Sarah almost had a concussion from me trying to spring in the opposite direction of the monsters/actors and Jamie almost had to carry me through some parts because I was so scared. I never used to be that way in haunted houses, I just thought they were cool. For some reason though I became a haunted house baby. So this year was going to be different! plus its not a house, just a maze no big deal right? WRONG!

A haunted Maze at night is WAY worse than a haunted house! the straw was stacked way high above us and the maze was huge and really well done, we got lost over and over again. The actors in there were really scary but not overdone, and didn't do too much over-acting. Plus you can't just keep going and know that you are almost done, because you are LOST! You dont know the way out and the actors are moving all over the place! I was terrified, but it was so much fun that I was half screaming and half laughing the whole time.

A couple actors got too "in your face" relentlessly and Carrie HATES that so she eventually settled for not almost killing the 16 year old in a costume and had hot chocolate with the people in the front while Scott, Lucas, and I finished the maze. So all it takes is one turn into a dark maze with a creepy guy walking towards me in a creepy mask and I'm trying to sprint away and screaming "No no NO NO!" My eyes started watering right away, but I decided to tough it out.

Highlights of the maze:
--A guy wearing stilts in a huge jacket so he looked like 9 feet tall popped out from a corner and scared us all so bad, we kinda ran from him and he chased us! On stilts! I was so scared! I started running, and SLIPPED and FELL! Just like in a scary movie! hahaha So i ran away, and lost stilts man, and eventually Lucas and Scott found me and we kept trying to find the exit.

--Lucas became a military man in the maze. He LOVED it. He had to protect me and try and navigate our way out. He was so excited it was so cute watching him get into it. But I stopped noticing how cute he was when an actor would chase me, then i hit survival mode and just ran away. haha

-- One of the actors heard my name and from above us on the hay we rounded a corner and he goes "AMMMMBEEERRRR" ...No you shut up right now.

-- Everything else.

It was awesome, that was basically our Halloween this year, and it was great.

Lucas worked all day Halloween, and I worked hard at sleeping in. I almost woke up a few times, but I stuck to it, and didn't get out of bed until 11:45. You are right, Dad, where there is a will there IS a way! ;)

We drove around and saw some trick or treaters out alone. That is so sad to me when kids trick or treat alone. I just want to give them thousands of candybars in their pillowcases.

Also, I shared in the Halloween festivities of my friends via facebook. Maybe thats creepy, but not as creepy as how many of the nice women I am friends with forgot not to dress like strippers just becuase its Halloween. I have NEVER seen a firefighter wear ANYTHING like that. I would like to thank all my friends who put some thought into their costumes, looked good, funny, and not like they participate in illegal activities after 10 pm.

ANYWAY, Halloween night we just went out to eat and shared some pumpkin pie, then we watched Flight of the Concords until we fell asleep at like 10 30. It was pretty spooky. Binary solo!!! 0001011010111000000111010111001101!!!

Enjoy this hilarious video:Cat fails leap attempt


Tyson and Katie said...

Hey! I have a new blog address!

Jana said...

hahhahah you are SO right! I just found your blog :) You guys look wonderful together! Glad you're doing so great!

coco_angel said...

Yeah, nurses at Halloween look a TON different than they do any other time of year too. A little like 10 cents a lap dance. ;-P