Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thank You

Yesterday Lucas and I were getting in the car to take Lucas to work, when our apartment manager stopped us and asked us what apartment we live in. He said that we did not owe our full amount of rent due at the end of the week and we could quickly follow him to the office and he would figure out what we still owe. We were excited but just assumed that we had accidentally paid 10 or 20 dollars too much last month.

In the office as the manager explained that someone had anonymously donated to our account. We stood there in shock as he explained how much, and that we now owe practically nothing in rent this month. We couldn't believe it, and just kept saying "Seriously?" It was so unbelievable to us that it was hard to accept it. Someone paid our rent? We asked him who it was and he said he had been sworn to secrecy and he is unable to tell us who did this for us. We knew he wasn't budging. We left his office speechless and completely unable to believe this blessing.

As I drove Lucas to work we just sat there in silence. I began to cry, and Lucas grabbed my hand. We are completely humbled and touched that someone would give us such a huge gift. See, I have been unable to work because of our recent circumstances, and because of being in surgery with the gallstones. My recovery time is almost done, but we didn't know how we were to make up for our loss of income. Not only were we making less than ever, but now we have a pile of medical bills we are currently unable to pay. Whoever gave us this gift has no idea the difference they have made for us.

After dropping Lucas off I drove home and my gratitude boiled out in a form of tears. I cried because of the burden lifted from our shoulders, but more so because of the sweetness, selflessness and love of this anonymous donor. I also cried because not only did they serve us, but they have asked to not be acknowledged for their huge gift. While that makes it extremely hard for me to thank you, it makes me see that this was a true gift of selflessness. It was love.

If you are reading this, I want to thank you. I wish there were more words to explain to you how touched we are, and how amazed we are with your generosity. Our trials have been made easier because of your love, and there are no words to tell you how much that means. Its more than rent being taken care of that has moved us to tears, but it is the knowledge that there are wonderful people like you out in this world. It is the feeling of love that has been wrapped around us by you. I dont know who you are, but I want you to know that I wish I could hug you and do something to thank you as much as you deserve. Thank you, thank you so very much.

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