Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hi Mom!

I no longer work at Valley RV Center. I dont know if I ever posted that. I went to part time after I accepted the nanny job, and after a month or so of that they ran out of work for me to do, so I got downsized. (The company is now on a seasonal break because the only guy who knew anything about the place got a new job in Boise, and the manager got fired. haha) So I took a few weeks break, then applied for a job at a new hotel that was being built here in Rexburg.

While waiting to hear about hiring, they had me and Carrie and a bunch of other people come in and make beds and fold sheets and vacuum and organize. It was a lot of work. Eventually he told me that I had the job! I applied for Night Auditor, so i will be working from 11pm to 7 am. I wanted full time work, but he gave the full time schedule to another girl with more experience as a Night Auditor. Now I work two part time jobs. I'll work MWF as a nanny in the day. and TH, F, and S as a night auditor. It should be interesting. I'm at my first shift right now and I feel like if someone tries to train me on one more thing I might just throw up all over the place. Training week is so hard for new jobs! But luckily tomorrow is my first day of just doing all that I have been trained to do! Tonight it has been pretty slow. We have 1 guest in the hotel for our "grand" opening. haha. You should go book a stay here and visit me! It's the Springhill Suites in Rexburg Idaho. Check it out!

Also, I will be able to go to utah for Thanksgiving this year, to spend it with Brian and Gunilla. I'm really really excited. I miss my families so much. And I get to have my first attempt at making green bean casserole!!!!

Food sounds wonderful right now. Turns out sleeping all day and working all night doesn't really make for a healthy meal schedule.

Did I ever mention how amazing of a husband I have? He's amazing. We let a young kid who was down on his luck stay at our apartment on our futon. Lucas talked to him, and checked him to make sure he was safe, then we got him dinner, he slept in our 2nd bedroom, and then in the morning after i left for work Lucas gave him our contact info and a Book of Mormon. What a stellar guy I married.

One time I wasn't sleepy, and Lucas was asleep. I could have gotten up and watched TV but i couldn't tear myself away from Lucas. I just looked at him and thinking about how lucky I was made me start crying. I feel like the most blessed person on the planet. Lucas makes me so happy, its crazy. I miss him. I hate that I'm at work and he is at home in our Queen bed all by his lonesome tonight.

I just made my first reservation over the phone :) Love it!

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Hadlocks said...

Holy work schedule, dang! Good luck on your first night alone! I miss you, I wish we were neighbors/coworkers D: