Sunday, August 22, 2010


Well my surgery is done, and I dont have to worry about having another attack from gallstones! Hooray! I have been in a really good and happy mood since the surgery. I'm not sure why but I think it may have something to do with the prayers of others again. I love you all. People have been so wonderful!

This is after I woke up and was back in the room with Lucas recovering.

At the hospital I filled out all the forms for the 10000th time this month and got my 4th hospital bracelet, then headed up to day surgery. There I was taken back to a room and told to take everything off and put on a hospital gown. Maybe this is weird, but I LOVE the hospital gown. I think it is so comfortable, and it fits me really well. I liked it so much after my c-section, and I loved it again for this surgery. I think I'll go and ask if I can buy one and wear it as a robe.

The surgeon had another surgery before mine so while we waited Lucas and I watched "Chuck: Season 2" on our DVD player. We are obsessed with that show right now. His family got us watching it, and it is so lighthearted and entertaining that it is just exactly what we needed. I really enjoy it- it gets us both laughing and at times like this we will take all the laughter we can get.

So while we watched the nurses came in and started my IV, which I'm getting used to. Both my hands and both of my elbow pits are all bruised up from IV's, so I look like a drug addict. I've always liked medical atmospheres and watching how they do things, so its fun to watch how they start IVs and give the medicine.

We met with the same anesthesiologist who was there for my C-section. He is a very very nice guy. He asked us how we were doing both physically and emotionally after losing Molly. I was impressed with his sensitivity and by remembering the details of that night. I trusted him completely, and since he was there BEFORE this surgery started I was sure I would feel and remember nothing.

When it was time the nurses came and gave me all the medicine and thats all the pain I felt since it was like fire going into my veins, but it wasn't long and I was out. I dont even remember being wheeled to the operating room.

Here is a video of the surgery:

I woke up and my vision was SUPER blurry and I felt weird but okay. The nurses had to read me some forms to sign because my vision was so bad I couldn't see anything. After recovering for a little while they brought me a wheelchair and wheeled me out to the car where my wonderful husband helped me in and took me home.

I have been really sore since the surgery, but happy still. Last Sunday our Bishop asked us if we would pick a hymn and each take 2 mintues in church to tell a story of why we like that hymn and maybe share what it means to us and then the congregation would sing it. We agreed before we knew I would be having surgery, then the week was crazy and I forgot about it.

This morning we got ready for church (slowly) haha and then I remembered we had to speak a little. After speaking at Molly's funeral we both feel like this is no big deal so we didn't really prepare anything. We just decided to stand and say what we feel about the songs we picked.

It ended up being a very spiritual experience. Lucas picked the song "Be Still My Soul" which is the song that his brother, Brian, sang at Molly's funeral. It was an extremely touching time and has forever become a song that will touch our hearts. Lucas shared his testimony of how the song has been a comfort and it has comforted us at a time of need and how it promises is we endure that we will be able to have what we be with our loved ones and with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ again.

As the congregation sang the song Lucas and I kinda hummed it because we were both crying. I dont know that I will ever be able to hear that song and not think of how Brian sang it, and think of the feelings of that day with Molly. It was wonderful.

Then was my turn, I chose the song "Because I Have Been Given Much" and shared that we have felt so very blessed through our recent trials by the members of the church, by our friends and family, and by the Lord. The song says that because of all our blessings we should give to others who are in need. It says that service is a way to show our thanks to the Lord. I shared that when we don't know what to do next after hit with a tragedy, that we can turn to service. And it will heal us, and will also show the Lord and our loved ones how thankful we are.

We cried again as the room filled with song. It was beautiful.

Happy Sunday!


Ceci and Steven said...

Oh my heavenly days and nights how I stinken live you two!! I'm so lucky to call you family!!

Ceci and Steven said...

LOVE....not live, but LOVE